Required Staff for The Catering Industry

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catering staff members

Catering for events can vary depending on the job. Understanding the basic staff members to have for your catering business is critical. Although numbers vary, there are certain roles that are a must for every catering event you have. Below is a list of three top catering staff roles you will need for the business.

catering manager


Their job is to ensure the cooking staff is completing all of their tasks in a timely manner. Any problems that arise, will be handled by the supervisor. If food is running out, he ensures it is all resupplied and good to go. Any guests who have complaints or an issue, the supervisor will deal with.

catering business chefs


The chef is the food preparer and handles all of the decisions regarding the menu. Sometimes as a backup, it is good to have sous chefs who will help assist him in preparing the meals. Just in case it is a large party or if things get backed up in the kitchen and he might need additional help.

catering servers


The servers are the representation of the company by bringing food to all guests, filling water, and passing trays around. Servers also resupply any food or drink that runs out and it is better to always have more staff on-site than it is to have less. Make sure to use a higher number of servers for events with multiple courses.

It is important to be aware of the required staff for catering services. For larger catering companies, take a look at this list of required staff. Once all staff is hired and settled, read up on some menu ideas by browsing through our catering menu. Great for corporate events, parties, and business meetings.