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Caterers in Atlanta – North Metro, GA

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Prepare for your upcoming event by serving the best-catered options here in North Metro, GA! Fresh ingredients, professional services, customized menus, and more. Discover 3 of the top caterers in the area who will meet all your needs.

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Talk of The Town Atlanta

Innovative and original cuisines for a variety of events with menus for every occasion! From celebrations to brunch menus, they have got it all. Professional chefs are working behind the kitchen preparing food to fit any menu or preference!

A Perfect Gathering Catering

Perfect Gathering caters for weddings, receptions, and corporate parties with menu selections for every type of occasion. They can take care of floral arrangements, setup and clean up, decor, and equipment rentals. off-site catering is their specialty because they believe customers deserve the best!

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Apple Spice Box Lunch & Catering

Apple Spice is the perfect corporate catering company featuring box lunches, hot and cold catering, freshly baked bread, coffee, and more. Whether it is lunch for one or for a business afternoon meeting, we have got you covered. Check out our menu options to book your order for your next upcoming event!

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Top Catering Companies in Minneapolis, MN

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Catering for an event, wedding, or corporate meeting in Minneapolis and need some solid suggestions? Below are 3 options with fresh ingredients and efficient services to make this a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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D’Amico Catering

A catering company who honors serving their customers giving them the ultimate culinary experience. Professional chefs creating the best menus with ingredients to satisfy your pallet. Whether for a social or corporate event, D’Amico will meet all of your needs.

Common Roots

Common Roots will help you with all your event needs including menu planning, bar services, event staffing and more. Creating the perfect vision is important, and that is what they’re here for. Take your pick with their variety of menus featuring Hors d’oeuvres, breakfast or lunch, platters, and office lunch menus.

Apple Spice

From box lunches to hot and cold catering, Apple Spice offers the freshest ingredients right from the kitchen with high-quality staff members to meet your every need. The perfect choice for your corporate or special event with fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. Browse our menu options to prep for your upcoming event!

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You can’t go wrong with these options. Make the best out of the night by serving delicious catered food with these professionals services to make it an event to remember!

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Best Corporate Catering in Chicago

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Chicago is a work driven city with lots of delicious catering options for work events, special occasions, or a long day in the office. Discover 3 of the top picks you will want to know about.

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Blue Plate Catering

Life is busy and remembering to eat is a reoccurring issue. Blue Plate offers catering for events, weddings, corporate events, and seasonal parties with unique and scrumptious menus for each category from lunch trays, salads, heart sandwiches, and more. Impress your guests with their delicious food and professional services, asap.

Cafe Baci

Enjoy some nice Italian food featuring fresh baked bread, cured meats, and coffee beans brought from all over the US. They value their catering presentation, but also promise to bring quality and an excellent experience. This is the perfect caterer for weddings or special occasions and if you need help planning, they can help you every step of the way!

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Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features box lunch delivery and catering options with the freshest ingredients right from the kitchen, with over 30 locations nationwide, you will not be disappointed by our efficient services, fresh baked food, and seasonal menu options. Now opening in Chicago, we are excited to serve you!

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Catering Near Chapel Hill, NC

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Chapel Hill is not only known for its beautiful scenery, but also known for their amazing restaurants and dining. Planning for an event or upcoming corporate conference and need some recommendations for catering? Check out 3 highly-rated caterers in Chapel Hill to meet all your catering needs when it comes to delicious ingredients, friendly staff members, and efficient services.

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Imbibe is restaurant tap room with soups and salads, gourmet fries, small bites and snacks, and seafood plates. They make authentic bread that comes from New Orleans, which makes their sandwiches unique and scrumptious.

Kipos Greek Taverna

An authentic Greek cafe with flavorful crafted ingredients featuring moussaka, lamb, baklava, and youvetsi with other homemade items and small plates coming from local farms. Their catering options include the party package, create your own, and hot or cold entrees with yummy desserts great for weddings, birthdays, or office parties!

