Top Catering Companies in Petaluma, CA

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Boxed lunch catering being served in Petaluma, CA

Every wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or corporate event is unique in its own way. That means you have to find the right caterer to match the meal to the moment.

At Apple Spice Catering, we know all about the importance of finding the top catering company in Petaluma, CA, for your needs. Use this handy guide to make the selection process as easy as pie — or should we say fresh-baked cookie?

What to Look for in a Petaluma Caterer

When you’re in search of the best caterer for any occasion, make the following must-haves a priority:

  • Punctuality: Your caterer should be known for being on time as well as on-trend.
  • Hospitality: Friendliness in a caterer goes a long way. Remember that this is a partnership and should feel like a warm collaboration.
  • Cuisine: Flavor and freshness matter! Be sure your caterer cares chooses ingredients thoughtfully and puts more than a little TLC into every item.

The Best Caterers for Petaluma Weddings

Petaluma and the surrounding Sonoma County region have become destination hotspots for one-of-a-kind weddings. If you’re seeking the perfect wedding caterer, check out these favorites:

Petaluma, CA Best Caterers for Baby and Bridal Showers

Need to find the best caterer for an upcoming baby shower, bridal shower or another social gathering? No problem! You’ll appreciate working with either of these options:

Top Corporate Caterers in Petaluma, CA

Business events don’t have to be all work and no pleasure. With the following caterers, you can make your corporate get-together a memorable, standout experience.

The Best Overall Corporate Event Catering Company

What’s the perennial winner when it comes to the best caterer for corporate events in Petaluma? Apple Spice Catering. We hit all the right notes — and please all the palates on your guest list!

Place your online order at Apple Spice Catering in Petaluma today.

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