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Apple Spice Chattanooga Box Lunch Delivery Service

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At Apple Spice Chattanooga, we are trying to stay afloat in hard times, so every order helps tremendously! Normally we require a minimum of 5 orders for free delivery, but if you have less than that, call us and we will work with you. Check out our nutritious individual meal items below to see what looks good to you!

lunch catering delivery chattanooga


Strawberry Grilled Chicken | Sourdough

Grilled chicken breast with sweet strawberries, Vidalia onion mayonnaise, lettuce, and Swiss cheese.

GrannyAppleTurkey | HoneyWheat

Tangy sliced green apples, Havarti cheese, lettuce, and our famous apple cider vinaigrette dressing on top of our oven-roasted turkey breast.

Trio Classic | 13-Grain

A trio of thinly sliced meats including cured ham, roasted turkey, lean roast beef, with lettuce, Swiss cheese, and our signature sauce.

Turkey Avocado | Honey Wheat

Oven-roasted turkey breast topped with avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and our signature sauce. Cranberry sauce +$.50

Chicken Bacon Ranch | Sourdough

Chicken salad mixed with ranch dressing, shredded cheese, and bacon, on crisp lettuce.

Café Club | Honey Wheat

Cured ham, oven-roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, and cheddar cheese with our signature sauce.

BLTavocado | HoneyWheat

The ultimate BLT piled high with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, avocado, sprouts, and our signature sauce.

TurkeyandSwiss | HoneyWheat

Oven-roasted turkey breast with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and our signature sauce. Cranberry sauce +$.50
Manhattan Roast Beef | 13-Grain Lean roast beef, lettuce, and cream cheese with barbecue sauce.

Ham and Havarti | Sourdough

Cured ham and Havarti cheese with green leaf lettuce and our signature sauce.

Albacore Tuna | Sourdough

The best fancy white albacore tuna with Swiss cheese on crisp lettuce.

Cashew Chicken | Sourdough

Tender chicken breast blended with mayonnaise, sweet celery, and onions on lettuce, topped with cashews.

Egg Salad | Sourdough

Our famous egg salad topped with Swiss cheese and avocado on crisp lettuce.

Vegetarian | 13-Grain

Mushrooms, cucumbers, vine-ripened tomatoes, sprouts, roasted red peppers, and avocados on lettuce with cheddar cheese and pesto mayonnaise.

Pimento Cheese | Sourdough

A Southern classic, straight from your grandmother’s kitchen. A spicy and creamy delight for any cheese lover. Add bacon +$1.49

box lunch catering service chattanooga


Turkey Bacon Ranch | Wrap

Oven-roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, and lettuce with ranch dressing.

Southwest Chicken | Wrap

Grilled chicken breast, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and avocado with barbeque ranch dressing.

Chicken Caesar | Wrap

Tender chicken breast, Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, and parmesan cheese.

Chicken, Pear, & Havarti | Wrap

Tender chicken breast, sweet pears, Havarti cheese, and lettuce with apple cider vinaigrette.

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Apple Walnut | Poppy Seed

Fresh apples, candied walnuts, crumbled bacon, and mozzarella cheese on a crisp bed of salad greens. Grilled chicken +$1.99
Mandarin Chicken | Sesame Ginger Tender chicken breast, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds on top of fresh salad greens.

Strawberry Grilled Chicken | Vidalia

Grilled chicken breast, strawberries, and feta cheese make this a sweet and savory favorite.

Cranberry Bleu | Poppy Seed

Salad greens topped with tangy cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese, and candied walnuts. Grilled chicken +$1.99

Pear & Goat Cheese

Fresh salad greens topped with sweet pears, goat cheese, and candied walnuts.
Grilled chicken +$1.99

Chicken Caesar | Caesar

Grilled chicken breast, garden-fresh romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and croutons. Caesar salad w/o chicken, $9.99

Classic Cobb

Grilled chicken with bacon, hardboiled egg, and bleu cheese crumbles on fresh salad greens.

Chef Salad

Oven-roasted turkey, cured ham, and hardboiled egg with jack & cheddar cheese on crisp salad greens.

