Top Catering Companies in Orlando, FL

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Want to hire a caterer for your Orlando special event? Plenty of great catering professionals serve clients in the greater Orange County area. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve created this quick guide to the top catering companies in Orlando, FL.

What Should You Look for in an Orlando Caterer?

All catering companies are unique, making it an exciting challenge to pick the right caterer for your corporate event, baby shower or wedding.

Consider these tips to select the right Orlando caterer:

  • Look for a caterer specializing in what you need: For instance, Apple Spice Catering has built its reputation as one of the top corporate caterers. Therefore, if you need a caterer for a business meeting, conference or workplace gathering, you can feel confident choosing Apple Spice Catering.
  • Read through online reviews: Check out what other clients have said about the caterers you’re considering. Be sure to make a list of the most frequently noted “pros” and “cons” for each caterer.
  • Match up menus with your and your guests’ preferences: Read through descriptions of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts. Consider which menu makes the most sense based on the venue, time of day and guests.

The Best Caterers for Weddings in Orlando

Your Orlando, FL, wedding should be nothing short of magical. Check out these caterers for one of the biggest days of your life:

  • Premier Event Services: Known for their exceptional attention to detail and themed menus, this long-time Orlando caterer is a favorite among couples.
  • Millennia Catering: Are you pulling out all the stops to make sure your wedding sparkles with elegance? Millennia Catering has the track record to dazzle.
  • Table Top Catering: Relatively new to the Orlando region, Table Top Catering has soared to the top of the wedding caterer charts.

Who Are the Top Corporate Caterers in Orlando, FL?

Begin your search for the best corporate event caterers in Orlando with this trio of favorites:

  • Apple Spice Catering: With so many fresh, flavorful options on our expansive menu, Apple Spice Catering is the ideal catering solution for any corporate get-together.
  • Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering: Are you envisioning your corporate event as the party of the year? In addition to innovative cuisine, Arthur’s will introduce you to DJs, lighting professionals and other industry experts.
  • Taverna Opa: For a taste of the Mediterranean, consider Taverna Opa. Their authentic Greek food gets consistently high ratings.

And the Best Overall Caterer in Orlando, FL Is…

Too many choices and too little time? No problem! If you’re looking for the best overall caterer, we recommend Apple Spice Catering. You’ll get amazing catered cuisine, consistently friendly service and the value you deserve.

Place your catered order online from Apple Spice Catering in Orlando today!

Top Catering Companies in Petaluma, CA

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Every wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or corporate event is unique in its own way. That means you have to find the right caterer to match the meal to the moment.

At Apple Spice Catering, we know all about the importance of finding the top catering company in Petaluma, CA, for your needs. Use this handy guide to make the selection process as easy as pie — or should we say fresh-baked cookie?

What to Look for in a Petaluma Caterer

When you’re in search of the best caterer for any occasion, make the following must-haves a priority:

  • Punctuality: Your caterer should be known for being on time as well as on-trend.
  • Hospitality: Friendliness in a caterer goes a long way. Remember that this is a partnership and should feel like a warm collaboration.
  • Cuisine: Flavor and freshness matter! Be sure your caterer cares chooses ingredients thoughtfully and puts more than a little TLC into every item.

The Best Caterers for Petaluma Weddings

Petaluma and the surrounding Sonoma County region have become destination hotspots for one-of-a-kind weddings. If you’re seeking the perfect wedding caterer, check out these favorites:

  • Preferred Sonoma Caterers: Ideal whether your wedding is an intimate affair or gala, Preferred Sonoma Caterers promises exceptionalism on all counts.
  • Park Avenue Catering: Want to add some creative sizzle to your wedding menu? Try Park Avenue Catering and its farm-to-table philosophy.

Petaluma, CA Best Caterers for Baby and Bridal Showers

Need to find the best caterer for an upcoming baby shower, bridal shower or another social gathering? No problem! You’ll appreciate working with either of these options:

  • Rooster Run Event Center: A wonderful place for all types of social events, Rooster Run Event Center presents a variety of menus designed to please.
  • Mazza Catering: Celebrate a more sophisticated bridal shower or upscale baby shower with Mazza Catering’s Mediterranean-inspired culinary offerings.

Top Corporate Caterers in Petaluma, CA

Business events don’t have to be all work and no pleasure. With the following caterers, you can make your corporate get-together a memorable, standout experience.

