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Modesto Lunch Box Delivery Online Ordering Process

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When it comes to restaurants who cater, online ordering can seem like a hassle, but it actually is the exact opposite. Lunch box catering and delivery options become a lot easier when online ordering is added in. Apple Spice here in Modesto offers a full online ordering feature that allows you to order lunch box delivery services to make it a stress-free process! Below are the simple steps to follow to get your order placed online.

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  1. Order Type

    There are 2 options with order type which are delivery or pick up. This is the first step and will notify the caterer that you will either be picking up the order when ready or having it delivered to your desired destination.

  2. Delivery Date

    The delivery date is where you will select the month, day, and year for the order and the time you will want it delivered.

  3. Delivery Address

    To make sure your location is within the service area, you will insert the zip code you are located at to let the caterer know what vicinity you are requesting the order to be delivered to.

  4. Select Location

    At Apple Spice, we have 3 locations in California. If you are requesting lunch delivery in Modesto, click the Modesto/Stockton location to confirm this is the location you want the food delivered from.

  5. Proceed to Menu

    Once all the above is complete, you can proceed to the menu. From here, you can browse the menu to select with menu items you would like to order. When you click into an item, select “add to order”. Once you have all the items in your cart that you want, all you gave to do it place an order. This will navigate you to the final page where you will confirm the order type, delivery date, delivery address, location, and payment details.

lunch box delivery modesto ca

It is as simple as that! We strive to make online ordering an easy navigating process to help assist you to order what you need and have everything paid for and schedule online. Take a look at our menu options before you place an order to browse through first before you proceed. We look forward to serving you!