2 Simple Wedding Menu Ideas to Try

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Wedding planning is just getting started and there are many options to come up with to satisfy the hunger needs of your guests. It is important to think of a pre-meal with a variety of appetizers that will keep the guests patient and gives them something to snack on during the reception. Here a couple of creative menu ideas for the big day.

wedding menu ideas and tips

Popcorn Bar

To keep it casual, give the guests a variety of popcorn flavors so they can enjoy mixing and matching different kinds to keep their stomachs happy and to have a snack throughout the evening. Dress it up with some decorative flower bouquets around the popcorn bar.

wedding reception menu ideas

Chef Food Stations

Come up with a few food stations and watch the professionals prepare fresh ingredients hands-on. Food stations add variety, which guests love, so the guests have options throughout the evening on what they want to eat. Let the chefs take-over and prepare the d’oeuvres!

Food pairing is an important asset for a big wedding event, so make sure to do your research. There are endless options to come up with for wedding appetizers, the goal is to work your creativity. Check out 13 more creative wedding menu ideas for a long list of amazing bites. For catering menu options, check out our Apple Spice menu options, perfect for winter season weddings!

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