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Punctual food deliveries are key for health care workers when they have narrow windows of time to eat on a break. With each meal, doctors and nurses receive the nourishment they need to stay fueled for shifts. Learn how catering provides the best choice when serving medical industry professionals or hospital residents.

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TYPES OF Food Catering for Healthcare Facilities

Whether you’re a hospital administrator or a pharma representative organizing a meeting, catering can make your planning process easy and convenient. Different options can meet various preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious meal with fresh, nourishing ingredients.

Hospitals and medical clinics might opt for food catering as an everyday perk for staff, for special events like Nurses Appreciation Week or when planning a special event for residents. Some popular menu items for hospitals and medical clinics include:

  • Box lunches: A boxed lunch offers an excellent way to satisfy every appetite with soup, salad and sandwich varieties. Some options include sides like chips or fruit and cookies for dessert.
  • Traditional buffets: Themed or build-your-own buffets offer a convenient way to serve hospital employees with a setup on the counter or a tabletop in the break room. Some arrangements include salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, chicken and barbecue.
  • Breakfast: Doctors and nurses can quickly grab coffee, juice or water and a bite to eat in the morning from breakfast platters. Some savory and sweet options include eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, fruit, yogurt, bagels, muffins and scones.
  • Sandwiches: At the midday point, health care workers may need a hot or cold sandwich to feel energized. A variety of meat-lover, vegan and vegetarian options on freshly baked bread can offer tasty lunches when you choose pre-made or do-it-yourself deli platters.


In the medical industry, it’s important to ensure the food workers or residents eat is safe and hygienic. Timing also matters — on a tight hospital schedule, food needs to be delivered right and on time. Catered food from a reliable company can keep your facility well-fed, happy and healthy. At Apple Spice Catering, our services are:

  • Convenient: Our simple online ordering process allows you to plan meals and snacks ahead of time. Personalized box lunches with recipient’s names labeled ensure each health care professional or resident gets the correct order with minimal handling.
  • Professional: We deliver our catering on schedule, giving you peace of mind. The food comes with the freshest and most high-quality ingredients expertly prepared for a delicious taste.
  • Trustworthy: Apple Spice proudly serves hospitals with over 30 years of catering experience. Our customer service team can answer any questions you have and provide recommendations based on food preferences, needs and budget.
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SCHEDULE YOUR HOSPITAL Catering With Apple Spice

If you’re interested in hospital food catering, plan a delivery with boxed lunches, a traditional buffet, breakfast or sandwiches from Apple Spice. We offer fresh, delicious food to satisfy every appetite. To schedule our services, find the closest location near you and place your order today!