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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Company Potluck

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Employee engagement was at 32% at the start of 2022, which is lower than in previous years. As many business owners understand the benefits of having engaged, happy employees, increasing employee engagement is a significant consideration. Organizing an event where your team gets to relax, bond and have some fun is an excellent way to increase engagement and satisfaction, and a potluck could be the perfect solution.

If you know how to organize a potluck at work, you can bring people together in an informal environment so they can relax and get to know each other. If you’ve never organized one, some potluck organizing tips are all you need to get started.

What Is a Potluck?

A potluck is a gathering where everyone brings a prepared dish to be shared among the group. The variety of food that gets brought depends on the guidelines you provide. You can leave it entirely up to the attendees — which is super exciting but could result in 12 macaroni and cheese dishes and no salad — or you can assign people dishes to bring.

Potlucks can also have a theme to add more fun and excitement. Regardless of how you organize it, the main goal should be to create an event that engages employees and encourages them to connect.

The Benefits of a Potluck

Hosting a potluck has more significant benefits than enjoying good food. It brings co-workers together, and your business can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Increasing employee engagement: Positive events at work boost workplace engagement. A potluck is also a nice break from a typical workday, allowing your team to get to know each other better.
  • Encouraging creativity: A good potluck involves each attendee contributing something different to create a balanced meal. When everyone has to bring something different, people must get creative. There’s an opportunity to share some family favorites and showcase kitchen skills.
  • Strengthening relationships: Your team gets to talk to one another and build a sense of camaraderie, which can only benefit their work performance.
Potluck Checklist

How to Organize an Office Potluck

When you leave too much to chance, your potluck could throw you some curveballs. However, with some planning, everything should run smoothly. The following potluck checklist will help you plan an event everyone will remember:

1. Choose a Theme

Although a theme isn’t mandatory for a successful potluck, it does add an element of excitement. It could give people an opportunity to dress up. A theme can also help people come up with creative dishes. Reach out to your team for suggestions on dishes to include. Some fun themes to consider include the following:

  • Fall potluck
  • Celebrate your family heritage
  • Favorite comfort food
  • Around the world
  • Country fair

While the suggestions above could work, you can also use them for inspiration and develop a unique theme suited to your business.

2. Assign Dishes

Your potluck should be a full meal, so you’ll need people to provide finger food, appetizers, main courses, desserts and salads. Send an email asking people what they would prefer to bring, so they can cook something they know will be a hit. However, ensure that everyone brings something different. Assign meals to those who don’t respond, and be prepared to ask some to change their dish.

3. Ask for Recipes

One of the best things about a potluck is recipe sharing. Ask your team to write down recipes and instructions for their dishes. A simple list of instructions can be a great conversation starter, and all the attendees have the opportunity to learn something new.

4. Remember the Utensils

It’s best to provide the basics like plates, utensils, glasses, napkins and table decor. If you take on the responsibility, you have peace of mind that you’ll have everything you need instead of relying on co-workers who may have to cancel last minute.

5. Clear the Fridge

If you’re hosting your potluck on a workday, people will bring their dishes when they come to work in the morning. Clear out the office fridge so they can store the food until the event begins.

6. Arrange Your Space

If you choose a theme, consider decorating your space to boost the atmosphere. Double-check you have plenty of table and counter space and that you organize your table. Consider grouping dishes by category so everyone knows where to find their favorite. It might also be worth keeping desserts aside so people aren’t tempted to skip a course and dig into the sweets.

7. Label the Dishes

Have your attendees label their dishes so everyone can find options they can enjoy, like vegan or gluten-free alternatives.

8. Allow for On-Site Preparation

Some attendees will have to finish their dishes in the office kitchen before serving. Ensure everyone has access to the oven, microwave and stovetop by noting who needs them and for how long. They can take turns instead of trying to work around one another.

9. Be a Gracious Host

Ensure you’re available to answer questions, point people in the right direction and handle any last-minute emergencies. As you’ve organized an office function, ensure people mingle and get to know each other. Consider giving people name tags if it’s a large group and seat them next to people from different departments. Get some conversation starters going while everyone enjoys their meal.

