Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

Are you looking for a delicious catering option for your corporate event? Apple Spice Catering can deliver delectable meals for professional, corporate settings. We have many options for meals, whether you need catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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WHY CHOOSE A CATERING COMPANY Dedicated to Business Settings?

Apple Spice Catering is the best place for catering your next work lunch. For over 30 years, we’ve provided corporate catering services for businesses across the U.S.

With decades of experience, we understand the unique corporate needs for catering. We’ll provide quality customer service throughout the process, from ordering to delivery. We also ensure your business receives the best catering every time.Our box lunch, breakfast and hot food catering is the perfect solution when stomachs growl at your meetings, events and more.

We strive to help you look good in front of your employees, peers and clients by providing fresh, professional meals whenever you need them. Our diverse menus satisfy workers’ tastes because we insist on using fresh and premium ingredients. We make our bread from scratch daily to ensure workers have the best sandwiches. The combination of fresh bread and premium meats and cheeses make our sandwiches hard to beat. We also include a freshly baked cookie for dessert with all of our box lunches.


At Apple Spice, we have the resources to support catering events of all sizes, whether we’re creating meals for small meetings or very large group catering events. We can also handle last-minute catering orders for small and big groups.

If you plan large company gatherings, you can count on Apple Spice for quality catering options. With our boxed lunch catering services, we can package meals individually to help transfer the meals safely to your event. We place names on every order to help make handing out the packages at events easy. If anyone on your team has special dietary requests, we can easily accommodate their orders. All special request boxes will have a unique mark to indicate their difference to help clients get their respective meals.

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You can count on Apple Spice for the best corporate catering available. We'll provide meals for any office occasion, whether you need catering for an annual retreat, committee meeting or business luncheon. When you order catering from Apple Spice, we make each meal fresh in our kitchen then deliver it directly to the office to help you get the food on time. We only focus on catering, so our customers have peace of mind knowing their orders are our priority.

At Apple Spice, we believe your catering experience should be enjoyed not just endured! From the first time you pick up the phone to place your order, to our follow up call at the end, we strive to provide the type of service we expect for ourselves. Our highly-trained staff is dedicated to every detail of your day to day meetings, special events, company bbq’s, and holiday parties. We want you to look good, and make sure we go the extra mile to make sure every corporate catering event is an easy and stress free experience, every time. So, kick off your shoes and enjoy the food, because we’ve got you catered!

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Apple Spice is your go-to source for fresh, delicious catering for all business events. We’re the experts who deliver your meal orders right and on time. We have all your catering needs covered, whether you need box lunches or more traditional catering.

Find an Apple Spice Catering location near you, then order online to have lunch catered and delivered right to your location. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our form today!

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Corporate Caterers That Provide More Than Food

It’s no secret that Apple’s Spices corporate caterers can provide more than just a convenient and delicious meal for the entire office. A catered lunch from Apple Spice can even help foster a better work environment for employees.

corporate catering that helps boost employee morale