Boxed Lunch Catering Companies

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boxed lunch catering ogden ut

Carrying a lunch to work is old news. During work hours, we become tired and it makes it hard to make decisions when it comes to what to eat during lunchtime. Convenience is out there and work lunches can be made easy for all workaholics. Discover three catering companies who offer lunch box meals during work hours, meetings, events, or conferences.

lunch box catering for work

Apple Spice Catering

The perfect catering choice for box lunch delivery. Apple Spice Junction lunch boxes include a wide selection of sandwich options, fresh cheese, salads, wraps, crispy potato chips, freshly baked bread. And to end this ideal lunch at work, they throw in a hot warm chocolate chip cookie. Apple Spice makes sure to have fresh ingredients and makes and delivers everything straight from the kitchen.

Peddlers Catering

Peddlers Catering has choices of three sandwiches and wraps with fresh fruit, and a choice between salad, chips, with a delicious cookie or brownie to complete the meal right. Starting in 2001, Peddlers has delivered high-quality lunch boxes satisfying their customers to the fullest.

boxed lunch catering companies ogden ut

Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery is a quaint restaurant cafe featuring individual orders which includes salads, lunch boxes with chips, fresh fruit, and a freshly baked cookie. Corner Bakery caters for meetings and events making it your lunch box the perfect take away meal.

Lunch Box catering companies strive to meet the needs all customers in making fresh meals delivered right to your convenience. Try ordering your first lunch with Apple Spice right here in Ogden, Utah.

Benefits of Box Lunch Catering

If you need to feed a team at a meeting, event or business function, you have lots of options. Consider box lunch catering from Apple Spice Catering and its many benefits:

  • It’s efficient: With box lunch catering, your team can eat through a meeting or simply enjoy their meal during a short break. There’s no need to wait for the setup and clearing away of a buffet or spend time at a restaurant. A fresh, delicious meal is delivered right to you and cleanup is minimal.
  • It’s easy: Box lunch catering means you don’t have to figure out a seating setup for sit-down meals and you can order in minutes online. Apple Spice Catering takes care of all the details so you can focus on business.
  • It pleases everyone: Everyone can order the lunch, sides, beverages and dessert they want, so you can honor everyone’s diet and preferences.

Apple Spice Box Lunch Advantages

Why order box lunch catering from Apple Spice? We’re the box lunch catering pros! Our team consists of experts who tailor our services to corporate businesses. You’ll enjoy:

  • Prompt delivery: We know you can’t wait all day for lunch, so we arrive on time to get your team fuelled and ready for the afternoon.
  • Friendly interactions: Everyone you’ll interact with from our team is courteous and helpful. If you’re having an important meeting with key clients or vendors, our excellent service and professionalism will help you look good.
  • Time-saving ordering: Our lunches save you time. You can order online or call us and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Amazing quality: Apple Spice Catering offers only the best. Our breads and cookies are fresh-baked daily and we prepare everything fresh, using only the best ingredients. The result is lunch boxes packed with flavor and goodness.
  • Variety: Our menu is extensive. Choose from salads, soups, lemon bars, cookies, combo meals, wraps, sandwiches, desserts and sides. Everyone on your team can choose what they love and you can explore a world of taste through our menu.

Learn more about Apple Spice Catering today and place an order for your box lunch. Whether you have an important meeting coming up or want to celebrate your team with a lunch catered in, we have you covered.

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