Logan Canyon Hiking Trails In Utah

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Winter is coming to an end and you are itching to get outside and explore the gorgeous mountains and trails of Utah. Logan Canyon is known for their wide selection of canyons with over 10 trails in each area. If you have never been up north to explore, it is highly suggested you take a trip up to Logan to get a glimpse of these phenomenal mountains. Check out 3 of the top canyons to hike through to get the full canyon experience in Logan, Utah.

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Canyon Mouth Area

This area of the canyon has 11 trail options including Beirdneau Peak with a trail length of 3 miles and is an easy to moderate leveled trail. For a more difficult trailhead, Spring Hollow has an evaluation of 5030 feet/2170 feet with beautiful mountain views and trees.

Tony Grove Area

Tony Grove falls in the heart of the canyon with several trail options featuring moderate leveled hikes including Bunchgrass Trail, Jardine Juniper, and White Pine Lake. These trails are enjoyable for all the seasons of the year and have several toilet locations throughout the canyon for convenient bathroom stops.

Beaver Mountain Area

This canyon features 10 trails including Double Top which is a nice and easy direct route that will lead you to the end of both south summits rewarding you with an incredible view. Once you reach the top you can head north and reach the top of the summit. 9 other amazing trails with levels ranging from easy to moderate.

hiking trails in logan

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