upcoming events in durham nc this year

Upcoming Annual Events in Durham, NC

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Durham is one of the coolest cities in North Carolina with a lot of exciting events happening in 2018. From culture events to food, to fitness, to art and more. Check out a few of the top annual options below to explore the different types of events you definitely will not want to miss!

historic war events in durham nc

153rd Anniversary Commemoration at Bennett Place State Historic Site

Take a look at the home of Nancy and James Bennett where many events and memories lie from the civil war. Embrace the history of historians and learn how much this war affected our civilian population. This Anniversary Tour will be happening on April 21st and 22nd, 2018.

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Come enjoy the 21st Annual Full Frame Documentary with a wide selection of independent films with an incredible line-up for 2018. This festival also offers educational programs including a full frame fellows program, school of doc, teach the teachers, youth screening, and lending library. Buy your tickets and passes now to witness the vibrant and essential American culture and landscaped films and create your own experiences through this essential institution of talent!

The Doughman Quadrathlon

A unique and thrilling event where athleticism and gastronomic foodies combine the fun to race for a local nonprofit organization. Every year they partner with the top restaurants featuring the best local farms, foods, and brew in Durham. The Doughman has been apart of the Durham community for 10 years now and continues to build wonderful memories and friendships.

food events in durham nc

The fun does not stop here. For a list of annual events going on for the rest of year, check out the full calendar to see what else is out there! Durham is not only known for their major events, but also for their great food. Discover our catering services here at Apple Spice featuring box lunches and a full breakfast and dinner menu with freshly made ingredients. Apple Spice is located right here in Durham, North Carolina. Put your order in now to receive your delicious meal after attending an event!

nashville tn concerts this year

Spring Season Concerts to Attend in Nashville, TN

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Are you a music fanatic and excited to see what concerts are coming to Nashville? March is just around the corner and here are some of the top concerts to consider attending. A variety of music genres will be on the list for next month, so check out the best options and buy your tickets as soon as possible!

tourist things to do in nashville tn

Simply Sinatra with the Nashville Symphony

A night of classic blues with songs like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, The Lady Is a TrampNew York, New York, Come Fly with Me and My Way. Steve Lippia will be the headliner of this concert bringing his incredible vocals and charm to the stage. This will be a night of Frank Sinatra sounds live at the incredible Nashville symphony venue.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ In Concert

For all the Harry Potter fans, this is going to be a live phenomenal experience with all the music from Prisoner of Azkaban. This concert will be performed by the Nashville symphony giving you a full night of magical Harry Potter music.

Evening with the Eagles

Welcome the Eagles to Nashville! They have decided to put on a two shows happening on March 23rd and 24th. The Eagles over generations have become one of the most influential and talented rock bands who have sold more than 100 million albums and their singles have been on top the charts several times. Tickets are selling fast so it is important to buy tickets quickly.

cool things to do in nashville tn

Nashville is known for being the music city which means you are guaranteed to experience some great concerts. Book your tickets now to reserve your spot for these top concerts coming up next month. Check out more of Nashville’s upcoming concerts for the whole year to discover more bands coming near you. Nashville is not only known for great music, but also their restaurants and dining. To catch some lunch or dinner before your concert, Apple Spice features a full catering menu perfect for big groups such as meetings, parties or events. Delicious ingredients with sweet treats to end the meal right.

events in richmond va to attend

Upcoming Events in Richmond, VA

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It is a new year which means it’s time to plan out the local events you will be attending this year. Richmond is the place to experience indoor and outdoor activities, family fun and the best places to eat. Consider these three food events happening this month with amazing perks you do not want to miss out on.

richmond food tours and events

Arts District Food Tour

Not only will there be delicious food, but join the fun to experience the diversity of cafes, shops, restaurants and baked goods to get the full food tour experience. The uniqueness of the Art District food tour is to take in the historical and inspiring art galleries while exploring the taste of the authentic southern cuisine.