Cashew Chicken Salad

Assorted greens topped with cashew chicken salad.

Southwest Chicken | BBQ Ranch

Grilled chicken, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, and avocado on top of fresh salad greens.

Waldorf Salad | Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Tender chicken breast, apples, grapes, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, and feta cheese on top of fresh salad greens.

Indulge in a delicious individually packed lunch while quarantining at home. Head over to our full menu to book your order online. Better days are ahead. We will get through this together, but from 6 feet away of course!

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Our Delicious Business Lunch Catering Menu at Apple Spice

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From corporate events to business meetings, you gotta give in to that catering life. Apple Spice in Minneapolis provides a delicious and diverse catering menu. Here are some of the lunch options to consider below:

business lunch catering delivery Minneapolis

Sandwich & Soup

With the sandwich and soup menu, you have the option to either build your own deli platter or choose from a selection of the pre-made deli sandwiches. Pair it with a homestyle soup or a fresh salad.

Light Combo

If you are feeling like a light lunch, go with your assorted mini sandwiches on fresh-baked sourdough rolls or croissants, crisp veggie tray with our famous ranch dip, pasta salad, cookies, and brownies.

Hot Entree

The hot entree menu is a great choice for a dinner event or party. Our entrees include the roasted chicken, pot roast, country style bbq, the classic chicken parmesan, and more.

Build Your Own

Buffet style is never a bad choice. Our build your own menu features a salad bar, baked potato bar, or a taco bar. This allows you to take control of what toppings and condiments you would like to add to whatever you choose which makes it better because of the customization available to everyone.

business lunch catering menu Minneapolis mn

Aside from just lunch, we offer breakfast, holiday catering, desserts, and more. Browse our full menu to see what looks best to you. We look forward to serving you soon!

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Apple Spice Richmond Corporate Lunch Catering Menu

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Trying to make the most out of your business meeting or corporate event? Let’s talk about catering. Apple Spice Richmond provides corporate catering ideal for that mid-day lunch meeting or annual work event. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for these types of occasions. Check out our delicious lunch menu below to see what interests you:

corporate lunch catering in richmond

Soup & Sandwich

Pre-made Sandwich Buffet 10.99

Choice of pre-made sandwiches from the box lunch menu and your choice of 2 sides: pasta salad, tossed green salad, potato salad, frog eye salad, chips. Sub soup for 2 sides 2.99

Build-Your-Own Sandwich Buffet

Meat tray: ham, turkey breast, roast beef (or choose grilled chicken instead)
Cheese: Swiss, provolone, cheddar
Sides (choice of 2): pasta salad, tossed green salad, potato salad, frog eye salad, chips
Breads: honey wheat, sourdough, 13-grain, olive oil, and herb
Condiments: tomatoes, pickles, olives, mustard, mayo
Sub soup for 2 sides 2.99

Soup in a Bread Bowl 11.99

Your choice of piping hot chili, creamy chicken noodle, baked potato, fire-roasted vegetable or baja chicken tortilla soup, next to a tossed green or caesar salad and a basket of our famous fresh-baked bread bowls and butter.

Light Combo 7.99

Full Service Set up or
Homemade dollar roll or mini croissant sandwiches with a crisp veggie tray (ranch dip), pasta salad and cookies and brownies for dessert.

Executive Lunches

Roasted Chicken 11.99

A tender roasted 1/4 chicken glazed with your choice of Italian herb and Rosemary, Lemon Pepper, or BBQ sauce.

Tender Pot Roast 13.99

Thick slices of slow-cooked juicy pot roast. Just like Mom used to make!

NEW Marinated Grilled Chicken 10.99

A boneless, skinless, 1/4 lb. chicken breast marinated in a choice of chili lime, bbq or teriyaki sauce; grilled to perfection. Add bruschetta – .99

Chicken Cordon Bleu 13.99

A boneless, skinless chicken breast wrapped around a thick slice
of Virginia baked ham and swiss cheese. Lightly breaded and baked.

Baked Salmon

An Alaskan 6 oz. fillet marinated and then seasoned with melted butter, a hint of dill, and mild spices.

