3 Benefits of Business Catering in Addison, TX

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If you’ve never looked into business catering for your work meeting or corporate event, you’ve been missing out. Why go through all the hassle of providing your own food when that is a caterer’s job! To provide quality meals, show great customer service, and do everything to make your event a success. Below are 3 benefits of business catering and why you should consider going this direction.

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Save Costs

Business catering most of the time offers a selection of packages to choose from that saves you a chunk of money rather than buying individual lunches one by one at a regular restaurant. Caterers provide all the essentials such as utensils, napkins, sauces, service trays, and more. These may be cheap to buy elsewhere, but when you’re feeding a larger party, the costs add up. Get more for your buck with these killer offers.

Less Hassel

Don’t worry about spending time on getting a headcount on food restrictions, order pick up, or food prep because the caterer has it covered. Spend more time on prepping for your meeting or event rather than having to do any last-minute food pickups or change someone’s order. After ordering once with us at Apple Spice, all of your food restriction requests are placed and we save them for your future orders.


It’s all about menu variety! Got picky eaters in the group? There are several menus to choose from to spice things up. Custom orders and requests are available to please every customer. People with health restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten-intolerant, and more are in great hands.

business catering in Addison tx

If your Addison, TX event is around the corner, let’s waste no more time! Check out our business catering menu options to discover the delicious food items we offer. What’s better than great service, great food, and good company? We look forward to serving you.

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