  • Apple Spice Catering: Corporate catering is always on the menu with Apple Spice Catering. With a legacy of serving the most mouthwatering catered boxed lunches, hot meals and buffet selections, Apple Spice is truly a top Petaluma catering pick.
  • The Cook & The Drummer: Featuring a whimsical name and full-service event planning capabilities, The Cook & The Drummer is a corporate caterer that emphasizes sustainability.

The Best Overall Corporate Event Catering Company

What’s the perennial winner when it comes to the best caterer for corporate events in Petaluma? Apple Spice Catering. We hit all the right notes — and please all the palates on your guest list!

Place your online order at Apple Spice Catering in Petaluma today.

Top Catering Companies in Rancho Dominguez, CA

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Food doesn’t just make the world go ‘round — it makes catered events more spectacular, memorable and fun, too!

Finding the best caterers for weddings, corporate events and more in Rancho Dominguez doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just follow our recommendations to find the perfect catering company for your needs!

What to Look for in a Rancho Dominguez Catering Company

To narrow down your top caterers in Rancho Dominguez, use the following criteria:

  • Pick caterers that have ratings of 4.0 stars or above.
  • Look for catering companies with impressive backstories and legacies.
  • Prioritize caterers with varied, fresh menus.
  • Choose a caterer that will be on time, every time.

Suggestions for the Best Rancho Dominguez Wedding Caterers

You can ensure your special day is even better with these top-notch caterers:

  • BJ Fine Catering: If versatile fare is what you’re after, BJ Fine Catering is a must-consider option.
  • Taylor Made Cuisine: Think your guests deserve some neo-soul food made farm-to-table style? Check out Taylor Made Cuisine.
  • TGIS Catering: Dream weddings filled with bliss — that’s the promise of TGIS Catering. The team is serious about dazzling and inspiring every client.

Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions in Rancho Dominguez, CA

Explore these caterers for a baby or bridal shower, anniversary, birthday or another private social gathering:

  • Hibachi Queens: Let the magic and excitement of hibachi come to your next friendly get-together! Hibachi Queens has it all, including a healthy, innovative menu.
  • Barbara Gene’s Soul Food: Craving some Southern-leaning tastes? Indulge in Barbara Gene’s Soul Food — it’s authentic and irresistible.

Top Corporate Caterers in Rancho Dominguez, CA

Allow these fine Rancho Dominguez catering companies to impress everyone at your next conference, business meeting, client onboarding, workshop or another corporate event:

  • Bites & Bashes: For gourmet nibbles and platters, Bites & Bashes provides drop-off and pick-up catering that’s guaranteed to impress.
  • Bite Catering: Available for indoor or outdoor corporate functions, this top catering company in the Rancho Dominguez market takes presentation seriously.
  • Apple Spice Catering: You can’t beat the benefits of Apple Spice Catering. Our cold and hot catering options are made fresh from high-quality ingredients. Amaze and nourish your corporate event attendees with a little help from the leaders in corporate event catering!

Best Overall Caterer in Rancho Dominguez

Apple Spice Catering continuously bubbles up as a best-of-best caterer for corporate events. Bookmark our page for your future workplace engagements and activities.

Have an upcoming need for fare for a corporate event? Order online from Apple Spice Catering in Rancho Dominguez right now!

Top Catering Companies in Fresno, CA

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Whatever event you’re hosting, you want the food to be outstanding. And if your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or corporate event is in Fresno, CA, you’re in luck! Plenty of Fresno caterers check off the most important boxes when it comes to exceptional catering.

What to Look for in a Catering Company in Fresno, CA

Narrow down your catering choices with these tips:

  • Prioritize promptness: A reputation for being on time matters, especially in the catering industry.
  • Insist upon freshness: The best ingredients create the best results.
  • Seek out classic meal options: It’s important that your guests enjoy the cuisine they receive. Traditional fare is always appreciated.

Best Wedding Caterers in the Fresno Region

Camera-ready Fresno is a winning backdrop for any couple’s big day. To jumpstart your search for the best caterers for weddings in Fresno and the surrounding communities, check out this lineup:

  • Star Catering: With its versatile, internationally-inspired menu and mobile kitchen, Star Catering is a must-consider caterer for weddings with over 50 guests.
  • Pardini’s Catering: Upscale and elegant — those are the calling card characteristics of Pardini’s Catering. You’d be hard-pressed to find more inspired cuisine.
  • Karsh’s Catering: Want to work with a wedding caterer that provides family-friendly menus? Karsh’s Catering gives you lots of choices for your special occasion!

