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Top Catering Companies in Parsippany, New Jersey

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Top Catering Companies in Parsippany, New Jersey

With a rich history and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that so many people love to call Parsippany, NJ, home.

If you’re looking for a caterer to help you plan your next corporate event or special occasion, look no further than Apple Spice Catering. Apple Spice dedicates itself to bringing the best to the table in food preparation, presentation and service. Find a location today to order and create an unforgettable event.

What to Look for in a Catering Company in Parsippany, NJ

When choosing a catering company, keep an eye out for these three things: 

  1. Quality: Make sure the caterer’s food tastes good and is presented well. Apple Spice Catering makes fresh meals daily — including our bread and cookies! 
  2. Experience: Look for whether the company has experience with events like yours. Choosing a skilled business with over 30 years of experience like Apple Spice Catering will give you peace of mind.
  3. Reviews: Check out the company’s reviews online. You can learn much about a caterer by reading what other customers say. We value our customers at Apple Spice and continue to earn high ratings.

Best Caterers for Weddings in Parsippany

From traditional fare to trendsetting options, the wedding caterers in Parsippany can deliver the meals you want for your special day.

  • Michelle’s Catering: Michelle’s Catering is a local favorite for weddings and with good reason. They’re known for their commitment to using local growers and suppliers in their multiple courses, grazing stations and hors d’oeuvres.
  • David Alan Caterers: David Alan Caterers offers a wide range of menus and services, so you can be sure that they can accommodate any request. They’ve turned dietary restrictions into flavorful opportunities.

Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

Celebrate precious moments with Parsippany, New Jersey’s best caterers for baby showers, bridal showers and other events.

  • The Fruited Plain Caterers: With Michelin- and European-trained chefs, The Fruited Plain creates innovative menus to blow your guests away. They have mastered service, style and taste.
  • Jeremiahs Catering & Cooking Studio: Locals know Jeremiahs for their delicious food, friendly service and ability to work within a budget. Plus, they offer delivery or pickup options, so your event will run smoothly.

Top Corporate Caterer in Parsippany, NJ

Apple Spice has perfected the art of catering for business events. When you come to the corporate catering experts at Apple Spice Catering, you will receive a delivery of fresh, delicious food sure to wow your guests. 

Order Online From Apple Spice in Parsippany

Order Online From Apple Spice in Parsippany

Apple Spice takes pride in its reputation as a top choice for corporate catering in Parsippany. Our goal is to deliver fresh meals right and on time.

Order online from Apple Spice today and experience the difference.

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