How to Encourage Employees to Take Lunch Breaks

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Taking breaks is the best way for employees to stay happy and healthy throughout the workday. Some people skip their lunch breaks, thinking they’re being more productive — but these breaks can actually boost productivity. Learn more about why lunch breaks matter and how to encourage your employees to take them.

The Importance of Lunch at Work

Lunch breaks are an important part of the day. They allow employees to take a breather and recharge themselves with a nice meal. By encouraging your employees to take lunch breaks, you can help them be happier and more productive. Let them know about the biggest benefits of staff taking lunch breaks, including:

  • Enhanced productivity: Whatever the task at hand, people need breaks to rest their minds and restore their energy. Lunch breaks allow your employees to separate themselves from their work, relaxing and refueling at the same time. When they return, their energy levels will be higher, and their stress levels will be lower.
  • Less burnout: Over time, burnout at work can lead to reduced energy levels and a loss of motivation. Regular breaks can help employees avoid burnout. Encourage them to take lunch and to leave their desks during these breaks. This physical distance will stop other team members from approaching them with more work while they rest. It can also help them detach for a little bit and refresh their bodies and minds.
  • Relief for the body and mind: Taking lunch breaks reduces back pain for employees who sit at a desk all day. A midday break gives them the chance to stretch their legs. Lunch breaks are also good for mental health, which is vital to overall health and employee performance. Taking the time to eat and chat with others is good for emotional and mental well-being, and it can build camaraderie within your team.

Get Employees to Take Lunch Breaks With Corporate Catering

Providing a delicious lunch for your employees will make them even more likely to take lunch breaks. Thanks to Apple Spice Catering, this is an affordable and easy-to-implement option for any workplace. Our corporate catering services provide food for offices and corporate events.

Catered lunches at the office can do wonders for employee morale and motivation. Get the most out of your staff and teams by giving them a nutritious and tasty meal with Apple Spice Catering. Contact us to find out more about our services and our menus.

Get Employees to Take Lunch Breaks With Corporate Catering

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