Top Caterers in Denver, CO

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Whether you have a special occasion, corporate event, or a long work day ahead of you, discover 3 of the top highly-rated local catering businesses in Denver that will meet all your needs and strive to satisfy their customers with excellent flavors and high-end services. Recommendations are a must when you are on the search for the perfect caterer who will help create a memorable event for your guests!

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Serendipity Catering

Serendipity offers customized menus with fresh and local produce, quality meats, and a variety of heavy duty appetizers. A great catering choice if you are planning to have gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and nut free attendees. Check venue hunting off the list because Serendipity provides venue options to make the event planning process a bit easier!

Footers Catering

Where culinary professionals and chefs come together to create customized menus and create their food from scratch. The team at Footers are constantly making the latest and trendiest foods to inspire their guests and clients. A perfect choice for fancy events featuring d’oeuvres, first course, entree, and a phenomenal desserts.

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features the perfect corporate catering menu right here in Denver. We offer boxed lunches with fresh and unique sandwich recipes, salads, homestyle soups, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. We strive to create the best nutritional and delicious ingredients and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options allowing our clients to cater from us any time of

catering services denverthe day!

The food at an event is the icing on the cake, so it is important to pick and choose the best selections! For more catering options in Denver, check out a few more to pick from.

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