An Ideal Checklist for Corporate Event Catering

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Beginning that mental preparation for an upcoming event and on the hunt for a caterer who can accommodate all your needs? Being aware of your expectations can help narrow down a catering company much quicker to help get one step closer to making these important decisions. Below is a helpful corporate event catering checklist to keep in mind when picking out a catering company to use for your event.

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Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a lower-cost option, the value and quality of food and service is a crucial factor in finding the right catering services. Make sure to not go with the cheapest option and instead to do your research on customer reviews and ratings to find a recommended option, that way you are getting a good price and value.


When speaking with a catering company, make sure your requests are clear and that you can sense reliability. The last thing you want is to deal with any menu ordering issues, cost miscommunications, or delayed deliveries. Professionalism in the catering industry is key and will make a huge difference with your experience.


Not only should everything taste good, but it’s also about the presentation. If you are able to do a taste test before choosing a caterer, that can help confirm your decision quick. Be clear on what you expect by asking to browse through their menu and review images to see if they can deliver!

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If you’ve narrowed down to the final 3, check out the full checklist to get your closer to finalizing your decision. If you haven’t even begun, Apple Spice here in Columbia offers fresh box lunches and an event catering menu perfect for corporate events, business meetings, or special occasions. Delicious ingredients and reliable staff members to meet all of your requests. Check out our full menu to get browsing!