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Apple Spice Houston Box Lunch Delivery Menu

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Whether you’re planning for a corporate event or an upcoming executive business meeting, it’s crucial to find the perfect caterer. Apple Spice here in Houston not only provides awesome catering but a box lunch delivery menu created for these types of events. Below we break down the menu so that you can see what we offer.

box lunch delivery menu houston


Every box lunch comes with a delicious sandwich of your choice. Some of our most popular would be the chipotle chicken, turkey avocado, manhattan roast beef, and the strawberry grilled chicken. The box lunches also come with a pickle, cookie, mint, and a choice of potato chips, carrot chips, pasta salad, or fresh fruit.

box lunch delivery and catering menu houston


The soup comes in 3 different sizes. Cup, bowl, or a quart. We have a broccoli cheddar, chicken noodle, Amy’s special chili, and the Baja tortilla soup. If you want to make it a bit more filling, add a bread bowl for only 99 cents more.

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Substitute a sandwich for one of our wraps! Apple Spice features 3 different wraps such as the turkey bacon ranch, southwest chicken, and the chicken caesar. These healthy wraps are paired perfectly with a side of fruit or some crispy potato chips.

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Salads at Apple Spice are full of flavor and we offer 13 different options to choose from. Some of our most popular include the classic cob, Thai curry chicken, tuna salad, or the garden vegetable if you want to make it meat-free. Every salad comes with freshly baked bread and a salad dressing of your choice.

box lunch delivery options houston


End your box lunch meal with one of our delicious bakery treats. Our most popular dessert is the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. You can exchange a cookie for a lemon bar, apple crumb cake, or anything else you desire from the bakery menu.

The next question is which box lunch should you go for? We offer 3 different box lunches featuring the classic box lunch, deluxe lunch box, and the executive lunch box. If you want to check out more menu details, head over to our full list of menus for all the information you need! You can order online or by calling 832-491-1952. We look forward to catering to you!

social work events ideas plano tx

Work Social Event Ideas in Plano, TX

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Planning this year’s corporate event and looking for fun ideas here in Plano? Creating the right environment for these types of business events is crucial. Below are 3 entertainment destinations to provide the best social team-building experience for your company!

social work corporate events ideas

Red Door Escape Room

The Red Door Escape Room is perfect for corporate events and brings an all-around work social experience! This would be a great option if you are looking for an immersive entertainment experience. It will include games, puzzles, treasure hunts and more. Plan on bringing the energy and creativity if you plan on choosing this destination.

Event 1013

A beautiful space for events with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a laid back corporate event. Here they offer tables, chairs, production supplies, food, and extra packages including lighting sound, or an entrancing logo for the guests.

Group Dynaminx

Group Dynamix is a place to play, connect, and develop! If you are looking for corporate team building, this is the perfect event space to experience fun work outings to build better connections with your teammates.

social work events catering ideas

Looking for more options? Here are more ideas to choose from to help narrow down your favorites! Speaking of events, the most important asset to a good corporate event is the food. If you are on the hunt for the perfect caterer, Apple Spice is here to serve. We offer fresh box lunches and hot and cold catering featuring salads, soups, sandwiches, dinner, breakfast, desserts, coffee, and more. Why waste any more time? Browse our menus to book your first order!

walker art center galleries minneapolis mn

Visiting the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN

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There is all this hype about the Walker Art Center when you are in Minneapolis, but what makes it so great? If you are visiting or local to the city of Minneapolis, Walker Art Museum offers contemporary and modern art with over 10 galleries and much more to be seen at this iconic place of creativity. Discover 3 of the main features of the Walker Art Center and why it is definitely worth your time.

walker art center museum minneapolis mn


A collection of exhibitions hosted by incredibly talented artists with groups shows, interviews, videos, and more that will dive you deeper into the stories behind the work created. 11 galleries total of modern and contemporary art. This is quite a cultural experience you do not want to miss!


This garden has been open since 1988 and showcases modern and contemporary work from the Walker Art Center and displays it in the lovely urban park. This sculptured garden is a place for creativity in nature, landscape, artworks, and wildlife. The perfect public space for architects, designers, artists to display their amazing creations for the community.


Kick back and enjoy a film at the 21st-century Walker Cinema where filmmakers bring their premiers and series films to the big screen. A great place to end the day to indulge in creative cinemas and discover what these creative filmmakers have brought to life.

walker art center garden minneapolis mn

If you are looking for a bite to eat after a long day of art exhibits, here are a few restaurant options near the museum. Speaking of good eats, if you are local to Minneapolis and looking for new flavors to try, Apple Spice offers box lunch delivery and corporate catering perfect for business meetings, a nice lunch in the office, or for corporate events. Freshly made ingredients including salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and more. Order online to book your first order with us!