Fresno Caterers for Baby and Bridal Showers

Baby showers. Bridal showers. Private parties. They’re all times to celebrate with fun and food. These caterers will liven up whatever occasion you’re planning:

  • Ben’S’mokin bbq: When you partner up with Ben’S’mokin bbq, you can be sure you’re getting the most belly-satisfying menu on the planet. If you love BBQ, you’ll love Ben’s.
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory: Need a place to host and cater your baby shower or bridal shower? Go for Italian tastes in a comfortable ambiance at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Top Corporate Caterers in Fresno, CA

Business meetings, trainings, conferences and other gatherings run smoother with food that fuels and delights attendees. Aim high for your next corporate event with these top catering companies in Fresno:

  • Apple Spice Catering: Corporate catering is what we do! With Apple Spice Catering, you can get anything from boxed breakfasts and lunches to hot plated meals and buffet service.
  • Sam’s Italian Deli and Market: Interested in giving participants some grazing pleasure? Sam’s provides nibbles in platter form.
  • The Painted Table: Immersive catering is what The Painted Table does best. You’ll appreciate this team’s creativity at your next corporate get-together.

The Best Overall Corporate Caterer in Fresno

Whatever corporate event you’re planning, you can depend upon Apple Spice Catering for delectable bites, mouthwatering meals and superb sandwiches. Oh, and freshly baked cookies, too!

Why wait? Order your corporate catering online from Apple Spice Catering in Fresno today!

Top Catering Companies in Sarasota, FL

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Finding the perfect caterer for your corporate event, wedding or social occasion in Sarasota should be enjoyable, not challenging. That’s why we’ve developed this go-to guide to help you sort through the top local catering companies in Florida. You’ll be planning a memorable catered experience in no time!

Tips on What to Look for in a Sarasota Catering Company

Even if you’ve planned events before, you’ll want to remember the following hints as you weigh your caterer options:

  • Look for a caterer known for being on time.
  • Find a catering company that chooses ingredients carefully.
  • Seek out a caterer that specializes in your type of event.

The Best Caterers for Weddings Held in Sarasota

With its warm, tropical climate year-round, Sarasota hits all the right notes for couples ready to exchange their vows. Try these regional stars as you begin your wedding caterer search:

  • Simply Gourmet: The name says it all. When you want cuisine that embodies a sense of luxury and indulgence, Simply Gourmet delivers — literally!
  • Chef Mike Private Chef and Catering Services: For a seriously high-end wedding, you can’t get higher quality appetizers, entrees or other items than from Chef Mike. This is plated passion, hands down.
  • Morton’s Market: Versatility is the calling card of Morton’s Market. If you want a variety of menu choices, get in touch and prepare to be amazed.

Sarasota’s Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

Most wedding and corporate event caterers including Apple Spice Catering welcome the opportunity to serve up delicious meals and treats at other types of events. Try these choices for baby and bridal showers:

  • Perry’s Roadside BBQ: This is good and down-home hearty cooking guaranteed to put a smile on your guests’ faces.
  • Mattison’s Catering: Your baby shower or bridal shower can be as exclusive and haute couture as the finest wedding with a bit of help from Mattison’s Catering.

Top Corporate Caterers in Sarasota, FL

So which company takes the cake as Sarasota’s leading corporate caterer?

  • Apple Spice Catering: Known around the country for freshness, authenticity and reliability, Apple Spice Catering is the go-to pick.
  • Zildjian Catering and Consulting: Zildjian Catering and Consulting’s founding chef specializes in making healthy catered meals for athletes. If you’re hosting a sports-themed corporate event, they’re a great choice.
  • Fun With Food Catering: Need to provide food for guests with allergies? This Sarasota area corporate caterer celebrates gluten-free lifestyles.

Best Overall Sarasota Corporate Caterer: Apple Spice Catering

When your to-do list includes hiring a corporate event caterer, you can always count on Apple Spice Catering.

Why wait? You can order online right now from Apple Spice Catering in Sarasota!

Top Catering Companies in The Woodlands, Texas

Top Catering Companies in The Woodlands, Texas

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The Woodlands, Texas, is much more than one of the most pristine planned communities in the state. It’s a travel destination for individuals, families and business groups. And business groups often need box lunch and hot food catering for their meetings.

