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Lunch Box Ideas for Work

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workday lunch box ideas

Eating out every day during your lunch break can get tiring. Packing a lunch at home is a great option, especially if you’re either wanting to eat healthier or cut back on spending. The next steps are coming up with some lunches to make. Check out 3 simple lunch box ideas below to get started:

healthy lunch box ideas

Chicken and Salad

A quick and delicious option is grilled chicken and a mixed salad. All you need is to cook 1 chicken breast, cut it up, and maybe some seasoning. For the salad, throw in a variety of mixed greens such as, arugula, kale, romaine, or whatever lettuce you prefer. Add a dressing that you like, (cilantro dressing or a pomegranate dressing go great on a bed of greens). If you want to add a little treat, a great sweet pairing with this meal would be a small yogurt.

simple lunch box ideas

Bento Box

This is a Japanese classic meal. You can get creative with this, but for the protein cook some beef, chicken, or tofu. Cook some jasmine rice to pair with your meat. For the veggies, you can cook some cucumbers and bell peppers. The vegetables can be whatever you prefer. They are usually sauteed and seasoned. Add in a couple of pieces of dark chocolate to take care of that sweet craving.

sandwich lunch box ideas for work

Sandwich and Fruit

The classic sandwich and fruit combo can never go out of style. Big your bread, meat, and toppings to create the perfect work lunch sandwich. Preferably turkey, ham, chicken, or if you are vegetarian an avocado. This adds protein to the meal to last your energy for the rest of the day. Pair this with some fresh fruit which adds a nice side dish to the meal. If you love eating chips with your sandwich, throw in some potato chips to crunch on.

For more lunch box ideas, here are several more lunches to create at home. Looking to cater during a work meeting, business event, or for a nice lunch in the office? Apple Spice here in Grand Rapids, MI offers freshly-made boxed lunches featuring sandwiches, chips, fruit, and a mouthwatering chocolate chip cookie to end the meal just right. Check out our menu options to book your first order with us. We look forward to serving you!

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