Guide to Hosting Out-of-Town Clients

Fostering relationships is a big part of business. When clients visit, you’ll want to go above and beyond to retain your customers and make the best deals. Learning how to host business occasions in the best way possible makes your clients feel comfortable, appreciated and respected.

4 Tips for Hosting Out-of-Town Clients

When a customer takes the time to travel to your city, you’ll want to make a good impression. Catering meals offers one of the best ways to do this. Consider these four tips for how to host out-of-town clients.

1. Set the Tone With Your Setting

Selecting a non-traditional place for your presentation or conference will make your brand stand out. A customer may want to explore the area when they visit. Browse popular venues or spots in your city where you can offer an exciting and engaging space to share ideas and close business deals.

If you’re going to host a gathering at your workplace, you should aim to impress your guests. A clean and tidy environment shows your professionalism. Go the extra mile by personalizing your seating arrangements with name tags and informational brochures or packets relating to your business.

2. Show Your Appreciation With Catering

Providing your guests with delicious meals shows your consideration for travelers who are on a schedule and may not know where to get food in your city. Catering with delivery options offers an easy and convenient way to coordinate food without leaving the office. Cure your guests’ appetites, allowing them to feel content and focused on the business discussions during your meeting.

When hosting a workplace occasion, Apple Spice Catering provides an easy solution for accommodating five to 5,000 employees and guests. The boxed lunches include versatile options with homemade sandwiches, salads and soups with fresh ingredients. Each box labels the person’s name so you’ll ensure your clients receive the right meal.

3. Customize Catered Meals For Your Clients

Catering offers many accommodations for allergies and dietary restrictions. The extra step of asking what type of food your client would like to eat shows you value their preferences. Make your guests feel content by offering a delicious meal they love.

With our customization options, Apple Spice Catering provides ways to please all of your clients. Each order gets made to your exact specifications. You can trust delivery during regular business hours at the scheduled time you coordinate.

4. Research Things to Do and See

Having clients from out-of-town offers many conversation starters. Questions like if they’ve visited this area and what they’d like to see while here provide ways to engage with guests before and after meetings. Show you’re a great listener by recommending places for entertainment or shopping based on their expressed interests.

Even if you just moved to the area, researching your surroundings offers many benefits. Clients trust knowledgeable professionals who answer questions with confidence. Make a list of facts about your location or attractions to see in advance.

Coordinate Apple Spice Catering For Your Guests

Apple Spice Catering goes the extra mile for special requests to make your guests happy. Find one of our locations near you to impress your clients with catering at your next event.

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