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lunch box catering charleston sc

Planning an event, conference, or holiday party and don’t know where to begin the hunt for the perfect fit? Three catering companies with high positive ratings below.

best catering charleston sc

Salthouse Catering

Creative and professional service right where you need it. High-end appetizers, cocktails, main courses, and desserts with plenty of selections.

Hamby Catering

Since 1979, Hamby Catering has provided full-service catering with innovative cuisines. Hamby has a high level of preparation from the chefs themselves with five-star customer service. Customize your menu for a certain theme or holiday package. The seasonal menu continues to stay creative and improves year after year.

Cru Catering

Cru Catering offers customers to create the perfect tailored menu for an event. From work banquets to dinner parties they have got it all ready for you and a full-service bar to sum up the evening with a nice beverage.

catering companies located in charleston sc

The list does not stop here! Check out our Apple Spice Catering services. Great for on the go services and more.

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