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Apple Spice’s Box Lunch Delivery Menu Atlanta, GA

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Planning for an upcoming business meeting or corporate event here in Atlanta and looking for some good corporate catering options? At Apple Spice, we offer freshly-made box lunches perfect for these specific occasions. Check out the 3 box lunch packages we offer to decide which will be the best choice for your upcoming event.

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Classic Box Lunch

Each box lunch comes with a prepared and fresh-baked bread sandwich. We have a wide variety of sandwiches including a cashew chicken, trio classic, turkey avocado, manhattan roast beef, and many more. This classic box lunch is served with a dill pickle, cookie, mint, and a choice of potato chips, carrots, pasta salad, potato salad, frogeye salad, or fresh fruit.

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Deluxe Box Lunch

The deluxe box lunch is a step up with just a few more options to choose from. It includes a sandwich, potato chips, a dill pickle, cookie, and mint with an extra choice of carrots, pasta salad, potato salad, frogeye, salad, or fresh fruit. The deluxe includes a bag of potato chips to go with your scrumptious sandwich. This adds only 1 extra dollar to upgrade.

box lunch delivery service atlanta

Executive Box Lunch

Make it executive! The executive box lunch runs at $13.99 and is served with a sandwich of your choice, potato chips, carrot chips, dill pickle, cheesecake, a mint with an additional choice of either pasta salad, potato salad, frogeye salad, or fresh fruit. This is a great choice if you have a bigger appetite and want to go with the box with the most variety.

It gets even better! If you are wanting a wrap, salad, or soup instead of a sandwich we allow customers to select which main item they want for their box lunch. Want to browse more of the menu? Check out our full list of menu options to decide which best suits you and your team! We cannot wait to serve you.

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