Office Potluck Ideas

Office potlucks should be fun, and no one should be nervous about what to bring. There are almost limitless options for what people can bring, but keep the following ideas in mind for those looking for inspiration:

  • No cooking options: Some people dislike cooking, so providing some no-cooking choices is excellent for removing the pressure. Options could include chips or vegetables with dip, sandwich or cheese platters, or bowls of fruit.
  • Cold food options: Giving people options they can prepare at home is convenient for your guests and limits office cleaning. Some cold food ideas include pasta salad, coleslaw, cakes and antipasto platters.
  • Hot food options: A good potluck has some hot options for people to try. Consider ideas that are easy to prepare in large portions, such as macaroni cheese, nachos, sliders, curry and roasted meats.
  • Dessert options: Your desserts should be easy to prepare in large portions, like cakes, cupcakes and trifles.

Potluck Etiquette

Your potluck should boost team spirit, which is easy when everyone is considerate during the event. If you or anyone on your team are attending your first potluck, the following tips will help keep everyone happy:

  • Bring something: Everyone on the guest list should bring something. If you genuinely forget your dish, try to grab something before you attend.
  • Try everything: Sample everyone’s hard work unless you have a genuine reason that prevents you from trying a dish.
  • Give everyone options: Ensure you have options that cater to everyone’s dietary requirements in each course, including dessert.
  • Make up a plate: If someone can’t attend due to a work commitment, make up a plate for them and keep it aside for later.
  • Clean up: Everyone who enjoys the potluck should help with the cleanup. The more people who help, the quicker the process.
Potluck Catering with Apple Spice

Offer Office Catering at Your Next Potluck With Apple Spice Catering

A potluck is an excellent way to unite your team and enjoy fantastic food. If you’re snowed under with work tasks or need to cater to large groups, Apple Spice Catering can help you. We will go the extra mile to ensure your team has fresh, delicious meals for every occasion, from your office potluck to a special breakfast and everything in between. We also offer delightful box lunches in individual portions for that big meeting or impromptu corporate lunch in your area.

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How to measure and increase employee engagement

How to Measure and Increase Employee Engagement

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Engaged employees are more productive and excited about their work. However, getting your employees to feel engaged with your company is no small feat. Encouraging employee involvement requires excellent leadership communication, recognizing their hard work and providing the right resources to ensure all employees feel adequately supported in their positions.

In today’s workplace, employee engagement is vital for keeping staff connected and inspired in their workplaces. To ensure your engagement strategy is successful, you must ground your methods in employee feedback and data, making tracking and measuring employee involvement vital to your business’s success.

Why Measure Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the mental and emotional connection an employee feels towards their workplace. Currently, 36% of employees in the United States feel engaged at work. As employee quitting rates continue to rise, many organizations are placing a greater emphasis on employee engagement as it encourages employees to work harder and stay at a company longer.

However, you can’t foster employee engagement unless you understand what engages or disengages your employees in the first place. Some reasons why you should measure employee engagement include:

  • Identify strengths and problem areas: Making an effort to regularly measure participation allows you to overcome any obstacles before they become problems. You can also use engagement data to view what is going well in your company or determine which departments are doing better than others.
  • Build trust: Asking for feedback shows you care about your employees’ opinions and working experience. Use your feedback sessions to build trust with your employees so they are more likely to provide honest feedback about their experiences.
  • Help everyone understand engagement: After obtaining your engagement data, share your results with all employees. Making this data accessible for everyone enables all employees to understand what is happening in your company and contribute solutions.
  • Understand trends: Measuring employee engagement allows you to understand what is happening in your organization and compare your results to other industry benchmarks. This data also shows how your organization is or isn’t progressing.

