Box Lunch Delivery

The Beauty of Box Lunches

By April 18, 2015 March 10th, 2021 No Comments
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Picture this: your boss asks you to order in catering for the office for the day. Easy enough, right? But then she says she wants something that’s portable, so people can grab their lunches and take them to their desks and save on time. She also mentions she wants to make sure that people will enjoy the food, so she wants everyone to choose exactly what they want. Enter the Apple Spice box lunch! A fully customizable and portable lunch, with a lunch menu full fresh salads and sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Apple Spice takes the time to individually prepare each lunch to our customer’s satisfaction and personal needs. Whether you have picky eaters or dietary restrictions, our staff takes the time to create quality food, you can be proud of! Don’t delay, call in or order online today!

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