2 Types of Franchising Structures

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franchise options and types

Are you in the business industry and looking to take your business to the next level? If you are considering switching over to a franchise, it is important to know the types of franchise options to consider. Below are 3 types of franchised structures that will help guide you to making the right decision!

franchise business options

Business Format Franchise Structure

This is the most common franchise and focuses on the strategic business operational models and have been the most effective for small companies who develop into a larger business. Producing and distributing plays a big factor in this type of structure. This will help take you further along and determine how well your goods and services are going to do in this type of industry.

Product Franchise Structure

If you are a business with more of a focus on inventory and specific types of products, this franchise structure and ownership will be the one you need to pursue. When it comes to distributing particular products, it is critical to analyze the costs and how much revenue stream you will need for the business before you make your way to a product franchise.

catering business franchise options

The expectations and requirements are things you want to be aware of before choosing a franchise. If you devote yourself and are aware of the time and effort you will be putting into this, it can be a rewarding choice once all considered factors are decided. Check out a couple more types of franchising structures to better prepare for this big decision. Discover our recipe for success and how we made it to the franchising industry and how it has tremendously strengthened our brand!

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