How to Measure Employee Engagement

If you’re a strategic leader of your organization, you’ll want to learn what types of employee engagement are working and address areas that could use improvement. Some actions you may take to measure engagement are:

  • Invest in individual contributors: Employees who do not wish to work in a leadership position should still have room for growth in your organization. One way to measure employee engagement is to create a formal ongoing learning policy so employees can continue to improve their skills.
  • Send pulse surveys: Sending surveys throughout the year allows you to keep a pulse on engagement. Keeping these polls short and sweet will enable you to see any issues which require immediate attention and which areas are working well within your organization.
  • Conduct stay interviews: Instead of waiting until the exit interview to gain feedback, plan time with each employee to understand what they are currently enjoying and if they have any suggestions for improvement. You can conduct these interviews as needed or annually to provide a qualitative measurement of employee engagement.
  • Create a focus group: If you would like to learn how to measure employee engagement without surveys, focus groups are an excellent alternative. Choose employees from specific departments or combine staff from across the company to create a broader outlook.
  • Look at productivity rate: Divide your revenue for a year or quarter by your number of employees. Compare your results across multiple departments and look for trends or patterns.

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

While increasing employee engagement is not a complex process, it must be a priority for your company to be effective. Some methods you can utilize to increase engagement include:

  • Scheduling regular meetings: Learning how to improve employee engagement begins with asking your employees how they feel in their current roles and what steps you can take to improve their positions. Regular meetings allow you to correct issues promptly and find areas for improvement.
  • Putting all employees in the proper role: Having your employees in positions best suited for their skills is the best way to increase engagement. To ensure your employees are in the correct position, check that your talent acquisition and retention strategies align with company goals.
  • Providing the right tools for success: If your employees often experience barriers to completing tasks, it can decrease engagement. For example, if your employees must memorize four or five different passwords to access company resources, they may benefit from a more straightforward login procedure.
  • Offering training opportunities: Setting your team up for success with the proper training and development can build a culture of trust and accountability while improving engagement.
  • Discussing engagement: The key to being a successful manager is to be transparent in your approach to improving engagement with your team. Hold meetings and make an effort to engage all employees in the discussion and possible solutions.
  • Giving rewards and recognition: Making awards and recognition well-known throughout an organization can help increase engagement. Sending a clear message of appreciation shows workers how they fit into the company mission and what kind of behavior warrants an award.

Actions to Take

After identifying areas of your organization you can improve to boost employee engagement, it’s best to take action as soon as possible. Some steps you may take to increase employee engagement and improve your overall workplace culture include:

  • Strong communication: Communicating your company goals and offering chances to communicate with employees through meetings, emails or video conferences will enable employees to ask questions, raise concerns and feel that you value their opinions.
  • Employee bonding: Creating opportunities for employees to bond, identifying points of conflict and organizing chances to connect outside work enables you to build a positive work environment and improve employee engagement.
  • Effective training and onboarding: An effective onboarding program prevents confusion and allows all new employees to understand what you expect from them and fully engage with their workplace.
  • Craft a handbook for all leaders: A measuring and increasing employee engagement guide allows all leaders in your organization to learn how they can increase engagement and improve company operations.
  • Stress management: Disengagement can result from stress making it essential to encourage stress management, such as encouraging breaks and setting realistic deadlines.
  • Employee appreciation: Look for opportunities to praise your workers or ask them how they would like to receive recognition for their hard work.

Order corporate catering to treat your team.

Get Started by Providing a Catered Meal for Your Team

You can retain employees longer and attract new talent by prioritizing employee engagement. To help increase engagement and recognize your employees for all they do for your company, order corporate catering from Apple Spice.

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Catering being served in Grand Rapids, MI

Top Catering Companies in Grand Rapids, MI

By Catering

Grand Rapids is one of Michigan’s most dynamic cities. Rich in history yet brimming with modern opportunities for residents and businesses, Grand Rapids is the perfect place to host any corporate event, wedding, baby shower or another special occasion.

When you’re looking for a top catering company in Grand Rapids, MI, use this page as a handy guide.

