Top Things to Do & See in Austin, Texas

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things to do and activities in austin texas

Austin is one of the most exciting and charming cities to visit due to the great restaurants, outdoor activities, museums to see, and more. Are you overwhelmed by all the options given to you while visiting Austin? Here are a few highly-recommended things to do while exploring the exquisite city of Austin, Texas.

things to do and see in austin tx

Texas State Capitol

Get cultured at the State Capitol where it will provide you information about the government, history, and culture of Texas. Established in 1983, the capitol building has become a place where thousands of visitors can take in the value of this historical building and gain knowledge of the myths and legends.

LBJ Presidential Library

Experience the life and story of Lyndon B. Johnson who was one of the most memorable presidents in the turbulent era of the 1960s. In this museum, you will be able to witness the oval office, discover how the legislation was signed by Johnson, and listen to the white house phone conversations. This is a sacred place to learn more about the times Johnson experienced as our nation’s president.

Lady Bird Trail

If you are an outdoor fanatic, take a bike ride, walk, or run on the water’s edge of Lady Bird Lake with a lovely view of skyscrapers, nature, attractions, and the people of Austin. This is one of the most recreational areas to experience in Texas because of the vibrant mixture of the environment and the people. This is a 10-mile long trail and worth every mile!

things to do while visiting autsin

Make the most out of your time in Austin because there is so much life to see and experience. The list does not end here and if you are looking for a bigger variety, check out TripAdvisor for other alternatives here. Experiencing some hunger after playing a tourist all day? Have a nice lunch in nature and visit Apple Spice to check out our box lunch catering menu. We bring you fresh ingredients with high-quality staff members who delivery right to your desired destination.

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