Best Hikes in Sandy Utah

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3 Beautiful Hikes in Sandy, Utah

With mountain views, sparkling waterfalls and fields of wildflowers, Sandy, Utah, is a hiker’s paradise. The area is abundant with trails for hikers of all types, including beginners and families, and each one promises a scenic view.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails in Sandy, Utah.

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Why Go Hiking in Sandy, Utah?

The city of Sandy is near bustling Salt Lake City and is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking in Sandy, Utah, means enjoying:

  • Unbeatable views: Enjoy everything nature has to offer, with lakes, forests, mountains, valleys and fields of colorful flowers — perfect for a weeknight getaway or an inspiring artistic adventure. Keep your eyes open for some of Utah’s wilder residents, like moose, deer and goats.
  • Fun hobbies: Local hiking trails are a safe, socially-distant way to stay active and take in some fresh air and sunshine. In addition to hiking, trails are also a great place to learn mountain biking, skiing, climbing and backpacking in Sandy, Utah.
  • Year-round entertainment: Each season offers something unique to scenic hikes in Sandy, Utah. Spring brings mild temperatures and blooming greenery, and the summer sun is perfect for lakeside picnics. During autumn, trails are lined with colorful foliage and unforgettable mountain views. Winter means winter sports or winter hiking — great for staying warm and gaining a new perspective of the Beehive State.


Top Hiking Trails in Utah

Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or seeking leisurely nature walks in Sandy, Utah, you’ll find it here. Take a look at a few of the most scenic trails in the area.

1. Bells Canyon Trail

Bells Canyon Trail — sometimes called Bell or Bell’s Canyon Trail — is a scenic reservoir and waterfall destination where you can embrace nature to the fullest. This moderate 4.8-mile hike is a popular place for families and hikers because of the beautiful views. Beat the crowds with an early morning trek.

Choose from one of two trailheads — The Boulders trailhead on South Wasatch Boulevard or the Granite trailhead on Little Cottonwood Road.

The first part of Bells Canyon Trail is beginner-friendly and takes you to a small reservoir, where you can go catch-and-release fishing or bring a picnic to enjoy by the water. Please note, swimming and dogs are not allowed here, since it’s a water supply for local towns.

You can either turn around after you’ve had your fill of the lake view or continue hiking past the reservoir for the waterfall. This portion of the journey is best suited for intermediate hikers. It’s more strenuous, but the views are worth it. Beyond the waterfall, you can continue the challenge with an even more difficult trek to the reservoir’s upper portion.

From start to finish, expect mountain and valley views and glimpses of Salt Lake City. Mountain goats are also common here. Practice caution near the lakes and falls, which have strong currents and extremely cold temperatures. Some parts of the trail have loose dirt, so wear shoes with traction. Follow all posted signs and restrictions, as it’s both a watershed and designated wilderness area.

2. Lisa Falls Trail

Lisa Falls Trail is a 0.22-mile hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon. It’s a brief, family-friendly hike that’s ideal for beginners. You can lengthen your time on the trail, though, by using it as a starting point for other Cottonwood Canyon trails.

This area is popular, especially during spring and summer, because that’s when the falls are at their fullest. Access the trailhead about 3 miles up Little Canyon Road — it’s an unmarked trail in the small parking lot on the left side of the road.

Pack a lunch and bring the kids for a fun afternoon at a granite quarry. The trail takes you to a cascading, stone-faced waterfall and large boulders that are ideal for climbing. Lisa Falls Trail is not too steep, but it does require some uphill movement. Dogs are not permitted.

3. Albion Meadows Trail

Albion Meadows near the Albion Basin — home of the annual Wasatch Wildflower Festival in July — is just a short trip from Sandy. The trail is a 3.6-mile round trip that starts near the Alta Ski Resort. Mid-summer months are the best time to go for flower viewing, but it’s also a hotspot for mountain biking and wintertime skiing.

Though catching the sunrise or sunset over Devils Castle is a sight you won’t soon forget, the real reason people travel to Albion Meadows Trail are the vast wildflower fields. The area is home to more than 120 different flower species — including paintbrush, Jacob’s ladder, penstemons and lupine flowers — creating a colorful palette of purples, blues, yellows, pinks, oranges and whites. It’s also a gathering space for moose, mule deer, birds and mountain goats.

If you can’t get enough of the landscape, continue your journey another 1.6 miles beyond the meadows to Cecret Lake. It’s a slightly more challenging journey, but the sparkling water makes it worth the extra time.

Practice caution around wildlife, especially moose, and leave your four-legged friends at home. Be mindful of your footsteps in the meadows — protect the flowers around you and do not pick them or leave trash behind.

Hiking Safety in Sandy, Utah


Stay safe on your hike with these tips:

  • Bring a friend: Always bring a friend or family member along for your first few hikes on an unfamiliar trail. Avoid hiking in unfamiliar territory after dark, and always tell someone back home where you’re going and when to expect your return.
  • Be prepared: Never hike without researching the local area — including possible wildlife and environmental risks — and pack your daypack full of everything you need for a full day outdoors. This includes plenty of cool water, sunscreen, high-quality hiking shoes, insect repellant and trail snacks. Check the weather before leaving home and dress for the temperature.
  • Take it slow: Start hiking on trails that match your fitness and experience levels. Enjoy a slower pace and easier terrain as you work your way toward moderate and advanced journeys.


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