What to Look for in Grand Rapids, MI, Catering Companies

How can you quickly select the best catering company for your needs? Insist on the following traits:

  • Freshness: Flavorful, fresh ingredients always make the best starting point for any catered boxed lunch or sit-down meal.
    Dependable Arrival: You shouldn’t have to wait for your caterer to arrive. Make sure your catering company values your time!
    Reputation: A spotless reputation for being a best-of-best caterer ensures you’re getting value.

Best Caterers for Weddings in Grand Rapids

When it comes to scenery, location and venues, Grand Rapids remains a terrific place to host any wedding. For your wedding caterer, consider these regional favorites:

  • Kangaroo Kitchen: Looking for something different and unique for your wedding recipes? Kangaroo Kitchen features creative fare with incredible flair.
  • Maddalena’s Catering Company: If a sophisticated atmosphere is what you want on your big day, trust Maddalena’s Catering Company. Upscale dishes never looked or tasted so amazing.

Grand Rapids, MI, Best Caterers for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Similar Events

Life is filled with wonderful moments to gather with friends, family and all your loved ones. Whether you’re planning a baby shower, bridal shower or some other big experience, the following Grand Rapids caterers will help make the day a little brighter.

  • Gettin’ Fresh: Who says you can’t have a food truck cater your baby shower? With Gettin’ Fresh, you can! Enjoy sumptuous foods lovingly prepared and brought to your venue.
  • Carole’s Catering Company: Specializing in buffet-style meals, Carole’s Catering Company focuses on American, Polish and Mexican items.

Top Corporate Caterer in Grand Rapids, MI

Morning meetings. Afternoon get-togethers. Evening conferences, conventions and gatherings. When you have a corporate event on the calendar, get everything you need from the best overall caterer in Grand Rapids — Apple Spice Catering. We use quality ingredients and exceptional recipes for our signature boxed lunches, plated meals and more.

Contact us to order online from Apple Spice Grand Rapids for your upcoming in-person experience. We deliver great food—right down to our warm, homemade cookies!

Boxed lunch catering being served in Ann Arbor, MI

Top Catering Companies in Ann Arbor, MI

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With its walkable neighborhoods and scenic views, Ann Arbor, MI, is an urban hotspot for living, working and playing. Is it any wonder that so many people and businesses host events from corporate meetings to weddings in Ann Arbor?

Of course, when you’re planning any type of get-together, you want to know the top catering companies. To find Ann Arbor’s favorite caterers, read on!

How to Choose a Catering Company in Ann Arbor, MI

If you’re looking for a top wedding or baby shower catering company in Ann Arbor, you should consider several factors. Generally speaking, the best caterers for any kind of gathering should promise:

  • Punctuality: On-time food is always in style!
  • Freshness: Flavor matters so you should insist that your caterer start with wholesome ingredients.
  • Dependability: Reputation says so much about a caterer — look for a company noted for its excellence.

Best Caterers for Weddings in Ann Arbor

While it might seem overwhelming to plan a wedding in Ann Arbor, you can make life a little easier when you check out these top wedding caterers:

  • Zingerman’s Catering: Need an all-in-one location for your wedding? Zingerman’s downtown is a must-see. You’ll get a great ambiance and terrific food for your big day.
  • Food Art Catered Affairs: Presentation can change the way food appears and tastes. If creative cuisine excites you, give Food Art Catered Affairs a chance to impress.

Best Ann Arbor, MI, Caterers for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Other Celebrations

You have so many important moments to share with friends and family — bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

When searching for the perfect special event caterer to help you celebrate in Ann Arbor, try these catering companies:

  • Vinology: When you have a guest list of all adults, consider Vinology. Known for being a go-to wine bar, it also serves as the ideal landing place for showers, birthdays and other memorable occasions.
  • Katherine’s: Feel inspired with every bite when you turn to Katherine’s as your caterer. Loads of options and a budget-friendly attitude make this top caterer a good pick.

The Best Caterer Overall — Apple Spice Catering

If you’re looking for the top caterer in Ann Arbor, Apple Spice Catering gets the nod again and again. Our signature boxed lunches always please everyone on your guest list. Plus, we offer more opportunities to serve up deliciousness with our buffet-style and plated meals.

