Apple Spice understands the importance of providing nutritional information to our guests.

Our Kitchen uses tree nuts, peanuts, egg, milk, wheat, soy and other potential allergens in our food.  We take great care to clean and sanitize in between foods however we can not guarantee the complete absence of allergens during food preparation. 

Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesFat gFat gCarbs (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Protein (g)
Albacore Tuna1 ea.650359594546030
BLT Avocado1 ea.1110764602150266051
Cashew Chicken1 ea.57025.94.5556026030
Chicken Bacon Ranch1 ea.752.846.81055.28548032
Chipotle Chicken1 ea.4201255214032017
Club1 ea.670321324095183040
Curry Chicken1 ea.520193.5626018028
Egg Salad1 ea.5502985528523024
French Dip Panini1 ea.61426.2755.89062045
Granny Apple Turkey1 ea.42173.5654597028
Grilled Cheese1 ea.459.720.11050.65034024
Ham & Havarti1 ea.394114524092026
Monterey Chicken Panini1 ea.9104417252130182061
Manhattan Roast Beef1 ea.46714.96499526035
Roast Beef Deluxe1 ea.41064517035038
Strawberry Grilled Chicken1 ea.45743.5557522048
Trio Classic1 ea.432113.554.55571031
Turkey & Swiss1 ea.4007.13634591029
Turkey Avocado1 ea.431123.5604091029
Turkey Cranpeño1 ea.40385574599028
Vegetarian1 ea.430134651026016
Sour Dough Loaf1 Loaf191017.723760403076
13 Grain Loaf1 Loaf20102523960123067
Honey Wheat Loaf1 Loaf1970121.54060142067
Apple Harvest Turkey1 ea.72033107955174029
Chicken Caesar1 ea.536.523.8852.1105133041
Chicken Pear1 ea.68030.1962115131040
Southwest Chicken1 ea.760361068105116043
Turkey Bacon Ranch1 ea.9306020237105254043
Turkey Cranpeño1 ea.5302076450113029
Broccoli Cheese Soup8 oz19014610208305
Chicken Tortilla Soup8 oz18073.5202510809
Chicken Noodle Soup8 oz9020.5121010105
Chili Amy’s8 oz310103.5393087017
Caprese Pasta Salad4 oz1606.3222.754206
Carrot Chips4 oz400090751
Ranch Dip1 oz1601732101350
Frogeye Salad4 oz228.35.6542.90454
Fruit Side Dish4 oz500014.20101
Quinoa Salad4 oz373.610.81.573.208409
Aloha15 oz338.913.94.522.78510531
Apple Walnut14 oz43032.77194562018
Cashew Chicken16 oz487.334.4617.97542028
Chef Salad13.75 oz377.618.5710.2275172042
Chicken & Beet16.5 oz296.58.8416.185113038
Chicken Caesar19 oz2701152410534035
Cobb Salad15 oz37019.983530563041
Country Farm12 1/2 oz501.827.9814.375101041
Cranberry Bleu12 1/2 oz637.345.31146.54062015
Curry Chicken15 oz370214227523023
Garden Vegetable23 oz229.99.1030.605003
Keto Salad15 3/4 oz4102381529552042
Mandarin Chicken14 1/4 oz2407114.7857529
Pear & Goat Cheese16 oz35024.2718152109
Southwest Chicken22 oz56027113811038040
Strawberry Grilled Chicken17 oz319.58.8421.785109038
Super Food16 1/2 oz390144.5522557019
Taco30 oz68035166570153025
Tuna13 oz300214.5152535013
Waldorf30 oz5502664310562040
Apple Cider Vinaigrette4 oz52044628202800
Balsamic Vinaigrette4 oz2402022008000
BBQ Ranch4 oz40036624207600
Blue Cheese4 oz400368126013204
Caesar4 oz360326124015404
Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette4 oz1200032010000
Poppy Seed4 oz56044640209200
Ranch4 oz64069.8137.8355401
Vidalia Onion4 oz4403622804600
Brownie – Large1 ea.2606134602602
Brownie – Small1 ea.130322301301
Cheesecake Cup1 ea.87.516.924.2801904
Cinnamon Honey Butter3/4 oz8072.5100650
Ranch Sandwich Sauce1 oz1601732101350
Signature Sauce1 oz170183.54101200
Chipotle Mayo1 oz180203220800
Apple Cider Vin1 oz130111.575700
BBQ Sauce1 oz70001802900
Dijon Honey Mustard1 oz1301227151700
Vidalia Mayo1 oz150152.5451200
Cranpeno Mayo1 oz130112751400
Pesto Mayo1 oz1701831101902
Mayonnaise Packet12 g90101.505650
Mustard Packet6 g00000650
Butter Packet – each5 g3642.5010320