Corporate Catering Menu Ideas for Large Groups

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corporate catering menu ideas for events

Another corporate event is just around the corner and you’re trying to come up with a good menu to please all of your guests. Food is the best type of motivator so let’s take a look at a few menu options below:

corporate event catering menu ideas

Breakfast Catering

Early morning events or meetings are a tough one. If you Consider a breakfast catering menu featuring a yogurt and fruit bar, an all American breakfast, or a french toast bar to get that early morning energy to kick in. Throw some catered coffee in the mix, and you got yourself a perfect morning corporate catering menu.

sandwich corporate catering menu ideas

Box Lunch Delivery

Box Lunches are the perfect choice for business meetings or large events. A box lunch usually includes a sandwich, potato chips, and a sweet treat for dessert. You can customize options depending on what you think everyone will like. A delicious way to meet the hunger needs of your guests and satisfying the cravings at the office.

bbq corporate catering menu ideas Greensboro NC

BBQ Catering

For meat lovers, BBQ catering is a festive way to bring on the American spirit. This is an easy and popular catering option for any event. Bring on the grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, brisket, and coleslaw. BBQ catering is a way to appeal to most tastes and sticking to all the classics.

Looking for more catering options before you seal the deal? Check out this epic list of menu catering ideas for 2019. Apple Spice here in Greensboro, NC offers breakfast catering, bbq catering, dinner catering, and box lunches to give you a variety of options to pick from for your next event! All made with fresh ingredients right from the kitchen. Check out our menu’s to book your first order with us!