Talk to the team at Apple Spice Livonia – Ann Arbor, MI, today about your upcoming corporate catering needs.

Catering being served in St. Louis

Top Catering Companies in St. Louis, MO

By Catering

Situated along the winding Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO, is immediately recognizable thanks to its signature Gateway Arch. The thriving city once served as a gateway point for travelers moving west across the country. Now, St. Louis has earned its place as a unique destination spot of its own.

Whether you live in St. Louis, work here or are just passing through, you can always benefit from knowing the best caterers for corporate events and special occasions.

What to Look for in a Catering Company in St. Louis, MO

Finding the right caterer helps turn any meeting or event into a more memorable, enjoyable experience. Some tips for evaluating caterers in St. Louis include:

  • Ask about ingredients: Fresh, flavorful food starts with top-quality ingredients.
  • Prioritize punctuality: You want your catering company to arrive on time, every time.
  • Pay attention to reputation: Terrific reviews and a long-standing history tend to be earmarks of terrific caterers.

Best Caterers for Weddings in St. Louis

What could be more beautiful than a St. Louis wedding? Plenty of venues are available to make your big day as one-of-a-kind as you envision.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure your caterer is up to the task! Try these area favorites:

  • Hendri’s: From succulent roasted meats and crisp vegetable recipes to inspired pasta dishes, Hendri’s wedding catering menu has a little something for every guest on your list.
  • Seed Sprout Spoon: Known for offering sustainable, local choices, Seed Sprout Spoon has arisen as one of the most dedicated, delicious and environmentally friendly wedding caterers in St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

All types of showers are better when you have the right type of food for your guests. If you’ve been tasked with planning a get-together for loved ones, check out these St. Louis caterers for baby showers and more:

  • The Christy: Need a caterer that can provide everything, including a spectacular space? With The Christy, you get a breathtaking venue and mouthwatering menus.
  • The Pasta House Co.: Perfect for all types of special events, The Pasta House Co. has been a delicious mainstay caterer in the St. Louis community for more than 40 years.

Top Corporate Caterers in St. Louis, MO

Business meetings, conferences and conventions are in style! Why scour through lists looking for the best caterers for corporate events in St. Louis, MO, when you have Apple Spice Catering at your fingertips.

Best Overall — Apple Spice Catering

At Apple Spice Catering, you get the freshness, reliability and ease you deserve when ordering food for any corporate event. From boxed lunches to plated meals, Apple Spice St. Louis is just around the corner and ready to wow you!

Place your order online today.

Top Catering Companies in Columbia, Maryland

Top Catering Companies in Columbia, Maryland

By Catering

Choosing the perfect caterer for your corporate gathering, wedding, baby shower or other occasion is an essential task. Every caterer has unique skills and specialties. Finding the one that can bring your vision to life while delivering excellent service will make your event even more memorable.

What to Look for in a Catering Company

Before you finalize your booking, make sure your caterer meets the following criteria to ensure a successful meal planning experience:

  • Reputation: Hire a reliable caterer that consistently provides excellent meals. At Apple Spice, we’ve spent more than 30 years building a good reputation by delivering your orders right and on time every time.
  • Quality ingredients: Your catered food should be as delicious as it is convenient. Choose a company that uses only the best and freshest ingredients — like Apple Spice Catering, where we make our bread daily with no preservatives!
  • Timeliness: Punctuality is key in any event, especially when it comes to the food. Trust the corporate catering experts at Apple Spice to keep your event running smoothly and your guests satisfied with timely catering service.

Best Caterers for Weddings in Columbia

Your wedding’s food is a central aspect of this special day. Here are some of the top wedding caterers in the area:

  • Plan it to the T Catering: Get extra help with your wedding planning and select from a vast array of elegant dishes with Plan it to the T for a seamless wedding.
  • Bayside Catering: Bayside Catering focuses on providing affordable food that reflects you and your partner to make your day extra special.