Carytown Food & History Tour

A mix of five different restaurants and cafes featuring authentic French food, tacos, desserts and more. Get in touch with Carytown food tours to learn about how they got started and why they have fell in love with providing their guests with such unique restaurants, boutiques and other professional services.

Butterbean Jazz Quartet

Experience gourmet Richmond pizza at the dock streets in the city’s shock bottom with live jazz music and other special performances to entertain and please their guests all night. There is no better combination than freshly made pizza and live jazz music. This is a free event so make sure to get the full effect of the true meaning of Richmond history.

richmond cuisine events

If you want to mark your calendar for the year, check out the full list of events going on this year in Richmond. Planning your own event and not sure where to start? Richmond is full of phenomenal dining and catering options that can meet all your event needs. Check out our catering menu perfect for events, meetings, or special occasions with high-quality and nutritional ingredients.

winter activities in salt lake

Winter Activities in Salt Lake Valley, UT

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Embracing snowfall is a time to explore outdoor adventures and to take the risk to try new things and enjoy every moment. As long as you have all the right layers and stay bundled, the mountains will become your best friend this winter season. Consider a couple of these winter activities to get the full snowy wilderness experience.

winter activities snow shoeing


If you are a regular hiker, this is a great option to get a taste of the beautiful canyons, national parks, and trails to walk through and the higher you go, the more breathtaking views you will see. The best places to snowshoe are in Cherry Peak Resort, Sundance Mountain Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, Alta Ski Area, Snowbasin Resort, or Park City Mountain. Be selective about what you want to see, how far you want to go and research the difficulty level for all the resorts that you consider adventuring in.

outdoor winter ski activities

Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy a wide selection of incredible places to go cross-country skiing including mountain tops, golf courses, state parks, or historic trails. This is a more difficult activity so thoroughly read through all your options before jumping the gun to any advanced trails and know what you are getting yourself into. Some of the top destinations to journey through the mountains are Soldier Hollow, The Homestead Cross-Country Ski Center,
The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, Solitude Nordic Center, or The Viking Yurt. Each trail features different levels of difficulty and tells you the round-trip mileage. Regardless of which center you decide on, you can’t go wrong. Be aware of the equipment and training you will need before taking off.

These are just a couple activities to start with but don’t worry because there is a more to be explored. If you are an outdoors fanatic, check out more options here to make the best of the winter weather. Need a hot chocolate break? Located in West Valley, Apple Spice Catering offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with beverages including delicious hot chocolate or coffee to give you the warmth you need after a long adventurous day. Check out our catering menu and order in to keep warm!

best food tour richmond va

Food Tours to Check out in Richmond, VA

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Get a taste of the divine food in Richmond where you are able to explore the diversity of recipes and culture throughout each tour. Whether you’re a picky foodie or someone who loves all types of food, do your research to learn more about the tours and decide which one would be most enjoyable for you. Consider these two tours below who offer the best tastes and unique dishes you have never experienced.

richmond food and wine tours

Real Richmond Food Tours

Since 2010, Real Richmond Food Tour brings a mixture of tours featuring bistro and southern favorites, coffee roasters, bakeries, farmers market vendors, savory small bites, vegetarian options, and more. Book a private or custom tour to make it a personal and memorable experience.

richmond virginia food tours

River City Food Tours

Offering two private tours, River City brings in local restaurants and bakeries with mouthwatering snacks to keep you satisfied all day long. Along with the delicious food, you get to meet the people behind these culinary kitchens. Private tours are recommended and run for about 3 hours each.

To discover more food tours, visit here to open your mind to more delicious Richmond food city tours. Richmond is full of must-try local restaurants where the list can go on and on. If you are looking for a night in, Apple Spice is a full-service catering company who make it easy for you to enjoy a fresh meal. Check out our delicious menu options and order with us online now!

corporate event lunch catering

3 Corporate Lunch Catering Ideas for Your Next Event

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In charge of the annual corporate event this year and running out of catering ideas? Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and visualize what they would want as far as catering and food options to satisfy their needs to make the corporate event a more pleasant and memorable experience. Food is a priority at an event so step up your game and keep the attendees happy by reading up on three corporate lunch catering ideas for the next event.

