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3 Tips for Expanding Your Business

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Expanding your business is a great way to target a more successful outcome and growth for your company. If you are a start-up or a small business and seeking ways to take the next step, below are some tips to expand your business and to move you in the right direction!

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License Your Product

Researching companies who sell or offer similar products and services is a good start to license. This will minimize any risks and will lower the cost in comparison to the price of starting your own company to produce and sell your brand or product. This is an effective way to help growth and consistency with branding your products.


Learning to diversify your strategies will expand your audience and broaden the targeted market and industry you are in. Staying persistent with versatility is important when you are in working towards these diversifying stages.

Target Other Markets

Be aware of your current market, whether it’s college students, older adults, or teenagers. Once you determine your market, find ways to get your products in front of the things they like or spend the majority of their time doing. This can be an effective way to take your marketing to the next level by getting yourself in front of more potential customers.

business growth pointers

Before you make any decisions to expand your business, start here with these helpful strategies to lead you down the right path. For more tips on growing your business, consider reading up on 7 more options to get your business growing fast! Discover our story and how we reached our goal and how we became a state-wide franchised business. It is worth the time, effort, and success you will receive.


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2 Advantages of Franchising in the Restaurant Business

By Franchise

Transitions in the business industry are a big step! If you have been pondering on turning your restaurant business into a franchise but are having some fear and doubt, check out 2 advantages that will give you the confidence and aggression that you have been needing. Take the leap of faith and push your business into the direction it deserves.

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In-Depth Training Process

The training is a lot more detailed and prepares the owner for everything he will need to know to take on this role such as classroom work, and on-the-job training, and shadowing. This training process is the ticket to success and will greatly benefit the business. It is important to be on the structure and value everything you are trained for so that you can train your staff members when the time comes to take that next step.

Instant Brand Recognition

Customer followings in franchise businesses are the reason why they have the opportunity to grow and succeed more than an independent ownership does. People like familiarity and consistency so keeping the same menu, hours, and store look will keep your loyal customers around and happy. There are many benefits to franchising and branding is one of the top. Gaining a following quickly is well worth the time and effort when usually it can take years to build a following.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to franchisees, especially in the restaurant department. To take this deeper into thought and to decide if this could be the right fit for you, check out a couple more advantages of franchising your restaurant business. Check out our franchise story here at Apple Spice to see how we reached our greatest potential and are now in more than 30 locations in the US!

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2 Types of Franchising Structures

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Are you in the business industry and looking to take your business to the next level? If you are considering switching over to a franchise, it is important to know the types of franchise options to consider. Below are 3 types of franchised structures that will help guide you to making the right decision!

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Business Format Franchise Structure

This is the most common franchise and focuses on the strategic business operational models and have been the most effective for small companies who develop into a larger business. Producing and distributing plays a big factor in this type of structure. This will help take you further along and determine how well your goods and services are going to do in this type of industry.

Product Franchise Structure

If you are a business with more of a focus on inventory and specific types of products, this franchise structure and ownership will be the one you need to pursue. When it comes to distributing particular products, it is critical to analyze the costs and how much revenue stream you will need for the business before you make your way to a product franchise.

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The expectations and requirements are things you want to be aware of before choosing a franchise. If you devote yourself and are aware of the time and effort you will be putting into this, it can be a rewarding choice once all considered factors are decided. Check out a couple more types of franchising structures to better prepare for this big decision. Discover our recipe for success and how we made it to the franchising industry and how it has tremendously strengthened our brand!

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