How to Plan a Corporate Catering Event

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Are you on the hunt for a caterer who can accommodate all your needs for your next corporate event? Being aware of your expectations can help narrow down a catering company much quicker to help get one step closer to making some vital decisions.

Below is a helpful corporate event catering checklist to keep in mind when picking out a catering company for your event. Learn more about how you plan a corporate event and what steps to take.

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1. Determine How Much You’re Willing to Spend

Before you take any other steps toward effective catering planning, you’ll need to consider your budget. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for a lower-cost option, the value and quality of food and service are crucial in finding the right catering company.

Instead of choosing the cheapest option, look up customer reviews and ratings to find a reliable company and get a reasonable price and value. Reach out to local caterers and get custom quotes for their foods and services based on what you need before booking someone.

2. Record an Accurate Headcount

Find out a general number of how many people will be attending your corporate event. Some caterers are better suited for smaller or more extravagant gatherings, so figuring out your headcount can help narrow down your search. If you’re planning a relatively large event, confirm that your caterer can keep up with the number of people while maintaining excellent food quality.

Make sure they offer appropriate portion control to give you all the food you need for your guests. It’s important to discuss details with them ahead of time to keep everyone on the same page. A reliable caterer can tell you whether they can accommodate your party’s size.

how to plan a corporate catering event

3. Make Sure the Caterer Delivers to Your Location

Whether you’re having your event on-site or renting a venue somewhere else, you’ll need to confirm that the caterer delivers to your location. Some catering companies may charge extra to bring your food to an outside location.

Your caterer should be familiar with the area to bring your food, drinks and utensils to you on time. If you’re having a last-minute business meeting and decide to provide lunch for all attendees, it helps to have a reliable catering company nearby to have your meals ready in a few hours.

4. Look at Customer Reviews

When speaking with a catering company, make sure your requests are evident and that you can sense reliability. On the day of your event, you’ll want to avoid menu ordering issues, cost miscommunications or delayed deliveries. Professionalism in the catering industry is vital and will make a significant difference with your experience.

Before booking a caterer, read their reviews online to find out other customers’ experiences with them. They don’t need to have a perfect five-star rating, but knowing the company’s strengths and weaknesses beforehand can reveal their reliability, trustworthiness and quality.

5. Prioritize Food Quality and Taste

When you look for a catering company to provide food for your next corporate event, the food should be delicious and well presented. First impressions impact a party significantly, and how the food looks and tastes will affect your guests’ experience.

Tasting some of the food before choosing a caterer can help confirm your decision quickly. Be clear on what you expect by asking to browse through their menu and review images to see if they can deliver!

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6. Narrow Down Your Meal and Drink Options

Find a caterer that provides various food and drink options to enjoy. Instead of the traditional beef, chicken and vegetarian options, try to find someone that makes different food with unique flavors and themes. A reliable caterer can liven up your event, whether it’s a business meeting or an employee appreciation party.

After you’ve selected a caterer, look over their menu and go over your options with them. It’s also helpful to make sure the company can accommodate those on your guest list with allergies, food intolerances and unique personal preferences.

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