If you’ve been asked to select from among the top corporate caterers in the area, you don’t have to look far. Apple Spice Catering can meet your needs and ensure everyone at your event enjoys a satisfying and tasty meal.

What to Look For in a Catering Company

When choosing between the best caterers for corporate events, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Fresh, flavorful ingredients: Delivered food should be just as delicious as it is convenient. For example, Apple Spice Catering bakes its renowned breads daily. It’s hard to get any fresher than that!
  • Punctuality: Nothing delivers peace of mind to you as an event planner better than knowing your caterer will be on time. Our team has earned a reputation for being the punctual catering company you can always trust.
  • Dependability: Knowing you can rely on your caterer to do everything right means you can focus on other important responsibilities. We’ve spent more than 30 years exceeding expectations and earning high marks as a preferred catering company for businesses.

Best Caterers for Weddings in The Woodlands

This area isn’t known for all work and no play. Plenty of couples come to this Texas oasis to exchange their vows. Of course, they and their guests need to eat, too.

Wedding catering should be memorable, delicious and budget-friendly. Below are some of the best caterers for weddings in The Woodlands, Texas:

  • Wicked Whisk Catering: Known for its mouthwatering creative cuisine, Wicked Whisk Catering offers a personalized, welcoming experience for all wedding couples.
  • Essen Caterin: When a sophisticated meal is essential to your big day, you can trust Essen Catering to deliver polish, flair and innovation.

Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and Similar Occasions

From baby showers to bridal showers and everything in between, the local scenery at The Woodlands offers a wonderful backdrop for all of life’s special moments.

When you’re ready to celebrate, make sure the food is as exciting and noteworthy as the occasion itself by hiring any of the area’s best caterers for baby showers and more.

  • Zay’s Signature Creations:Zay’s Signature Creations has become well-known for its ability to mix elegance with a bit of fun. This caterer wins a “best of” nod for its willingness to adapt to any party’s needs.
  • Grazeables: Sometimes, nibbles and noshes are all you need for your gathering. Grazeables allows you to mix and match delicious plates from its expansive menu.

Top Corporate Caterers for Your Special Events

No doubt about it — Apple Spice is one of The Woodlands’ finest corporate caterers. Whether you need box lunches for a casual business lunch or a gourmet menu with full service for a more formal corporate event, Apple Spice can deliver the food and service you need.

Ordering catering online is easy and fast!

Top Corporate Caterers for Your Special Events

Top Catering Companies in Plano, Texas

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Plano, Texas, remains a thriving city that attracts new businesses, residents and visitors every year. If you need any kind of business or personal catering in this vibrant Texas town, look toward Apple Spice. We’ve risen to become one of the best caterers for corporate events in the region.

What’s the secret to our success? We prioritize your and your guests’ needs. Our attention to detail ensures you get an exceptional catering experience every time you choose us for boxed lunches, boxed breakfasts, hot catering and more.

What to Look For in a Catering Company

When choosing between the top corporate caterers, look for a catering company that checks off the following boxes:

  • Accurate, on-time delivery: The best food is the food that arrives right when you need it. At Apple Spice Catering, we’re known for being consistently punctual. We’re also fastidious when it comes to ensuring individual orders are right.
  • Fresh foods and ingredients: Since we started our business, we’ve insisted on using the freshest ingredients in our catered meals. Our bread is baked each day from scratch so you can trust you’re getting that fresh-from-the-oven taste.
  • Unparalleled reputation: We’re proud to be in our fourth decade of business at Apple Spice Catering. When you partner with us, you can be sure your peace of mind is our priority.

Best Caterers for Weddings

Are you looking for a fantastic caterer for a Plano, Texas, wedding? Any of the following caterers have the skills and reputation to whet your guests’ appetites:

  • Salt & Pepper Catering: When a unique menu matters for your big day, Salt & Pepper Catering can fit the bill. This family-owned Dallas-area caterer brings customized flavors and flair to every event.
  • MJ’s Familia Catering: Old-world tastes meet modern tastes at MJ’s Familia Catering. Choose from Mexican and Italian favorites. Memorable cuisine is always on your wedding menu with MJ’s.

Plano’s Best Caterers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and More

Memories aren’t just made at weddings. They’re made at baby showers, bridal showers and all kinds of special occasions reflecting life’s special events.