Restaurants to Try in Vinings, GA

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New to Vinings here in Georgia? This historic community beckons local residents and visitors with its rich history, culture, and charm. This is a great place to experience cool tours, events, and delicious restaurants! Speaking of restaurants, get to know the best dining in town to better your time in Vinings.

top restaurants in vinings va

Muss & Turner’s

A deli by day and a bistro by night, this restaurant offers authentic and fresh ingredients with a variety of menu options depending on the time of day! Made by local farmers, Muss & Turner’s strive to bring their customers the best flavors naturally! This is a great atmosphere for a night out with your friends or family.

restaurants in vinings atlanta va

SOHO – Atlanta

A lovely spot for wine lovers with a delicious mix of flavors and top-quality service. They offer menu options including starters, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and a wine list that is to die for. The perfect place for private dining or special events.

good restaurants in vinings va

Paces & Vine

A chef-driven restaurant with a great weekday lunch menu, weekend brunch menu, and dinner menu with unique blends of flavors. If you are someone who appreciates Northwest comfort food, this is the place for you!

Looking for more of a variety of restaurants to choose from? Check out the full list here. Local to the area and looking for new places to cater from? Apple Spice here in Northern Atlanta offers a box lunch and corporate catering menu perfect for work events, business meetings, or an everyday lunch at your office. Fresh coffee, baked bread, soups, salads, and more prepared right from the kitchen. Order online to book your first order with us today!

things to do orem ut

Things To Do Outdoor in Orem, UT

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The flowers are blooming and the weather is slowly warming up which means it is time to start exploring the beautiful outdoors. Utah County is full of canyons, hiking and biking adventures to keep you active all day long. Below are 3 must-try outdoor activities here in Orem:

hiking orem utah

Bridal Veil Falls

Experience some trail walking with a beautiful natural waterfall to spark up the fun. This trail is located in the mouth of Highway 189 featuring parking lots, grassy areas for a nice picnic lunch, and more. Open all year round with scenic views that will never fail you.

Provo Canyon

Nothing beats landscapes views and a breath of refreshing mountain air with endless adventures awaiting you in Provo Canyon. This is a great place to go running, biking, longboarding, or slow it down with a nice stroll to embrace nature at it’s fullest. Provo Canyon is a place with wildlife, beautiful trees, and a place to visit often explore all the different activities that go on inside this great canyon.

Murdock Canal Trail

The Murdock Canal trail is a 17 mile long paved trail that begins at Orem City cemetery and winds all the way to Adobe in Lehi. This trail is a hidden gem that is a great way to get your legs moving and to enjoy the farms throughout the valley. This is a great spot for cyclists, runners, and rollerbladers to breeze through this lovely trail.

adventure orem utah

Looking for more outdoor fun? Check out a list of other options here. Not only is Orem a lovely place to embrace nature, but also a great spot for delicious restaurants and catering! If you are local to the area, Apple Spice catering is the perfect choice for an every day work lunch, business meetings, corporate events, and more. The freshest ingredients and professional staff members to bring the best catering experience. Check out our menu options to book your first order with us!

restaurants to try bergen county nj

Top Restaurants in Bergen County, NJ

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Bergen County is a great place for food enthusiasts to try new flavors, new foods, and embrace the atmosphere of high-quality dining. It is never too late to get into the restaurant action by discovering some new favorites that you yet need to experience. Below are 3 top restaurants to try in the Bergen County area of New Jersey:

dining bergen county nj

The Barrow House

This restaurant, parlor & bar has it all, from cocktails, craft beer, and wine to brunch, lunch, and dinner options. Delicious small plates, oven cooked pizzas, and more you seriously can’t go wrong with whatever you order at the Barrow House.

A Taste of Greece

Come taste the authentic taste of greek cuisine with high-quality ingredients and homemade recipes imported from the land of Greece. Offering Souvlaki Platters, soups, salads, and more you will not be disappointed!

Casual Habana Cafe

The Casual Habana Cafe is the perfect fun and energetic atmosphere for a girl’s night out or hot date night featuring lunch, dinner, delicious cocktails, desserts, and more. Habana Cafe also offers take-out and catering if you decide to take the party somewhere elsewhere.

restaurant options bergen county nj

Looking for more? Discover more restaurants to try in Bergen County to satisfy your pallet to the fullest. Local to the area and always on the hunt for catering options for office lunches, business meetings, or corporate events? Apple Spice offers fresh ingredients featuring baked bread, salads, homestyle soups, and gourmet sandwiches for an every day boxed lunch or for work meetings. Check out our delicious menu options to book your first order with us!

things to do outdoors denver co

3 Outdoor Adventures in Denver, CO

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Looking for some outdoor adventure in Denver? There is so much to do and see in this beautiful and scenic city. Below are 3 must-do things while spending your time in Denver, CO:

outdoors denver co

Pedal Boat on Smith Lake in Washington Park

Get active and enjoy the scenic views around the water by renting pedal boats. Perfect for a sunny day and good weather. A great family activity or a romantic day date!

