A Few Top Notch Holiday Party Themes

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holiday party theme options

It is Christmas season and you have decided to put on a themed party this year for all of your friends. It is typical to struggle to find the right ideas for such a festive season. Discover three unique corporate holiday party themes for the upcoming extravaganza.

holiday theme party

The Nutcracker

A classic Christmas story with tons of ways to create different types of foods and turn the party into a magical evening. Decorate with ballerinas and nutcrackers welcoming you at the door. Come up with creative dishes by naming them specifically to characters and scenes in the nutcrackers such as, “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

holiday mask party themes

Masquerade Ball

Get out your blacks, silvers, and gold because this will be a night to remember. Excite the guests by greeting them with masks to wear throughout the evening to make an epic masquerade evening. Spice it up with d’oeuvres, light finger food, and sparkling champagne.

santa clause holiday party themes

Santas Workshop

A charming theme with decorations and treats coming straight from Santa’s workshop. Make is a sweet evening with a full dessert table with ice cream, waffles, cupcakes, and Christmas cookies. For drinks, make festive cocktails with candy canes or Christmas tree pieces for a little festive addition to the cocktail.

For more holiday-themed ideas, learn three more out of the box themes here. Looking into catering for the fun fulfilled evening and still in need of a caterer? Check out our holiday menu, perfect for holiday events and parties.

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