Top Catering Companies in Orlando, FL

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Catering meals being prepared in Orlando, FL.

Want to hire a caterer for your Orlando special event? Plenty of great catering professionals serve clients in the greater Orange County area. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve created this quick guide to the top catering companies in Orlando, FL.

What Should You Look for in an Orlando Caterer?

All catering companies are unique, making it an exciting challenge to pick the right caterer for your corporate event, baby shower or wedding.

Consider these tips to select the right Orlando caterer:

  • Look for a caterer specializing in what you need: For instance, Apple Spice Catering has built its reputation as one of the top corporate caterers. Therefore, if you need a caterer for a business meeting, conference or workplace gathering, you can feel confident choosing Apple Spice Catering.
  • Read through online reviews: Check out what other clients have said about the caterers you’re considering. Be sure to make a list of the most frequently noted “pros” and “cons” for each caterer.
  • Match up menus with your and your guests’ preferences: Read through descriptions of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts. Consider which menu makes the most sense based on the venue, time of day and guests.

The Best Caterers for Weddings in Orlando

Your Orlando, FL, wedding should be nothing short of magical. Check out these caterers for one of the biggest days of your life:

Who Are the Top Corporate Caterers in Orlando, FL?

Begin your search for the best corporate event caterers in Orlando with this trio of favorites:

  • Apple Spice Catering: With so many fresh, flavorful options on our expansive menu, Apple Spice Catering is the ideal catering solution for any corporate get-together.
  • Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering: Are you envisioning your corporate event as the party of the year? In addition to innovative cuisine, Arthur’s opens in a new window will introduce you to DJs, lighting professionals and other industry experts.
  • Taverna Opa: For a taste of the Mediterranean, consider Taverna Opa opens in a new window. Their authentic Greek food gets consistently high ratings.

And the Best Overall Caterer in Orlando, FL Is…

Too many choices and too little time? No problem! If you’re looking for the best overall caterer, we recommend Apple Spice Catering. You’ll get amazing catered cuisine, consistently friendly service and the value you deserve.

Place your catered order online from Apple Spice Catering in Orlando today!

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