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Corporate Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

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Another corporate event is just around the corner and you’re trying to come up with a good menu to please all of your guests. Food is the best type of motivator so let’s take a look at a few menu options below:

corporate event catering menu ideas

Breakfast Catering

Early morning events or meetings are a tough one. If you Consider a breakfast catering menu featuring a yogurt and fruit bar, an all American breakfast, or a french toast bar to get that early morning energy to kick in. Throw some catered coffee in the mix, and you got yourself a perfect morning corporate catering menu.

sandwich corporate catering menu ideas

Box Lunch Delivery

Box Lunches are the perfect choice for business meetings or large events. A box lunch usually includes a sandwich, potato chips, and a sweet treat for dessert. You can customize options depending on what you think everyone will like. A delicious way to meet the hunger needs of your guests and satisfying the cravings at the office.

bbq corporate catering menu ideas Greensboro NC

BBQ Catering

For meat lovers, BBQ catering is a festive way to bring on the American spirit. This is an easy and popular catering option for any event. Bring on the grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, brisket, and coleslaw. BBQ catering is a way to appeal to most tastes and sticking to all the classics.

Looking for more catering options before you seal the deal? Check out this epic list of menu catering ideas for 2019. Apple Spice here in Greensboro, NC offers breakfast catering, bbq catering, dinner catering, and box lunches to give you a variety of options to pick from for your next event! All made with fresh ingredients right from the kitchen. Check out our menu’s to book your first order with us!

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2 Benefits of Office Catering in Utah

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If you are in a corporate setting on a day to day basis, we can all agree that some days can be long, tiring, and busy. Putting hard work into your days sometimes deserves a reward. That’s when we turn to office lunch catering that provides delicious meals and a nice break from your frantic weekdays. Below are 2 great benefits of office catering in Utah:

office lunch catering salt lake city

Menu Diversity

People are picky these days when it comes to food restrictions such as being vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan. Caterers accompany every type of lifestyle diet which makes it a lot easier to meet the needs of every customer. For feeding large groups, this is the perfect route to take.

office lunch catering benefits utah

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Food brings people together! Office catering can give corporate companies a chance to meet others from different departments and engage in new conversations. Taking a break from the monitors and enjoying a nice meal with other people from the office can create a nice workplace union.

apple spice office lunch catering utah salt lake

Trust me, if you haven’t already invested in office catering for your company, now is the time! For a longer list of benefits to making this change, click here. Apple Spice here in West Vally, UT is the perfect choice for all of your office lunch catering needs. We offer the freshest ingredients, professional staff services, and delicious menu options to give you an amazing catering experience. Browse our menus to book your first order. We look forward to serving you soon!

tampa fl event checklist

A Checklist for your Tampa Corporate Event

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In charge of this year’s annual corporate event in Tampa, FL and overwhelmed by all the tasks that are needed to be achieved? The planning stage is a big task, so it is crucial to plan efficiently and effectively. Start out simple by asking yourself 3 of the most important checklist questions below:

business event checklist Tampa FL

Determine Budget

For starters, set a budget for the venue, food, decor, entertainment, etc. Create a spreadsheet to know how much you want to spend on each item. This is a great way to ensure you stay within your amount for each purchase you make. Then you know how much you have left to work with.

event checklist tampa Florida

Plan the Entertainment

You want to make sure to have live music, a DJ, a photo booth, or something that will keep your guests entertained. Aside from the food and beverages, entertainment is a must so it encourages your guests to interact with others and have social interactions with one another!

corporate event checklist Tampa FL

Find a Caterer

The number one importance in all of this is providing good food. Finding a local caterer in the area is the best way to find a good option. Whether it’s a buffet, chef stations, or a 5-course meal, doing research on the best caterers will help guide you to finding the perfect caterer for the event.

Planning a corporate event takes up a lot of hours of your day, but once you got this checklist complete, you are on the road to achievement. If you want more direction on how to plan your event, check out this checklist that will help you prep months before the event. Want to find the perfect caterer? Apple Spice here in Tampa offers hot and cold catering options perfect for corporate events with fresh ingredients straight from the kitchen. We strive to bring 5-star serive to every customer we serve! Check out our delicious menu options to book your order today!

