Easy Lunches to Make For Work

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healthy hot lunch ideas and options for work

Winter season is here, which means it is time to get out those warm coats and turn the heater up. Cold salads for lunch do not sound so pleasant during cold weathered seasons. Discover three easy hot lunches to keep you warm and your tummy happy.

hot lunches for work

Cup of Noodles

Create your own cup of noodles with an option of white, wheat, or rice noodles with tofu. shredded carrots, cabbage, corn, a hard boiled egg, cilantro, and chicken if you want to add protein. To give the cup of noodles some flavor, you add in a curry or miso paste with some Sriracha if you want to make it spicy.

Cauliflower Chickpea Wrap

For vegetarians, this is a perfect wrap for lunch. Four ingredients include cauliflower, smashed chickpeas, garlic yogurt sauce, and a wheat tortilla. For vegan options, you can exchange the yogurt sauce for cashew cream. Cut up some celery to put on the side to give make it a meal!

Peanut Lime Chicken Bowl

For Thai lovers, this includes steamed cut carrots, steamed broccoli, cut up chicken, brown rice, cilantro, and peanut sauce drizzled on top with a lime to add some citrus flavor. This is a quick ten-minute meal to make and is great for cold seasons because of the steamed veggies, warm chicken, and steamed brown rice.

easy work lunch ideas

Want 15 more options? Check out more lunches to make for the cold season. If you are not a kitchen person and it seems like too much work to work your domestic magic, check out our home-style soups at Apple Spice. They are perfect add-ons to our delicious sandwich and salad lunch box meals.

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