For exceptional life event caterers in Plano, Texas, try:

  • Urban Taste Catering: With Urban Taste Catering, you can enjoy a commitment to using seasonal, fresh foods for all catered meals.
  • Tre Cooking Concepts: Tre Cooking Concepts put the “wow” into every catered gathering with help from a Top Chef.

Top Corporate Caterers in Plano, Texas

Corporate events, family gatherings and special occasions are all a good excuse to dive into a one-of-a-kind catered meal from Apple Spice Catering. Apple Spice Catering is one of the best caterers for corporate get-togethers. Remember Apple Spice Catering when you need boxed breakfasts or lunches for formal or casual business lunches and dinners. You can choose from tons of delicious dishes like pot roast, our famous baked potato bar and irresistible salads.

Order online today to arrange your next delivery of mouthwatering selections!

A patron grabbing a dessert - Best rated catering companies in silicon valley

Top Catering Companies in Silicon Valley, CA

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Are you looking for the best caterers in Silicon Valley? Whether you’re planning a wedding, anniversary party, business lunch or another corporate event, you have plenty of options in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When you’re looking for a caterer, you should keep several factors in mind. You want to work with a catering company that can accommodate the size of your group, your location and your schedule. A first-rate caterer will also offer plenty of options to ensure you and your guests, employees or team members can get delicious food that meets your dietary preferences.

The Best Silicon Valley Caterers

Check out these local companies to find the best lunch catering in the Silicon Valley area.

L’Chaim Catering – Good for Alternative Options

L’Chaim Catering is a San Francisco-based caterer offering kosher and halal foods and more in the Bay Area. Their seasonal menu varies throughout the year, so you’ll always get fresh and exciting new choices for your wedding reception, holiday party or bar or bat mitzvah occasion.

Joshua Charles Catering – Good for Private Events

Joshua Charles Catering offers meal and buffet catering for private events like birthday parties and weddings in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. With gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and kosher options, every member of your party is sure to find something to enjoy. Their food is locally grown, organic and sustainable.

Apple Spice Catering – Best Corporate Caterers in Silicon Valley

Apple Spice in Silicon Valley is the premier choice for business event catering in the Bay Area. Our team works hard to provide fresh and on-time box lunches or corporate catering you can rely on. Get fresh coffee, boxed lunches, breakfast, lunch and dessert catering when you need it.

Whether you’re ordering five meals or 5,000, we’ll ensure you get delicious food and outstanding service to make your next big meeting a success.

Man delivering box lunch catering to a woman in corporate setting

Order Online From Apple Spice Catering

At Apple Spice Catering, we offer box lunch delivery and catering for corporate events, from product launches to business meetings. Our meals are fresh, delicious and individually packaged for each member of your party. We go the extra mile to accommodate your unique needs — if you have a special request for your meal, just let us know and we’ll handle the rest with on-time delivery!

Learn more about our available box lunch options and order catering online from Apple Spice in Silicon Valley today!

lunch catering service chattanooga

Apple Spice Chattanooga Box Lunch Delivery Service

By Box Lunch Delivery, Catering

At Apple Spice Chattanooga, we are trying to stay afloat in hard times, so every order helps tremendously! Normally we require a minimum of 5 orders for free delivery, but if you have less than that, call us and we will work with you. Check out our nutritious individual meal items below to see what looks good to you!

lunch catering delivery chattanooga


Strawberry Grilled Chicken | Sourdough

Grilled chicken breast with sweet strawberries, Vidalia onion mayonnaise, lettuce, and Swiss cheese.

GrannyAppleTurkey | HoneyWheat

Tangy sliced green apples, Havarti cheese, lettuce, and our famous apple cider vinaigrette dressing on top of our oven-roasted turkey breast.

Trio Classic | 13-Grain

A trio of thinly sliced meats including cured ham, roasted turkey, lean roast beef, with lettuce, Swiss cheese, and our signature sauce.

Turkey Avocado | Honey Wheat

Oven-roasted turkey breast topped with avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and our signature sauce. Cranberry sauce +$.50

Chicken Bacon Ranch | Sourdough

Chicken salad mixed with ranch dressing, shredded cheese, and bacon, on crisp lettuce.

Café Club | Honey Wheat

Cured ham, oven-roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, and cheddar cheese with our signature sauce.

BLTavocado | HoneyWheat

The ultimate BLT piled high with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, avocado, sprouts, and our signature sauce.

