The Hype at Heritage Sandy Springs

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heritage sandy springs georgia

It is Summertime which means people are thriving outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Sandy Springs is the right place to be during this season because of lots of fun and excitement going on around the vicinity. Heritage is a community park with lots of events, performances, and more. This is the place to be during your summer and here is why:

heritage sandy springs atlanta ga

Farmers Market

Come experience delicious specialty foods prepared by farmers that were naturally grown. Come and see the specialty goods and artists the market offers featuring jewelry, hand-bags, clothing, and more. This is a great activity for dates, family outings, or a nice day to yourself. See the full list of vendors to see all the amazing options offered.

Concerts by the Springs

Take in the music vibes at the park where performances from music groups are held. Gates open at 5:00pm and the music begins at 7:00pm! From 80s music to Jazz, they play it all. Check out the upcoming concerts to plan your fun night!

heritage sandy springs events

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