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Apple Spice

Box lunches and catering services perfect for business meetings, corporate events, or a lunch for yourself. Our bread is homemade everyday to make your lunch experience that much more fresh and enjoyable. We offer fine meats, sandwiches, soups, salads, and more. Check out our menu options to prepare for the next big corporate event!

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Lunch Delivery and Catering in Charleston, SC

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Tired of hunting down a catering or lunch delivery company last minute for your business meetings or corporate events? Efficiency is key which means the catering industry is competitive and striving to please every customer they serve. Consider 3 of the top lunch catering companies here in Charleston who will bring delicious ingredients, friendly and professional services, and a lunch experience you have been waiting for!

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Charleston Deli Catering

Charleston Deli is a lunch pickup and delivery company with options specifacally for weddings, offices, doctors, birthdays, and corporate events. Their menu has a variety of selections such as breakfast, box lunch, or Mediterranean lunch! If you are skipping the meal and going straight to dessert, they make cakes and cupcakes for birthday themes and weddings with delicious ingredients.

Caviar and Bananas

Founded in 2008, this gourmet market is open daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options featuring a unique and scrumptious menu with catering offerings including lunch boxes and platters, entrees, desserts, and salads and sides. They use the freshest ingredients coming from around the world.

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Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering Charleston, SC

Apple Spice has been around all the way back to 1988 bringing the perfect menu for corporate events, special events, weddings, and more! We make freshly baked bread, fresh and crisp veggies, high-quality meats and cheeses, and delicious and unique salads topped with sweet and savory dressings. Don’t hesitate and order now for your next upcoming event!

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Top Caterers in Denver, CO

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Whether you have a special occasion, corporate event, or a long work day ahead of you, discover 3 of the top highly-rated local catering businesses in Denver that will meet all your needs and strive to satisfy their customers with excellent flavors and high-end services. Recommendations are a must when you are on the search for the perfect caterer who will help create a memorable event for your guests!

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Serendipity Catering

Serendipity offers customized menus with fresh and local produce, quality meats, and a variety of heavy duty appetizers. A great catering choice if you are planning to have gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and nut free attendees. Check venue hunting off the list because Serendipity provides venue options to make the event planning process a bit easier!

Footers Catering

Where culinary professionals and chefs come together to create customized menus and create their food from scratch. The team at Footers are constantly making the latest and trendiest foods to inspire their guests and clients. A perfect choice for fancy events featuring d’oeuvres, first course, entree, and a phenomenal desserts.

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features the perfect corporate catering menu right here in Denver. We offer boxed lunches with fresh and unique sandwich recipes, salads, homestyle soups, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. We strive to create the best nutritional and delicious ingredients and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options allowing our clients to cater from us any time of

catering services denverthe day!

The food at an event is the icing on the cake, so it is important to pick and choose the best selections! For more catering options in Denver, check out a few more to pick from.

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Catering Businesses in Logan, UT

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Planning your company’s upcoming corporate event and desperate for some recommendations around the area? Discover 3 of the top catering companies in town and learn more about their history, services, and delicious menu options below.

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Off-Premise Catering

Their goal is to bring excellent customer service to their customers and are constantly working to improve their services and offerings. Off-Premise offers seasonal, business lunch, wedding, and special occasion menus with fresh Mexican ingredients including chips and salads, rice, black beans, salads, and more!

Herm’s Inn Catering

A to die for menu with sandwiches, burgers, salads, and daily specials with side options including french fries, toast, side of fruit, potatoes, avocado, and more. Herm’s Inn brings the best rich and house-made ingredients right here in Logan!