TurkeyandSwiss | HoneyWheat

Oven-roasted turkey breast with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and our signature sauce. Cranberry sauce +$.50
Manhattan Roast Beef | 13-Grain Lean roast beef, lettuce, and cream cheese with barbecue sauce.

Ham and Havarti | Sourdough

Cured ham and Havarti cheese with green leaf lettuce and our signature sauce.

Albacore Tuna | Sourdough

The best fancy white albacore tuna with Swiss cheese on crisp lettuce.

Cashew Chicken | Sourdough

Tender chicken breast blended with mayonnaise, sweet celery, and onions on lettuce, topped with cashews.

Egg Salad | Sourdough

Our famous egg salad topped with Swiss cheese and avocado on crisp lettuce.

Vegetarian | 13-Grain

Mushrooms, cucumbers, vine-ripened tomatoes, sprouts, roasted red peppers, and avocados on lettuce with cheddar cheese and pesto mayonnaise.

Pimento Cheese | Sourdough

A Southern classic, straight from your grandmother’s kitchen. A spicy and creamy delight for any cheese lover. Add bacon +$1.49

box lunch catering service chattanooga


Turkey Bacon Ranch | Wrap

Oven-roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, and lettuce with ranch dressing.

Southwest Chicken | Wrap

Grilled chicken breast, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and avocado with barbeque ranch dressing.

Chicken Caesar | Wrap

Tender chicken breast, Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, and parmesan cheese.

Chicken, Pear, & Havarti | Wrap

Tender chicken breast, sweet pears, Havarti cheese, and lettuce with apple cider vinaigrette.

corporate catering service chattanooga


Apple Walnut | Poppy Seed

Fresh apples, candied walnuts, crumbled bacon, and mozzarella cheese on a crisp bed of salad greens. Grilled chicken +$1.99
Mandarin Chicken | Sesame Ginger Tender chicken breast, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds on top of fresh salad greens.

Strawberry Grilled Chicken | Vidalia

Grilled chicken breast, strawberries, and feta cheese make this a sweet and savory favorite.

Cranberry Bleu | Poppy Seed

Salad greens topped with tangy cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese, and candied walnuts. Grilled chicken +$1.99

Pear & Goat Cheese

Fresh salad greens topped with sweet pears, goat cheese, and candied walnuts.
Grilled chicken +$1.99

Chicken Caesar | Caesar

Grilled chicken breast, garden-fresh romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and croutons. Caesar salad w/o chicken, $9.99

Classic Cobb

Grilled chicken with bacon, hardboiled egg, and bleu cheese crumbles on fresh salad greens.

Chef Salad

Oven-roasted turkey, cured ham, and hardboiled egg with jack & cheddar cheese on crisp salad greens.

Cashew Chicken Salad

Assorted greens topped with cashew chicken salad.

Southwest Chicken | BBQ Ranch

Grilled chicken, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, and avocado on top of fresh salad greens.

Waldorf Salad | Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Tender chicken breast, apples, grapes, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, and feta cheese on top of fresh salad greens.

Indulge in a delicious individually packed lunch while quarantining at home. Head over to our full menu to book your order online. Better days are ahead. We will get through this together, but from 6 feet away of course!

event lunch catering minneapolis

Our Delicious Business Lunch Catering Menu at Apple Spice

By Catering

From corporate events to business meetings, you gotta give in to that catering life. Apple Spice in Minneapolis provides a delicious and diverse catering menu. Here are some of the lunch options to consider below:

business lunch catering delivery Minneapolis

Sandwich & Soup

With the sandwich and soup menu, you have the option to either build your own deli platter or choose from a selection of the pre-made deli sandwiches. Pair it with a homestyle soup or a fresh salad.

Light Combo

If you are feeling like a light lunch, go with your assorted mini sandwiches on fresh-baked sourdough rolls or croissants, crisp veggie tray with our famous ranch dip, pasta salad, cookies, and brownies.

Hot Entree

The hot entree menu is a great choice for a dinner event or party. Our entrees include the roasted chicken, pot roast, country style bbq, the classic chicken parmesan, and more.

Build Your Own

Buffet style is never a bad choice. Our build your own menu features a salad bar, baked potato bar, or a taco bar. This allows you to take control of what toppings and condiments you would like to add to whatever you choose which makes it better because of the customization available to everyone.

business lunch catering menu Minneapolis mn

Aside from just lunch, we offer breakfast, holiday catering, desserts, and more. Browse our full menu to see what looks best to you. We look forward to serving you soon!