Tips for How to Manage a Small Business Successfully

Company culture plays a role in how employees perform at work. Ensuring your company offers a positive environment goes a long way in retaining your staff and attracting new talent. Set your business up for success with these tips for management and administrative roles.

Corporate Management Tips

Departments rely on leaders to make decisions with sound judgment. An excellent manager aims to improve the company while serving the needs of a team.

Here are some strategies for generating increased revenue and boosting the satisfaction of employees:

  • Embrace technology: Invest in efficient software to optimize your workflow and make employees’ lives easier.
  • Offer networking opportunities: Create ways for employees to build connections with team activities at workplace events.
  • Demonstrate empathy: Lead by showing compassion when your employees make mistakes so they feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns.
  • Ask for feedback: Gain insight into employees’ experiences and ask for suggestions to continue improving in all aspects of the business over time.
  • Show appreciation to employees: Practice gratitude by thanking employees and recognizing when a team member goes above and beyond in their assigned duties or role.
  • Provide rewards and incentives: Motivate individual performances and team efforts by providing treats like catered lunches to celebrate achievements.

Administrative Assistant Tips

Offices rely on a coordinator to ensure things run smoothly. Keeping things organized involves a detail-oriented approach and prioritization. These methods provide a way to stay efficient while handling many aspects of the business:

  • Ask questions: Get clarity as needed to fulfill the expectations of the other professionals who rely on your services.
  • Communicate well: Articulate your ideas and thoughts so there’s no ambiguity or interpretation about your correspondence.
  • Monitor details: Pay close attention to the moving parts of projects, events or meetings to support and ensure team members receive the resources they need.
  • Plan in advance: Schedule services, conferences or catering as early as possible to stay proactive with your tasks and deadlines.
  • Prioritize tasks: Learn to distinguish the most critical items on a to-do list when coordinating the office and managing calendars.
  • Set up reminders: Create alerts when you need to complete essential tasks on your to-do list or when you greet visitors or sign for deliveries.

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