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Escape The Snow & Visit the Top Nashville Museums

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Visiting Nashville for a friend’s trip, work meeting, or visiting family members? Make the best out of your travels by staying inside to avoid the snowy cold weather and discover a few of the top museums to visit when stopping through Nashville.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

A museum filled with history and traditions of the country music scene featuring exhibits, programs, and the full culture experience of country music. The museum is filled with the sounds and stories of many icons in the music industry including Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Johnny Cash.

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RCA Studio B

Take a walk through the historic studio where some of the most famous singers including Elvis Presley and Eddy Arnold have recorded their music. Not only are there tours and educational programs, but catch RCA Studio B’s website to follow the schedule to catch the next upcoming event they are having.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

A place to discover the truth and history of Andrew Jackson to learn more about his time as an orphan, a general, a president, and a true legend. This museum holds all the most valuable historical information all the way back to his family and life and papers he has handwritten.

Make the most out of your stay by visiting some of the top museums to see when passing through Nashville. Want a longer list to keep you out of the cold? Check out a few more local attractions here to indulge your mind with the fascinating history! If you are wanting a lunch break in-between museum visits, check out Apple Spice’s lunch box catering menu right here in Nashville with fresh ingredients and delicious food options.

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Top Things to Do & See in Austin, Texas

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Austin is one of the most exciting and charming cities to visit due to the great restaurants, outdoor activities, museums to see, and more. Are you overwhelmed by all the options given to you while visiting Austin? Here are a few highly-recommended things to do while exploring the exquisite city of Austin, Texas.

things to do and see in austin tx

Texas State Capitol

Get cultured at the State Capitol where it will provide you information about the government, history, and culture of Texas. Established in 1983, the capitol building has become a place where thousands of visitors can take in the value of this historical building and gain knowledge of the myths and legends.

LBJ Presidential Library

Experience the life and story of Lyndon B. Johnson who was one of the most memorable presidents in the turbulent era of the 1960s. In this museum, you will be able to witness the oval office, discover how the legislation was signed by Johnson, and listen to the white house phone conversations. This is a sacred place to learn more about the times Johnson experienced as our nation’s president.

Lady Bird Trail

If you are an outdoor fanatic, take a bike ride, walk, or run on the water’s edge of Lady Bird Lake with a lovely view of skyscrapers, nature, attractions, and the people of Austin. This is one of the most recreational areas to experience in Texas because of the vibrant mixture of the environment and the people. This is a 10-mile long trail and worth every mile!

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Make the most out of your time in Austin because there is so much life to see and experience. The list does not end here and if you are looking for a bigger variety, check out TripAdvisor for other alternatives here. Experiencing some hunger after playing a tourist all day? Have a nice lunch in nature and visit Apple Spice to check out our box lunch catering menu. We bring you fresh ingredients with high-quality staff members who delivery right to your desired destination.

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Sandwiches Places to Try in Austin, TX

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Definitely a foodie and happen to be dropping through Austin, Texas? Start bookmarking those lunch spots to try some of the best sandwich joints. The uniqueness of each of these restaurants are the delicious authentic ingredients and hard-work they put into each one of their recipes. Check out a few of the top three sandwich shops in Austin.

sandwich places in austin tx

Snarf’s Sandwiches

Hand-crafted and oven toasted specialty sandwiches served with freshly baked bread, Snarf’s is the place to check out. Their menu has a great variety of vegetarian sandwiches all the way to meat lover options. Catering is available for all types of occasions and is flexible with customizing all orders.

Noble Sandwich Co.

In 2010, the beginning of Noble Sandwich came to be and a friendship of two culinary school graduates, they opened their own sandwich shop and now is a top hit and create their own original sandwiches for their loyal customers.

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Apple Spice

It doesn’t stop here! Catering for a work event or looking for the perfect lunch-box combo for your workdays? Apple Spice Catering offers a lunch box menu with a wide variety of sandwich options, fresh salads, homestyle hot soups, and more. Take a look at our boxed lunch menu to get the full-service lunch experience you deserve.

best must try dessert places in austin tx

Best Dessert in Austin

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Sweet cravings are a real thing and it is important to be on top of the best desserts in the city you live in or are visiting. Listed below are three of the best dessert places in Austin.

best dessert and cake places in austin tx

Cafe No Sé

A cafe located in the South Congress Hotel featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with pastries and desserts that will blow your mind! The dessert menu offers warm crumble-like dessert and also frozen desserts such as ice-cream and sorbet. This quaint little cafe is definitely a hot spot to try when having those sweet-tooth cravings.


A French bistro-inspired American diner featuring a brunch and dinner menu with a few desserts you do not miss out on because of the delicious chocolate cake or the banana split profiteroles. Have a bite to eat, but make sure to save room for their dessert menu to experience the best part of the meal.


The most scrumptious gourmet doughnuts you will ever try! A wide selection of creative doughnut recipes or to make it even better, you can create your own. Gourdough’s offers catering services and online ordering so whenever you crave that certain doughnut, you can have it delivered right to your destination.

