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Perks of Lunch Box Catering in Atlanta, GA

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Finding lunch options while at the office can get old. Have you ever looked into lunch box catering for your team? Well if you haven’t, life just got a whole lot easier. Below are 3 perks of providing lunch box catering at work.

corporate lunch box catering atlanta


Lunch boxes are created to be pre-packed with your full lunch inside. There is no need to stand in a buffet catering line that doesn’t give you enough time to eat and participate in the business meeting or event. It’s a convenient, simple and delicious way to eat.


It is known that if you provide lunch catering, employees feel more appreciated which increases productivity and leaves a positive impact on your team members. Catering is a way to show the office gratitude and it builds them up. This results in better work and performance at the office.


With lunch box catering, there are several menu items to choose from to give customers variety. Some people might have food restrictions or a certain preference so it is nice to have several options to give your team so they can choose what they like most.

lunch box catering and delivery atlanta

If you are on the lookout for the perfect lunch box catering company in Atlanta, you are in luck. Apple Spice features lunch boxes and corporate catering including unique sandwiches, fresh salads, wraps, and more. We make it easy for you by being able to order online and make it a stress-free experience.

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