How to Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week

As National Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, your school might be considering ways to recognize its educators. Teachers and professors deserve all the praise for their hard work as they educate children, teens and adults. Check out these ideas to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

1. Give Personalized Gifts

Have your teachers complete a survey beforehand with their favorite candy, book, snack, restaurant or whatever else you want to highlight. Use this information for gift ideas with a personalized touch.

Here are some examples:

  • A teacher’s favorite book signed by their students
  • A bouquet of their favorite flowers for their desk
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant for a date night with their spouse
  • Stocking the teacher’s lounge with their favorite snacks

2. Involve the Students

A teacher can’t be a teacher without their students. Involve their students in the week by allowing them to appreciate their educators. For younger students, lay out paper and banners for them to color and write messages on. Older students can write their teachers a note. Use the artwork and personalized notes to decorate their classrooms, or use the paper as a tablecloth for an appreciation dinner. You can also invite the students to vote for teacher superlatives or a Teacher of the Week award.

3. Cater Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Whether it’s teacher appreciation week or national teachers day, you can show appreciation to teachers through the shared love of food. You can provide breakfast, lunch or dinner for your teachers. Try a casual come-and-go or a whole sit-down meal with a short program outside school hours. Incorporate other elements into the feast — such as personalized gifts and student decorations — to tie the whole week together.

Apple Spice Is Your Go-To Catering Company for Teacher Appreciation Week

At Apple Spice, we can provide optimal catering solutions for your teacher appreciation week. In our over 30 years of experience, we have perfected our recipes and continue to use only the freshest ingredients, preparing everything on the day of your event.

Specifically, we can offer the following for your teachers:

  • Breakfast catering: We can provide sweet and savory breakfast foods opens in a new window for your teacher’s lounge. A hearty and full breakfast can fuel your teachers to face the school day ahead. Treat them to pastries, fruit, eggs, yogurt parfaits and more. We also have Early Bird boxes that contain everything you need in one.
  • Boxed lunch catering: We are well-known for our unique boxed lunch catering opens in a new window. One box has a sandwich, side, soup, salad and cookie. Build your own assortment of boxes for your teachers to grab and go for lunch!
  • Hot food catering: If you’d prefer to honor your teachers during one big event outside of the school day, host a dinner and invite the teachers, their spouses and members of your school administration. Apple Spice has delicious hot food catering options opens in a new window that can be served buffet style or fully plated for a more formal experience.

Order From an Apple Spice Catering Near You

Get ahead of the game and place your Apple Spice Catering order for National Teacher’s Appreciation Week. Find a location near you opens in a new window today!

catering order for national teacher's appreciation week

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