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If you are a workaholic and can’t find time to check out these dessert spots, Apple Spice Catering here in Austin offers a full dessert menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, and more endless options that can all be catered right to your convenience. Check out our full catering menu to see what we have to offer you!

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Catered Coffee Shops Ogden, UT

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Can’t seem to make time for a coffee pick-up on your way to work? Conveniently there are companies who offer coffee delivery right to your doorstep. No need to worry any longer about stopping at your local coffee shop as your rushing to work. Check out three coffee shops in Ogden, UT who bring coffee straight to your destination.

top ogden ut coffee shops

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einsteins offer group beverages such as orange juice, coffee, iced or hot tea, and lemonade stating from $8.99-$15.99. Individually bottled beverages is an option as well with vitamin water flavors, diet coke, water, or apple juice. This is a great option for larger groups for corporate meetings or morning events.

Grounds for Coffee

This is a fresh and local coffee shop who delivers freshly roasted coffee to your door. Customers can order up to 5 lbs it’s of any single coffee with options of organic fair and trade coffee, decaf, flavored coffee, dark roasts, or coffees by region.

Kneaders Bakery

Kneaders has several different catering options. Their most popular catering items are the continental breakfast or the deluxe business platter. There are great choices for morning meetings or work events. The breakfast comes with pastries, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

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Want to plan the next work conference an advance with some delicious breakfast and freshly brewed coffee? Apple Spice Catering right here in Ogden offers an executive continental breakfast package and much more to keep you going through your long work day. Check out our menu here.

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Best Cheesecake in Salt Lake City, UT

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It is that time of year again where dessert and anything sweet is on the mind, especially cheesecake. If you are visiting Utah for the holidays and need some cheesecake recommendations, here are three highly rated spots to get fresh and delicious in-house made cheesecake in Salt Lake City.

top cheesecake salt lake city

Tulie Bakery

Tullie opened in 2008 and are famous for making their items with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Their cheesecake is rich, creamy, and on a gram cracker crust covered in seasonal fresh fruit.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has 36 different flavors and all are to die for. One of their most popular is the red velvet with moist layers of red velvet cake and their original cheesecake covered with a top layer of cream cheese frosting.

Lone Pine Bakery

Known for their premium hand-made pastries including two flavors of cheesecake. The first is a classic light creamy cheesecake on a honey graham cracker crust and the second is a double chocolate cheesecake topped with a decadent chocolate drizzle.

cheesecake salt lake city

Throwing an event and need some catering options? Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering services offer a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu with a wide variety of options and delicious desserts including their famous caramel apple cheesecake! Order now.

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Scrumptious Bagels to Try in Charleston, SC

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If it is your first time visiting the city of Charleston and you must stop to try some of the best bagel joints before you start the exploring adventures. Discover three of the top bagels right here in Charleston. Specialty made bagels that you must try!

best bagels charleston sc

Blondies Bagels & Cafe

House-made bagels with fresh cream cheeses created by a wife and husband making it a long life goal to open a neighborhood cafe. These gourmet bagels are available right in South Carolina near Daniel Island. Their family business has become a huge success and these bagels couldn’t be more delicious.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Since 1983, traditional methods starting from New York famous bagels. Brugger’s Bagels makes real made cream cheese from onion blends, jalapeño, to bacon spreads. They are committed to service genuine New York-style bagels that are homemade from Vermont cream cheeses.

Bagel Nation

For locals, college students, visitors, and more. Famous for their fresh baked bagels with toppings such as specialty cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter, and honey butter. The Everything Bagel is the number one seller and they are also famous for their frazzle bagels with large crystals of cinnamon and sugar.

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If you plan to cater for breakfast for the neighborhood, the family, or for a work meeting Apple Spice Catering has a full breakfast menu featuring bagels, muffins, yogurt, and more. Get a look at our breakfast catering menu with so many scrumptious options.

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Coffee Shops to Try in Charleston, SC

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No matter what your profession is or what time you get up in the morning to leave for work, we all have one thing in common, and that one thing is called coffee. No matter where people are, coffee lovers are always searching for the best coffee shops around town. Check out a couple highly rated coffee shops in Charleston, SC.


Muddy Waters Coffee Bar

This coffee bar creates their coffee with counter culture coffee beans from different regions that are rotated not only monthly, but daily. They have hand-produced coffee machines out of their workshop from Florence, Italy starting all the way back in 1927.

Black Tap Coffee

Black Tap roasts and crafts some of the best coffee in the world and they strive to make every conversation around coffee. They want to make it a unique experience for all of their customers. They are proud to call Charleston their home and love the city way of life there.

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Keep your coffee buzz and enjoy a nice catered breakfast delivered right to your location. Select a location to check out Apple Spice Catering’s menu perfect for traveling, staying at work, or having a chill relaxed day at home.