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Best Lunch Catering in Utah Valley

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Looking for some new lunch catering options in Utah Valley? Whether you have an upcoming work event, business meeting, or looking for a new everyday lunch at the office, we got the best choices below here in Orem, UT.

corporate catering utah valley

Panera Bread

Panera Bread Catering helps you plan events, provides the menu, makes it easy for you to order, and also offers delivery. The menu includes breakfast, salads, boxed lunches, soups, sweets, and more. This is all around a great choice if you are needing some extra helping hands with your upcoming event!

Beehive Catering

Beehive Catering offers fresh food with package options to give you the best deal. From small gatherings to receptions, they’ve got packages for all sized groups. Every day of the week is a new daily entree that includes utensils, plates, and more. If you are looking for more of a buffet style, there are combos for $120 up to 10 people. This is the perfect box lunch menu.

box lunch catering utah valley

Apple Spice Junction – Orem, UT

From freshly made boxed lunches to buffet corporate catering, we got it all ready for you! We are known for our homestyle baked bread, soups, sandwiches, and salads. Enjoy your lunch experience to the fullest by ordering with us now either online or by calling 801-224-4666. Located here in Orem, Utah, we strive to give you the best quality service.

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Caterers in Atlanta – North Metro, GA

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Prepare for your upcoming event by serving the best-catered options here in North Metro, GA! Fresh ingredients, professional services, customized menus, and more. Discover 3 of the top caterers in the area who will meet all your needs.

corporate catering north metro ga

Talk of The Town Atlanta

Innovative and original cuisines for a variety of events with menus for every occasion! From celebrations to brunch menus, they have got it all. Professional chefs are working behind the kitchen preparing food to fit any menu or preference!

A Perfect Gathering Catering

Perfect Gathering caters for weddings, receptions, and corporate parties with menu selections for every type of occasion. They can take care of floral arrangements, setup and clean up, decor, and equipment rentals. off-site catering is their specialty because they believe customers deserve the best!

boxed lunch catering north metro ga

Apple Spice Box Lunch & Catering

Apple Spice is the perfect corporate catering company featuring box lunches, hot and cold catering, freshly baked bread, coffee, and more. Whether it is lunch for one or for a business afternoon meeting, we have got you covered. Check out our menu options to book your order for your next upcoming event!

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Top Catering Companies in Minneapolis, MN

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Catering for an event, wedding, or corporate meeting in Minneapolis and need some solid suggestions? Below are 3 options with fresh ingredients and efficient services to make this a memorable experience for you and your guests.

corporate catering minneapolis mn

D’Amico Catering

A catering company who honors serving their customers giving them the ultimate culinary experience. Professional chefs creating the best menus with ingredients to satisfy your pallet. Whether for a social or corporate event, D’Amico will meet all of your needs.

Common Roots

Common Roots will help you with all your event needs including menu planning, bar services, event staffing and more. Creating the perfect vision is important, and that is what they’re here for. Take your pick with their variety of menus featuring Hors d’oeuvres, breakfast or lunch, platters, and office lunch menus.

Apple Spice

From box lunches to hot and cold catering, Apple Spice offers the freshest ingredients right from the kitchen with high-quality staff members to meet your every need. The perfect choice for your corporate or special event with fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. Browse our menu options to prep for your upcoming event!

corporate catering services in Minneapolis mn

You can’t go wrong with these options. Make the best out of the night by serving delicious catered food with these professionals services to make it an event to remember!

catering chicago Illinois

Best Corporate Catering in Chicago

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Chicago is a work driven city with lots of delicious catering options for work events, special occasions, or a long day in the office. Discover 3 of the top picks you will want to know about.

event catering chicago

Blue Plate Catering

Life is busy and remembering to eat is a reoccurring issue. Blue Plate offers catering for events, weddings, corporate events, and seasonal parties with unique and scrumptious menus for each category from lunch trays, salads, heart sandwiches, and more. Impress your guests with their delicious food and professional services, asap.

