Things to Do and See in Ogden, UT

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things to do outdoor in ogden utah

First time to Ogden and looking for some attractions to see? Enjoy your time in Utah by discovering some of the top activities to do and things to see while stopping through. There is a wide selection of tourist activities and here are some recommendations for you below.

fun things to do in ogden utah

Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

A thrilling and exciting collection of predators featuring sculptures that fill the park. This is quite the historical park with artistic detail and sound systems bringing the people a real-life dinosaur experience. This park is great for field trips, birthday parties and more.

Tree House Museum

Opening in 1992, the treehouse museum is a place where over 150,000 visitors come each year to take in the nature and engage in this educational non-profit organization. This is a great place to volunteer, donate and raise money for a good cause and enjoy a day of indoor exploration.

tourist things to do in ogden utah

Traveling is the best time to play the tourist roll and visit all the recommended places to see. To get a list of more things to do in Ogden, check out at least 10 more things to see and experience. In need of some lunch? Apple Spice offers catering options great for big events and parties. Take a look at our full catering menu to see the delicious options we offer.

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