Chicken Piccaca 11.49

Tender, skinless chicken breast medallions served in a lemon caper sauce.

NEW Monterey Chicken 12.49

Layered in savory bacon and a blanket of pepper jack cheese on a juicy boneless chicken breast, our Monterey Chicken has a signature southwest flare.

NEW Surf And/Or Turf Market Price

Market Price Savory tenderloin filet seasoned and cooked medium or more and served alongside a homemade crabcake, roasted vegetables, garden fresh salad, and rolls. Your choice of starch. Upgrade to lobster tail – market price.

NEW Marinated Tuna Steak Market Price

Tender 6 ounce tuna steak marinated and baked Mediterranean style with capers, white wine, lemon, herbs, olives, and marinated tomatoes.

Virginia Baked Ham 11.99

Delicious Virginia-cured ham served next to creamy au gratin potatoes, parsleyed baby carrots, garden crisp salad and made from scratch bread.

NEW Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf 11.99

Our signature recipe topped in a tangy sauce and wrapped with savory bacon.

corporate lunch catering virginia

Feeling hungry yet? Check out the full catering menu here to see all of what we offer. We look forward to serving you!

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Benefits of Catering Delivery in St. Louis

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Prepping for an upcoming meeting and it just happens to be during lunch hour? Have no fear! If you haven’t invested in catering delivery, below are 3 reasons why it’s a must for every business meeting.

lunch catering st louis


Business meetings are interactive and require a lot of engagement. Employees enjoy the efficiency of eating their lunch in a time-friendly matter while being able to engage during meetings. Catering is meant to make eating more efficient and easy, especially for meetings and corporate events.

corporate catering st Louis mo

Increased Productivity

When catering and delivery are provided for your employees, they feel more appreciated when lunch is provided for them at work. This tactic increases productivity and leaves a positive impact on your team and results in more work drive and performance.

box lunch catering st louis


People can get picky when it comes to eating. Catering and delivery services offer a variety of menu items. Some people might have food restrictions or a certain preference. Having several food options is a great benefit and gives the team variety.

Let the ordering begin! Apple Spice here in St. Louis provides office catering and delivery featuring box lunches and a corporate catering menu. Check out our full menu to browse what you want to order. We look forward to being your caterer!

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Apple Spice Bethpage Corporate Event Catering Menu

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The best part of planning for a corporate event is the food involved, which means catering should play a huge role in the event planning process. If you want to hold people’s attention and see success at the event, it’s best to invest in a caterer. Apple Spice here in Bethpage offers a delicious corporate catering menu perfect for these types of events. Let’s dive into the menu below to see what we are working with:

corporate event catering bethpage ny


Our breakfast menu is the perfect addition to anyone’s morning. We have menu items including an early bird boxed breakfast, the sunrise starter, a breakfast burrito, a healthy start breakfast, and more. Enjoy a fresh orange juice or freshly brewed hot coffee to go with your first meal of the day.

corporate event catering bethpage

Sandwich & Soup

With the sandwich and soup menu, you have the option to either build your own deli platter or choose from a selection of the pre-made deli sandwiches. Pair it with a homestyle soup or a fresh salad.

corporate event buffet catering bethpage

Build Your Own

Buffet style is never a bad choice. Our build your own menu features a salad bar, baked potato bar, or a taco bar. This allows you to take control of what toppings and condiments you would like to add to whatever you choose which makes it better because of the customization available to everyone.

corporate event catering menu ny

Hot Entrée

The hot entree menu is a great choice for a dinner event or party. Our entrees include the roasted chicken, pot roast, country style bbq, the classic chicken parmesan, and more.

corporate event catering menu bethpage ny


If you’re looking to order some extras on the side just in case people still might be more hungry or need more variety, we offer some delicious items such as the apple spice wings, a shrimp cocktail tray, hummus and pita chips, and many more options.