Bike Riding with Denver B-cycle

88 locations of bike stations that allow you to bike all over the wonderful city. Whether you love bike trails or choose to cruise through the city, this is a great outdoor full day activity. Exercise, nice views, and a way to get to know more about Denver.

Kayaking in Confluence Park

Kayak on the whitewater chutes to get the best outdoor adventure experience. Confluence kayaks also offer rentals, kayak lessons, and more. This is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and take outdoor fun to the next level!

denver kayaking

Local to Denver and looking for a more urban adventure for your weekends? Check out more outdoor thrills to experience it all. Once the weekdays roll around, it’s time to get back to work. Check out Apple Spice here in Denver featuring box lunch delivery and catering options perfect for an everyday work lunch, business meetings, corporate events, and more. Fresh ingredients that will fulfill your everyday lunch routine.

outdoor restaurants bradenton fl

Delicious Restaurants in Bradenton, FL

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Bradenton not only has breathtaking views but also wonderful restaurants to check out while visiting the city! Check out 3 of the top rated places to try to get your taste buds on a whole new level of deliciousness. Whether you are a local looking for new places to try or a tourist for the weekend, here is where you need to go:

sea food restaurants bradonton fl

3 Keys Brewing

The goal at 3 Keys is to bring good food, good beer, and good times. They have a huge variety of craft beers and specialize in West Coast ales and German recipes with fresh local ingredients. They offer salads, delicious burgers, and soups with ingredients that you cannot find anywhere else.

EnRich Bistro

Locally sourced food from local farms and fresh seafood that comes all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. They strive to enrich Bradenton’s restaurant and dining experience by integrating global flavors with local ingredients. Take your dining experience to the next level and try this unique and tasty bistro.

Beach House Waterfront

If you enjoy eating with an amazing view, the Beach House is the perfect dining spot for you. Enjoy a night out to discover their fresh and natural local ingredients featuring gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads, and incredible seafood options. Alongside a great meal, try their hand-crafted cocktails, draft beers, or wine list to get the full experience.

bradonton fl dining

Looking into catering suggestions for your next local event? Apple Spice offers fresh box lunches and catering options for corporate events, business meetings, and more. Our staff members strive to bring their professional services to all of our customers to give you the best catering experience! Check out our incredible menu to start planning your order.

toursim charleston sc

Best of Charleston, SC

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Charleston is a charming Southern city with endless things to see and things to eat! If this is your first time visiting South Carolina, check out 3 not to be missed events in Charleston to make your experience a memorable one.

charleston sc things to see

Morris Island Lighthouse

Climb up the lighthouse to get the best views overlooking the water with a beautiful view during the morning, afternoon, or evening with a magnificent sunset you will definitely want to witness. A great place for dolphin watching and seashell catching where you can find in the sand at the bottom of the lighthouse.

Charleston Harbor History Tour

Learn the rich history of the holy city and witness 75 landmarks going all the way back to 300 years ago of historical information. This is a relaxing and scenic tour that covers all of the Charleston Harbour. Jump aboard, this is something you do not want to miss!

Schooner Sailing Cruise

Chase the sea by attending a sailing cruise to make the most out of your Charleston adventures. Take a break from the crowds and hit those waters to enjoy a day on the peaceful waters of the Charleston Harbor.

charleston sc activites

much adventure talk, now what about food options? Whether you are traveling or local to the area, Apple Spice offers fresh catering options such as sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, and more. Gather your work crew or have a nice individual lunch at the office by checking out our box lunch delivery and hot and cold catering menu items. Hurry up and order, our fresh homemade bread just came out of the oven!

nashville tn fun concerts

Upcoming Concerts in Nashville, TN

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Nashville is known for being the music city offering a Summer with endless arrays of music, food, arts, family, and outdoor activities for the perfect summer southern city getaway. Check out a few of the top concerts to attend this season to kick into then music vibe this Summer.

nashville tennessee concerts

Shania Twain

July 21, 2018

Experience a night of classic sing a long tunes with Shania Twain who has sold 100 million records that has made her the best-selling female artist in country music history. This will be a night to remember.

Kenny Chesney

August 11, 2018

A huge country singer who has sold up to 20 albums who make the country fans so crazy! Born and raised in Tennessee, this is a concert you don’t want to miss. This hard-working country musician is going to bring the fire. Buy your tickets, asap. It is selling out fast.


September 18, 2018

One of the top rap artists in the industry right now, Drake is taking Nashville. Come jam out to his hits and enjoy a night of rap, hip-hop, and good vibes all all around.

nashville tn upcoming concerts

For more upcoming concerts, check out the full list of music here. Local to Nashville and plan a lot of events? Apple Spice here in Nashville offers box lunch delivery and catering services for business meetings, corporate events, and special occasions. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with fresh ingredients straight out of the kitchen.