Apple Spice Bethpage Corporate Event Catering Menu

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The best part of planning for a corporate event is the food involved, which means catering should play a huge role in the event planning process. If you want to hold people’s attention and see success at the event, it’s best to invest in a caterer. Apple Spice here in Bethpage offers a delicious corporate catering menu perfect for these types of events. Let’s dive into the menu below to see what we are working with:

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Our breakfast menu is the perfect addition to anyone’s morning. We have menu items including an early bird boxed breakfast, the sunrise starter, a breakfast burrito, a healthy start breakfast, and more. Enjoy a fresh orange juice or freshly brewed hot coffee to go with your first meal of the day.

corporate event catering bethpage

Sandwich & Soup

With the sandwich and soup menu, you have the option to either build your own deli platter or choose from a selection of the pre-made deli sandwiches. Pair it with a homestyle soup or a fresh salad.

corporate event buffet catering bethpage

Build Your Own

Buffet style is never a bad choice. Our build your own menu features a salad bar, baked potato bar, or a taco bar. This allows you to take control of what toppings and condiments you would like to add to whatever you choose which makes it better because of the customization available to everyone.

corporate event catering menu ny

Hot Entrée

The hot entree menu is a great choice for a dinner event or party. Our entrees include the roasted chicken, pot roast, country style bbq, the classic chicken parmesan, and more.

corporate event catering menu bethpage ny


If you’re looking to order some extras on the side just in case people still might be more hungry or need more variety, we offer some delicious items such as the apple spice wings, a shrimp cocktail tray, hummus and pita chips, and many more options.

Let’s not forget about the beverages and desserts! Complete your catering experience with one of our tasty sweet treats such as the cookie tray, lemon bar, or the apple crumb cake. Let the browsing continue by heading over to the full menu to see which menu items sound best to you. You can either order online or by calling us at 516-597-5820. We look forward to serving you!