Escape The Snow & Visit the Top Nashville Museums

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nashville music museums

Visiting Nashville for a friend’s trip, work meeting, or visiting family members? Make the best out of your travels by staying inside to avoid the snowy cold weather and discover a few of the top museums to visit when stopping through Nashville.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

A museum filled with history and traditions of the country music scene featuring exhibits, programs, and the full culture experience of country music. The museum is filled with the sounds and stories of many icons in the music industry including Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Johnny Cash.

music museums in nashville

RCA Studio B

Take a walk through the historic studio where some of the most famous singers including Elvis Presley and Eddy Arnold have recorded their music. Not only are there tours and educational programs, but catch RCA Studio B’s website to follow the schedule to catch the next upcoming event they are having.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

A place to discover the truth and history of Andrew Jackson to learn more about his time as an orphan, a general, a president, and a true legend. This museum holds all the most valuable historical information all the way back to his family and life and papers he has handwritten.

Make the most out of your stay by visiting some of the top museums to see when passing through Nashville. Want a longer list to keep you out of the cold? Check out a few more local attractions here to indulge your mind with the fascinating history! If you are wanting a lunch break in-between museum visits, check out Apple Spice’s lunch box catering menu right here in Nashville with fresh ingredients and delicious food options.

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