Benefits of Catering Delivery in St. Louis

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Prepping for an upcoming meeting and it just happens to be during lunch hour? Have no fear! If you haven’t invested in catering delivery, below are 3 reasons why it’s a must for every business meeting.

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Business meetings are interactive and require a lot of engagement. Employees enjoy the efficiency of eating their lunch in a time-friendly matter while being able to engage during meetings. Catering is meant to make eating more efficient and easy, especially for meetings and corporate events.

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Increased Productivity

When catering and delivery are provided for your employees, they feel more appreciated when lunch is provided for them at work. This tactic increases productivity and leaves a positive impact on your team and results in more work drive and performance.

box lunch catering st louis


People can get picky when it comes to eating. Catering and delivery services offer a variety of menu items. Some people might have food restrictions or a certain preference. Having several food options is a great benefit and gives the team variety.

Let the ordering begin! Apple Spice here in St. Louis provides office catering and delivery featuring box lunches and a corporate catering menu. Check out our full menu to browse what you want to order. We look forward to being your caterer!

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