Let’s not forget about the beverages and desserts! Complete your catering experience with one of our tasty sweet treats such as the cookie tray, lemon bar, or the apple crumb cake. Let the browsing continue by heading over to the full menu to see which menu items sound best to you. You can either order online or by calling us at 516-597-5820. We look forward to serving you!

catering menu plano texas

Apple Spice Plano Corporate Catering Menu

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Planning for an upcoming corporate event and looking for a caterer? Apple Spice here in Plano has the perfect catering menu for meetings, events, and special occasions that will save you time and stress and allows you to experience delicious food and a successful event. Below are the items we offer on our corporate catering menu.

event catering menu plano


We have a delicious and wide variety breakfast menu including an early bird boxed breakfast, the sunrise starter, a breakfast burrito, the healthy start breakfast, and more. From fresh-baked bagels to scrambled eggs and bacon, we’ve got you covered.

sandwich catering menu plano tx

Sandwich & Soup

A choice to build-your-own or have a pre-made sandwich. The next step is to choose your type of meat, cheese, bread, and 2 sides of your choice. You can also substitute a sandwich for a salad if you are in the mood for those fresh greens as well!

business catering menu plano

Hot Entree

The hot entrees are a great choice for dinner time. If you are having a corporate event at night, this menu would be a great option. We have items such as the roasted chicken, country-style picnic, tender pot roast, and more.

buffet catering menu plano

Build Your Own

Go buffet style with the build-your-own catering menu featuring a salad bar, taco bar, fajita bar, or baked potato bar. This is a hot pick if you are catering for a larger group.

box lunch catering menu plano


Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Get a taste of our lemon bars, apple crumb cake, or peanut butter yummy bar. We also offer an executive sweets basket if you want to share the best for last with the team. All desserts are made and baked fresh daily.

So now that we’ve covered the catering menu, head over to our full list of menu options to see which will best suit you and your event! All pricing is on a “per person” basis and we allow orders for 15 people minimum. Order online or by calling us. We look forward to serving you.

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Why You Need Lunch Box Catering Services

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Corporate catering has its benefits, but also its downsides. Complicated orders, heavy-duty clean up, buffet lines that take up too much time, and more. Lunch box catering provides a fresh and delicious meal with much less effort that won’t take up your time or space. Below are 3 reasons why lunch box catering services are the way to go for your next business meeting:

catering services milwaukee wi

Perfectly Sized

No fighting over who gets what! Lunch boxes give you the perfect portion of food and are equally distributed meaning each person gets one of everything. Especially during lunch, you don’t want to experience a heavy meal so that you can get back to those work duties. Lunch boxes leave you satisfied and ready to take on the remainder of the day.

Convenient Ordering

No one likes making a decision with too many options in front of them. Selecting a lunch box narrows it down to only about 3 choices. The type of sandwich you want, a side of chips, and usually a fresh pickle or some type of sweet treat for dessert. This can either be done online or over the phone to get those pre-orders taken care of.

Easy Clean-Up

Once you are done with your lunch box, all it takes is to gather all trash inside the box, close the lid, and toss it in the garbage. No time-consuming clean-ups are necessary. If you happen to not finish your lunch, you can simply pack it up and save it for later.

corporate lunch catering milwaukee wi

Lunch Box Catering Services in Milwaukee?

Absolutely. Apple Spice offers executive lunch boxes perfect for corporate events, business meetings, and more. With over 15 different sandwiches, you will never run out of delicious menu items to select from. Not to mention, our fresh wraps and soups to pair with it. Check out our box lunch menu to plan ahead and prepare to order. We look forward to serving you!

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Apple Spice Murray Corporate Lunch Catering Menu

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If you are planning for an upcoming business meeting or corporate event here in Murray, it’s best to start looking for the best caterer in the area. Apple Spice features a fresh corporate lunch catering menu perfect for events, meetings, special occasions, and more! Take a look at the menu items we offer below to see what best suits you:

lunch catering murray utah

Executive Lunches

The ideal lunch menu for every executive! Some of our entrees include our roasted chicken, tender pot roast, or prime rib. If you are really hungry, this is a great menu to select from. All executive lunches are served with a side dish, vegetables, and a side salad.

sandwich catering utah

Sandwich & Soup

Keep it light with a choice of sandwich and soup. You can choose from one of our delicious pre-made sandwiches or decide to build your own. Soups can either be served in a bowl or a bread bowl.

taco catering murray utah

Build Your Own

This is a good option for larger groups. The build your own menu features a pasta bar, salad bar, baked potato bar, taco bar, and more. This is a great choice if you want to go buffet style to give your guests the ability to build their own lunch plate.

corporate catering murray utah

Beyond The Borders

Our beyond the borders menu has a few new items including the Tuscan chicken, sesame chicken, and the cajun chicken pasta. Again, this is a route to take if you are looking for a protein-based hearty meal.

