Why Nashville Is Known as the Music City

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Nashville is well known for the cowboy boots, country stars, and southern lifestyle. As years have passed, the music culture has evolved into a more diverse environment bringing in other genres and a unique approach to the music scene here in Nashville. This city has over 200 recording studios and because of this, it has allowed artists to develop into the music icons they have become today. Nashville is the hub to a wide variety of music genres and continues to give opportunities to past, present, and future rising stars.

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Country Headliners

One of the most famous music venues called the Ryman Auditorium has had an endless amount of country singers perform at this venue including Tim McGraw, Elvis Presley, Sheryl Crow, and Taylor Swift. Other venues such as the Grand Ole Opry House and Robert’s Western World are all focused on the roots of country music which has turned Nashville into an iconic country musical city.

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Symphony and Orchestras

The acoustical scene has been blooming for years, especially with the influence of The Schermerhorn Symphony Center which been told to become one of the most famous acoustical venues with 170 concerts annually and phenomenal composers including Jennifer Higdon, Aaron Jay Kernis, and John Harbison. The Symphony is meant to inspire, educate, and to bring cultural impact to people and this type of genre of music has become a sensational addition to the music city, Nashville.

music city in nashville tn

Gospel and Church Choirs

Gospel music is a big part of the music scene in Nashville with churches all over the city that bring empowerment and impacting others around them. Church communities have grown and continue to rise and shine to lift up one another and thrive on the uplifting messages and music.

Nashville continues to shape itself into the legendary music city it is and a top place to visit if you are passionate about the music industry. Discover more history of Nashville and how it became a world-famous music city legend. Throwing a music event and need some catering recommendations? Apple Spice is located in the heart of Nashville with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with a wide selection of catering menus for corporate events, business meetings, parties, and more. Check out our catering menu to order for your upcoming music event!

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