Best Caterers for Columbia Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

If you’re planning a bridal shower, baby shower or another special event, you need food that’ll keep everyone happy and ensure a fun time. Check out these best caterers for baby showers and more in the area:

  • Minute Events Catering: Enjoy high-quality foods from an award-winning caterer at prices to suit any budget when you choose Minute Events Catering.
  • Three Brothers Catering: Select an Italian-inspired menu from Three Brothers Catering for a satisfying and delicious event meal.

Top Corporate Caterers in Columbia, Maryland

Top Corporate Caterers in Columbia, Maryland

Make excellent food the focal point of your next work event. Here are some of the best local caterers for corporate events:

  • Apple Spice Catering: With Apple Spice, you’ll enjoy boxed lunches delivered straight to your door, a full-service hot food catering experience or versatile sandwich catering for other events.
  • Zesty Gourmet: Enjoy fine dining options from the chefs at Zesty Gourmet for more formal corporate gatherings.

Best Local Caterer Overall

Every caterer in the area brings unique skills to the table, but one stands apart from the rest — Apple Spice Catering delivers convenience and tastiness in the form of boxed lunches, hot food catering, office breakfast catering and more. When you choose us, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and mingle with guests while we handle the food and make your event a success.

Order Online Today From Apple Spice

Planning your next corporate event? Order first-rate catering service online from Apple Spice Catering for a convenient solution your guests will love.

Top Catering Companies in Baltimore, Maryland

Top Catering Companies in Baltimore, Maryland

By Catering

If you’re planning a corporate event, baby shower, wedding or another special occasion in Baltimore, hiring the best caterer for the job is essential. Food has the power to bring people together and make your event even more enticing and memorable. Read on for ideas on how to book the best caterer for your event.

What to Look for in a Catering Company

Before you book your caterer, make sure they meet the basic criteria to deliver an outstanding meal at your event. Consider the following as you decide between caterers:

  • Reliability: Make sure your caterer has earned a dependable reputation and consistently delivers excellent food and service. At Apple Spice Catering, we’ve spent over 30 years building a trustworthy reputation among our clients.
  • Punctuality: Timeliness matters when it comes to food. Punctual service can ensure your event runs smoothly and your guests are satisfied. We make sure your food is right and on time every time.
  • Excellent ingredients: Your catered food should be delicious and convenient. Look for caterers that deliver food made from fresh ingredients — like Apple Spice Catering, where we make our bread fresh daily with no preservatives!

Best Caterers for Weddings in Baltimore

The food at your wedding should give your guests even more reason to remember and cherish your special day. Here are some of the best wedding caterers in the area:

  • Atlantic Caterers: The team at Atlantic Caterers has a keen eye for detail and can create a completely personalized menu to reflect the couple’s personality.
  • Rouge Fine Catering: Rouge Fine Catering delivers fresh and unique world-class dishes in a menu designed to describe the story and style of the newlywed couple.

Best Baltimore Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

Considering the following local caterers for your next special event:

  • Bayside Bull: For a unique high-end catering experience, choose Bayside Bull and enjoy decadent freshly barbecued meats and sides.
  • Chesapeake Chefs: Chesapeake Chefs offers unique dining experiences for private groups, including mobile pizza and gourmet barbeque.

Top Corporate Caterers in Baltimore, Maryland

Top Corporate Caterers in Baltimore, Maryland

When planning a work-related event, food is a priority. Here are some of the best caterers for corporate events in the area:

  • Apple Spice Catering: With Apple Spice, you can order the type of food that best suits your corporate event. Order breakfast for your team, keep your conference simple with boxed lunch options or enjoy a hot food buffet at your event.
  • Catering by Uptown: Catering by Uptown provides comprehensive catering services and offers custom catering menu selections from over 1,000 dishes.

Best Caterer Overall

While each caterer in the Baltimore area has its specialty, Apple Spice Catering provides consistently excellent results that take your lunch to another level. We deliver peace of mind in the form of tasty, fresh and convenient corporate catering services. When you choose us, you can enjoy simple boxed lunches or a full-service dining experience for your guests. We’re the corporate catering experts you can rely on for timely service every time.