The list doesn’t end here! Check out Murray’s full menu to browse all the options we offer. Online ordering is available to make is a simple process. Or if you’d rather call us to chat more into detail, please reach us at 801-224-4666. We look forward to catering to you!

business event catering Irving texas

Irving Texas Catering Companies

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When it comes to choosing the right caterer, there is a lot that goes into it. Finding the perfect menu, efficient services, pricing, location, etc. We’ve simplified the browsing process by narrowing down 3 of the best Texas catering companies here in Irving.

business texas catering


Mexican Catering

Let the fiesta begin! Abuelo’s is a high-quality Mexican restaurant with a variety of catering options featuring a buffet, drop-off, or pickup services. From enchiladas to vegetarian dishes, they’ve got it all. Menus are customizable perfect for a corporate event or special occasion.

business lunch catering texas

Zoës Kitchen

Mediterranean Catering

A taste of modern greek flavors featuring their well-known kababs, rollups, falafel, and more. From social events to corporate catering, Zoës kitchen creates a fresh and delicious lunch catering experience. Build an order, get a custom quote, and get it delivered! A simple catering process worth your time.

business corporate catering Irving tx

Apple Spice

Sandwich Catering

Box lunches and corporate catering featuring fresh salads, sandwiches, breakfast catering, coffee, desserts, and more. High-quality staff members to meet your every need and efficient online ordering to keep things smooth and easy! Browse our catering menus to see which best suits your needs! We look forward to serving you.

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Apple Spice Alpharetta Catering and Delivery Menu

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If you often are looking for a good caterer in the area, Apple Spice here in Alpharetta makes it easy to provide corporate catering and delivery for business meetings, events, special occasions and more. Below we break down our delicious catering and delivery menu to show you the beauty of corporate catering.

corporate catering delivery alpharetta


Rise and shine with our fantastic breakfast menu including an early bird boxed breakfast or the executive continental. We offer a lot of variety from fresh-baked bagels to fresh egg frittatas and not to mention our freshly brewed coffee to get the perfect start to your morning.

lunch catering delivery alpharetta ga

Sandwich & Soup

A choice to build-your-own or have a pre-made sandwich. The fun part about building your own is you get to pick your bread, meat, cheese, and 2 sides of choice. If you would like to substitute a sandwich for a salad, that is also available.

catering and delivery north metro ga

Hot Entrée

Great for the wintertime, select a hot entree with options including out tender pot roast, chicken parmesan, country-style bbq, and more. This is a good option if you are really hungry and in the mood for a bigger portioned sized meal.

office catering delivery alpharetta ga

Build Your Own

Get creative with our build-your-own catering menu featuring our salad bar, taco bar, fajita bar, or baked potato bar. This is good for larger groups and if you are needing to feed a lot of people.

box lunch catering delivery


Save the best for last! You got to get a taste of our chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon bars, and apple crumble cake. Our executive sweets basket gives you a variety of desserts for your whole team to share.

appetizer catering delivery alpharetta


If you prefer any other add ons to your order, you should try our meatballs, veggie tray, chicken wings, or the shrimp cocktail tray. This menu is perfect for customers like snacking or prefer a lighter meal for their meal.

breakfast catering delivery alpharetta


Although water is fresh and hydrating, we also offer soft drinks, coffee, and delicious iced tea. If you order coffee, it serves up to 10 people.

Apple Spice won’t stop there. If you want to browse other menus, check out the full list of menu options to decide which best suits what you are looking for! We are excited to serve you!