Top Restaurants in Sarasota, FL

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restaurants to try in sarasota fl

Sarasota is known for its beautiful beaches, hot and humid weather, and delicious food to keep you sane through the Summertime! Get in the know with the best places to enjoy a nice meal with some pleasant company to make the most out of this fun season.

restaurants in sarasota fl area

Gecko’s Grill & Pub

The perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or a late-night dinner. Gecko’s Grill features gourmet pub food, nightly chef’s specials and a full bar featuring Happy Hour all day every day. From starters to burgers, to salads, they have got it all.

Boca Kitchen Bar & Market

Boca’s focuses on being a farm-to-table restaurant and prioritizes taste and service to make the customers happy. The menu is based on the local food movement and sources ingredients from nearby farmers and specialty food purveyors wherever possible. This is definitely a high-Quality food experience and a locally-sourced meal that benefits all.

The Rosemary

Traditional and contemporary dishes with an emphasis on alternative healthy options. Savor made-from-scratch and selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with fresh ingredients from regional farms!

top restaurants in sarasota fl

If you’re looking for more options, check out this full list of delicious restaurants to make the best out of your Sarasota experience. Local to the area and looking for caterers? Apple Spice here in Sarasota offers corporate catering box lunch delivery and catering for events, meetings, and more. Check out our fresh ingredient menu options to get a step closer to pleasure.

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