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How to Easily Order Lunch for Work Groups

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how to easily order lunch for work groups

When you want to treat your work team to lunch, there are many ways to make sure you get it right. Whether lunch is a spontaneous idea for a work project or planned well in advance of an important meeting, fresh, delicious lunches are possible.

Ordering Food for Large and Small Groups

Start by considering catering style. Do you want buffet-style catering, prepared trays or another method? Boxes lunches are a great option if you’re not sure, and you can accommodate both large and small groups.

Boxed lunch catering allows everyone to get the food they like, individually wrapped for freshness. There isn’t the mess and complicated setup of a buffet or sit-down catering.

Tastes, food preferences, and dietary needs may not be the sameWhat Should You Order for a Team Lunch?

Each member of your team is as unique as the talent they bring to the table. Their tastes, food preferences and dietary needs are not the same. One member of your team may need to watch their sugar while another may be vegetarian. Considering your team’s tastes and restrictions lets you choose the right lunch for everyone.

Letting each team member select a sandwich from Apple Spice is a simple way to accommodate everyone. We have many sandwich combos, and our nutritional information is on our website, so everyone can choose the foods they want to eat. Instead of ordering from multiple providers, get the food you need for any team with Apple Spice.

How to Get Orders Right for Lunch Team Meetings

One of the best ways to get lunch orders right for team meetings is to ask for feedback. Ask your team:

  • What works with lunch catering?
  • What food would you like to see?
  • What’s important to you in a team lunch?
  • What type of lunch interferes least with the meeting?

Soon, you’ll know the foods every team member likes and how to order a lunch everyone will love.

How Apple Spice Can Help

At Apple Spice, we’re the corporate catering experts. With an extensive menu of sandwiches, sides and more, we let everyone on your team customize their order to their tastes, and we always include a fresh-baked cookie as a treat. Teams love our boxed sandwich catering. It’s a no-mess way to enjoy a delicious meal with minimal disruption to the workday, and every box is packed with care to deliver maximum flavor.

Browse boxed lunch catering services or check out our menus in your area to find out for yourself!

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