Order Online From Apple Spice Catering Today

Ready to enjoy first-class catering service? Place your order online today with Apple Spice for your corporate event in Baltimore, Maryland!

Top Catering Companies in La Plata, Maryland

Top Catering Companies in La Plata, Maryland

By Catering

If you’re planning a baby shower, wedding or corporate event in La Plata, finding the right caterer is a crucial task. Each caterer has unique skills and varying specialties, and it’s important to find one that can deliver the experience you’re envisioning while providing excellent service. Learn how to choose the best caterer for your event in La Plata, Maryland, so you can relax and enjoy your special occasion.

What to Look for in a Catering Company

As you look for caterers, consider the following criteria to ensure they can deliver an outstanding meal experience for you and your guests:

  • Timeliness: Food is a central aspect of any event, and punctual catering service is essential to ensuring your event runs smoothly and your guests are satisfied. Apple Spice is committed to making sure your order is right and on time so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the event.
  • Freshness: Make sure your caterer uses only the best ingredients to create a delicious meal for your guests. Take Apple Spice for example, who bakes their renowned bread from scratch every day using no preservatives!
  • Reputation: When you can depend on your caterer, you can spend more time mingling with guests and enjoying your event. Apple Spice Catering has spent over 30 years solidifying a reputation built on trust so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Best Caterers for Weddings in La Plata

Your wedding day can become even more memorable and exciting for guests with the right meal planned. Here are some of the best wedding caterers in the area:

  • Eat & Smile Catering: The Eat & Smile Catering team is proud to be part of the first locally sourced caterer in the area and is committed to using local ingredients and focusing on sustainability.
  • Main Event Caterers: Choose Main Event Caterers and enjoy seamless service and a high-class dining experience.

Best Caterers for La Plata Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

  • The Omelette Chefs Catering: Enjoy anything from omelets to fajitas, crepes or Belgian waffles from The Omelette Chefs Catering for your special occasion.
  • No Sauce Que: For a fun and casual barbecue-loving crowd, hire No Sauce Que, an award-winning mobile smokehouse.

Top Corporate Caterers in La Plata, Maryland

Best Local Caterer Overall

While every caterer in La Plata has its specialties, Apple Spice is a cut above the rest. We offer peace of mind by delivering convenient and delectable catering solutions. Choose us for a simple boxed lunch everyone will enjoy or formal hot food service for important gatherings.

You can trust the corporate catering experts to provide first-rate catering services every time and help make your event a success.

Place Your Order Online Today With Apple Spice

Choose Apple Spice Catering for a seamless meal experience at your next corporate event. Order online today for convenient catering services delivered right to your location.

Place Your Order Online Today With Apple Spice

Catering meals being prepared in Orlando, FL.

Top Catering Companies in Orlando, FL

By Catering

Want to hire a caterer for your Orlando special event? Plenty of great catering professionals serve clients in the greater Orange County area. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve created this quick guide to the top catering companies in Orlando, FL.

What Should You Look for in an Orlando Caterer?

All catering companies are unique, making it an exciting challenge to pick the right caterer for your corporate event, baby shower or wedding.

Consider these tips to select the right Orlando caterer:

  • Look for a caterer specializing in what you need: For instance, Apple Spice Catering has built its reputation as one of the top corporate caterers. Therefore, if you need a caterer for a business meeting, conference or workplace gathering, you can feel confident choosing Apple Spice Catering.
  • Read through online reviews: Check out what other clients have said about the caterers you’re considering. Be sure to make a list of the most frequently noted “pros” and “cons” for each caterer.
  • Match up menus with your and your guests’ preferences: Read through descriptions of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts. Consider which menu makes the most sense based on the venue, time of day and guests.