Cafe Baci

Enjoy some nice Italian food featuring fresh baked bread, cured meats, and coffee beans brought from all over the US. They value their catering presentation, but also promise to bring quality and an excellent experience. This is the perfect caterer for weddings or special occasions and if you need help planning, they can help you every step of the way!

box lunch chicago catering companies

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features box lunch delivery and catering options with the freshest ingredients right from the kitchen, with over 30 locations nationwide, you will not be disappointed by our efficient services, fresh baked food, and seasonal menu options. Now opening in Chicago, we are excited to serve you!

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Catering Near Chapel Hill, NC

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Chapel Hill is not only known for its beautiful scenery, but also known for their amazing restaurants and dining. Planning for an event or upcoming corporate conference and need some recommendations for catering? Check out 3 highly-rated caterers in Chapel Hill to meet all your catering needs when it comes to delicious ingredients, friendly staff members, and efficient services.

chapel hill nc catering


Imbibe is restaurant tap room with soups and salads, gourmet fries, small bites and snacks, and seafood plates. They make authentic bread that comes from New Orleans, which makes their sandwiches unique and scrumptious.

Kipos Greek Taverna

An authentic Greek cafe with flavorful crafted ingredients featuring moussaka, lamb, baklava, and youvetsi with other homemade items and small plates coming from local farms. Their catering options include the party package, create your own, and hot or cold entrees with yummy desserts great for weddings, birthdays, or office parties!

corporate catering chapel hill nc

Apple Spice

Box lunches and catering services perfect for business meetings, corporate events, or a lunch for yourself. Our bread is homemade everyday to make your lunch experience that much more fresh and enjoyable. We offer fine meats, sandwiches, soups, salads, and more. Check out our menu options to prepare for the next big corporate event!

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Lunch Delivery and Catering in Charleston, SC

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Tired of hunting down a catering or lunch delivery company last minute for your business meetings or corporate events? Efficiency is key which means the catering industry is competitive and striving to please every customer they serve. Consider 3 of the top lunch catering companies here in Charleston who will bring delicious ingredients, friendly and professional services, and a lunch experience you have been waiting for!

lunch delivery in Charleston sc

Charleston Deli Catering

Charleston Deli is a lunch pickup and delivery company with options specifacally for weddings, offices, doctors, birthdays, and corporate events. Their menu has a variety of selections such as breakfast, box lunch, or Mediterranean lunch! If you are skipping the meal and going straight to dessert, they make cakes and cupcakes for birthday themes and weddings with delicious ingredients.

Caviar and Bananas

Founded in 2008, this gourmet market is open daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options featuring a unique and scrumptious menu with catering offerings including lunch boxes and platters, entrees, desserts, and salads and sides. They use the freshest ingredients coming from around the world.

catering near me Charleston sc

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering Charleston, SC

Apple Spice has been around all the way back to 1988 bringing the perfect menu for corporate events, special events, weddings, and more! We make freshly baked bread, fresh and crisp veggies, high-quality meats and cheeses, and delicious and unique salads topped with sweet and savory dressings. Don’t hesitate and order now for your next upcoming event!

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Top Caterers in Denver, CO

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Whether you have a special occasion, corporate event, or a long work day ahead of you, discover 3 of the top highly-rated local catering businesses in Denver that will meet all your needs and strive to satisfy their customers with excellent flavors and high-end services. Recommendations are a must when you are on the search for the perfect caterer who will help create a memorable event for your guests!

corporate catering denver

Serendipity Catering

Serendipity offers customized menus with fresh and local produce, quality meats, and a variety of heavy duty appetizers. A great catering choice if you are planning to have gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and nut free attendees. Check venue hunting off the list because Serendipity provides venue options to make the event planning process a bit easier!

Footers Catering

Where culinary professionals and chefs come together to create customized menus and create their food from scratch. The team at Footers are constantly making the latest and trendiest foods to inspire their guests and clients. A perfect choice for fancy events featuring d’oeuvres, first course, entree, and a phenomenal desserts.

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features the perfect corporate catering menu right here in Denver. We offer boxed lunches with fresh and unique sandwich recipes, salads, homestyle soups, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. We strive to create the best nutritional and delicious ingredients and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options allowing our clients to cater from us any time of

catering services denverthe day!

The food at an event is the icing on the cake, so it is important to pick and choose the best selections! For more catering options in Denver, check out a few more to pick from.