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice brings the corporate into catering with our box lunches perfect for business meetings, long days at the office, and corporate events with sandwiches, salads, wraps and soups with yummy desserts and side add ons to give you the perfect meal.

boxed lunch catering logan utah

These businesses have the ability to meet all of your catering needs! For other catering menu options at Apple Spice, check out our full catering menu perfect for morning, afternoon, or night time corporate events.

franchise opportunities and benefits

The Benefits of a Franchise

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If you are debating transitioning from a small business to a franchise, you are headed in the right direction! There are so many advantages and benefits to upgrading your business to a franchise and here is why:

what is a franchise company

Better Profiting

Although bigger brands such as McDonald’s and other worldwide businesses have higher costs, it is more than likely that you will be able to generate high returns on all made investments. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the high amount loans you will be borrowing to get the business started and running. Once the company is on its feet, it becomes more and more easy to pay off the any returns because of the higher income you will be receiving.

Lower Failure Rate

Buying a franchise almost always guarantees a much better chance of success than other independent or small businesses who are starting from the bottom and building their way up on their own with poor growth. The goal is survival and franchising is a way to keep your business moving forward rather than falling backward.

Brand-Name Recognition

Buying a Franchise automatically increases your customer numbers by double because of the exposure you have given your brand. Finding a good radius of where you place your locations is critical because it helps target customers when they are in near by areas and cities from one another.

franchise opportunities and advantages to know about

Business changes can be hard and difficult, especially when you are making extremely important decisions that will forever affect the company. Take your time during the process and check out a few more advantages of franchising. Franchising a business is a step up in the world and has great benefits to it. Discover the story of Apple Spice to learn how we are now located in over 30 cities in the United States and continue to grow and succeed!

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The Beauty of Corporate Catering

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In the business world, it is difficult to find time to enjoy a nice lunch due to fast paced hours and busy schedules. Making enough time in the day to eat is difficult, so here is where corporate catering services can save the day. Below are 3 reasons corporate catering is such a simple and delicious way to receive lunch during a hectic day.

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Online Ordering

The convenience in online ordering is by going to a website and ordering right then and there with one click. You have access to the types of menus, drinks, prices and more. You can also call the phone number of the business you are ordering from and do it over the phone if you prefer speaking to a staff member to help you through the process.

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Executive Lunch Packages

Depending on how much you will need to be catering, there are options featuring individual lunch boxes, continental breakfast trays, build your own and the list goes on. These portions are perfect for business meetings or corporate events. The executive packages are a great deal that give you a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options with affordable prices.

Efficient Delivery Service

Unlike fast food delivery or other third party online options, it is the duty of catering businesses to bring their customers professional and consistent service. As long as you make sure to order 24 hours in advance to give the staff enough time for preparation, the delivery will still be on time even with bigger orders and further aways distances!

Planning for your next big corporate event? Check out our Apple Spice catering menus with full service options including breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasion items. Spice it up with adding in desserts or beverages to add the perfect touch to your meal. You will not regret this decision! Order now.

starting a new catering business

The Steps to Starting a Business

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Starting your own business is a risky but rewarding experience if you know how to play your cards right. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process and how to get on your feet before making any drastic decisions, check out three ways to help start your business and get you moving in the right direction.

starting a food business

Build Market Research

Research as much as you can before acting on anything. This is the perfect opportunity to gather as many ideas and thoughts you have for starting your business and working your way to success. Find a good system by researching the markets for customers and businesses that are already launched and running in near by vicinities to check out the competition around you and make a game plan.

Fund Your Business

Know how much money you are putting into this business. Be smart about the costs and start with the essentials to move you to the next steps. When working with a low budget, you will have to borrow money or take a loan to get on your feet. Overall, this is normal for new businesses to take a loan to start building their business. It is important you pay back the money you borrowed overtime.

Apply For a License And a Permit

By Federal agency, you will need certain licenses and permits to regulate these business activities. It is critical to apple for a license once you have done research and know what type of permits and licenses you will be needed to move forward.

how to properly start a business

Take it easy and slow in the beginning stages of starting your own business. It is worth the time, effort and money you put into it once you learn to thoroughly walk through the proper steps. For a few more tips, check out 7 more steps to starting a new business. To learn more about franchise opportunities, Apple Spice has turned into a nation-wide business with over 30 locations in the United States. Check out our franchise story and how we got to where we are today!