The Best Caterers for Weddings in Orlando

Your Orlando, FL, wedding should be nothing short of magical. Check out these caterers for one of the biggest days of your life:

  • Premier Event Services: Known for their exceptional attention to detail and themed menus, this long-time Orlando caterer is a favorite among couples.
  • Millennia Catering: Are you pulling out all the stops to make sure your wedding sparkles with elegance? Millennia Catering has the track record to dazzle.
  • Table Top Catering: Relatively new to the Orlando region, Table Top Catering has soared to the top of the wedding caterer charts.

Who Are the Top Corporate Caterers in Orlando, FL?

Begin your search for the best corporate event caterers in Orlando with this trio of favorites:

  • Apple Spice Catering: With so many fresh, flavorful options on our expansive menu, Apple Spice Catering is the ideal catering solution for any corporate get-together.
  • Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering: Are you envisioning your corporate event as the party of the year? In addition to innovative cuisine, Arthur’s will introduce you to DJs, lighting professionals and other industry experts.
  • Taverna Opa: For a taste of the Mediterranean, consider Taverna Opa. Their authentic Greek food gets consistently high ratings.

And the Best Overall Caterer in Orlando, FL Is…

Too many choices and too little time? No problem! If you’re looking for the best overall caterer, we recommend Apple Spice Catering. You’ll get amazing catered cuisine, consistently friendly service and the value you deserve.

Place your catered order online from Apple Spice Catering in Orlando today!

Boxed lunch catering being served in Petaluma, CA

Top Catering Companies in Petaluma, CA

By Catering

Every wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or corporate event is unique in its own way. That means you have to find the right caterer to match the meal to the moment.

At Apple Spice Catering, we know all about the importance of finding the top catering company in Petaluma, CA, for your needs. Use this handy guide to make the selection process as easy as pie — or should we say fresh-baked cookie?

What to Look for in a Petaluma Caterer

When you’re in search of the best caterer for any occasion, make the following must-haves a priority:

  • Punctuality: Your caterer should be known for being on time as well as on-trend.
  • Hospitality: Friendliness in a caterer goes a long way. Remember that this is a partnership and should feel like a warm collaboration.
  • Cuisine: Flavor and freshness matter! Be sure your caterer cares chooses ingredients thoughtfully and puts more than a little TLC into every item.

The Best Caterers for Petaluma Weddings

Petaluma and the surrounding Sonoma County region have become destination hotspots for one-of-a-kind weddings. If you’re seeking the perfect wedding caterer, check out these favorites:

  • Preferred Sonoma Caterers: Ideal whether your wedding is an intimate affair or gala, Preferred Sonoma Caterers promises exceptionalism on all counts.
  • Park Avenue Catering: Want to add some creative sizzle to your wedding menu? Try Park Avenue Catering and its farm-to-table philosophy.

Petaluma, CA Best Caterers for Baby and Bridal Showers

Need to find the best caterer for an upcoming baby shower, bridal shower or another social gathering? No problem! You’ll appreciate working with either of these options:

  • Rooster Run Event Center: A wonderful place for all types of social events, Rooster Run Event Center presents a variety of menus designed to please.
  • Mazza Catering: Celebrate a more sophisticated bridal shower or upscale baby shower with Mazza Catering’s Mediterranean-inspired culinary offerings.

Top Corporate Caterers in Petaluma, CA

Business events don’t have to be all work and no pleasure. With the following caterers, you can make your corporate get-together a memorable, standout experience.

  • Apple Spice Catering: Corporate catering is always on the menu with Apple Spice Catering. With a legacy of serving the most mouthwatering catered boxed lunches, hot meals and buffet selections, Apple Spice is truly a top Petaluma catering pick.
  • The Cook & The Drummer: Featuring a whimsical name and full-service event planning capabilities, The Cook & The Drummer is a corporate caterer that emphasizes sustainability.

The Best Overall Corporate Event Catering Company

What’s the perennial winner when it comes to the best caterer for corporate events in Petaluma? Apple Spice Catering. We hit all the right notes — and please all the palates on your guest list!

Place your online order at Apple Spice Catering in Petaluma today.

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