Lunch Delivery and Catering in Charleston, SC

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Tired of hunting down a catering or lunch delivery company last minute for your business meetings or corporate events? Efficiency is key which means the catering industry is competitive and striving to please every customer they serve. Consider 3 of the top lunch catering companies here in Charleston who will bring delicious ingredients, friendly and professional services, and a lunch experience you have been waiting for!

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Charleston Deli Catering

Charleston Deli is a lunch pickup and delivery company with options specifically for weddings, offices, doctors, birthdays, and corporate events. Their menu has a variety of selections such as breakfast, box lunch, or Mediterranean lunch! If you are skipping the meal and going straight to dessert, they make cakes and cupcakes for birthday themes and weddings with delicious ingredients.

Caviar and Bananas

Founded in 2008, this gourmet market is open daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options featuring a unique and scrumptious menu with catering offerings including lunch boxes and platters, entrees, desserts, and salads and sides. They use the freshest ingredients coming from around the world.

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Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering Charleston, SC

Apple Spice has been around all the way back to 1988 bringing the perfect menu for corporate events, special events, weddings, and more! We make freshly baked bread, fresh and crisp veggies, high-quality meats and cheeses, and delicious and unique salads topped with sweet and savory dressings. Don’t hesitate and order now for your next upcoming event!