Buffet Style

Keep it simple with the classic buffet style. Free for all is an easy way to serve people at your corporate event because it gives them the freedom to receive as much or as little food as they want. Having a wide variety of options on the table is a great solution to pleasing all of your guests who are attending.

corporate catering services for events

Boxed Lunches

A boxed lunch for each attendee can be a wonderful lunch idea for business meetings. Featuring a full-service meal to satisfy your guest’s needs, a catered box lunch can include sandwich options, salads, potato chips, a side of fruit, and a sweet treat for dessert. This is a convenient way of serving at a corporate event because each person receives the same exact meal with the same portions keeping it equal, organized, and delicious!

Chef Stations

Chef stations are always one of the most fun corporate catering ideas, as they allow the guests to explore options at the event and interact with chefs who make and serve right in front of you. To make it even more creative, give each station a theme to bring more excitement to your corporate event.

Need a Caterer?

Now you have some useful office lunch catering ideas, but are still looking for a caterer for the big day? Apple Spice offers box lunch and catering services perfect for business meetings, corporate events, and parties. Learn more about our fresh ingredients, catering options, and order process here at Apple Spice Catering Co.

austin food winter festival

Food Festivals to Hit the Next 3 Months in Austin, TX

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It is a new year, which means your favorite yearly festivals are back and bringing new food, more entertainment, and the finest beverages to you right here in Austin. Explore a few festivals below occurring over the next three months to buy your tickets and call up your friends to join the fun.

austin texas food and wine festival


Austin Oyster Festival

Calling all seafood lovers! This festival is known for serving delicious raw oysters, other seafood, and wine and beer options. Besides the awesome seafood, there will be music and prize giveaways. Buy your VIP or general admission tickets now to get ready for the oyster party happening on February 24th from 12-6pm.


South by Southwest

A four-in-one festival including music, film, technology, and food. Aside from the festival hype, the food trucks attending this festival this year are Briggo Coffee Haus, DFG Noodles, Four Brothers, Happy Lobster, and more. Check out the full ¬food truck list to start planning what to have!

food festivals to attend austin tx


Austin Food and Wine Festival

Enjoy a full three-day food experience with artisanal food, tasting sessions, kitchen secrets, and live music performances. Over 20 types of food and 50 of the finest beverages are showcased for you to taste and explore the top culinary exhibitors from around the world.

Discover more food festivals going on for the rest of the year here in Austin, TX. If you aren’t the festival type, catering delicious meals can also be an option. Apple Spice catering offers breakfast, boxed lunches, and dinner services with high-quality staff members here to deliver to wherever you desire. Check out our catering menu to get a better idea of the services we offer!

holiday party theme options

A Few Top Notch Holiday Party Themes

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It is Christmas season and you have decided to put on a themed party this year for all of your friends. It is typical to struggle to find the right ideas for such a festive season. Discover three unique corporate holiday party themes for the upcoming extravaganza.

holiday theme party

The Nutcracker

A classic Christmas story with tons of ways to create different types of foods and turn the party into a magical evening. Decorate with ballerinas and nutcrackers welcoming you at the door. Come up with creative dishes by naming them specifically to characters and scenes in the nutcrackers such as, “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

holiday mask party themes

Masquerade Ball

Get out your blacks, silvers, and gold because this will be a night to remember. Excite the guests by greeting them with masks to wear throughout the evening to make an epic masquerade evening. Spice it up with d’oeuvres, light finger food, and sparkling champagne.

santa clause holiday party themes

Santas Workshop

A charming theme with decorations and treats coming straight from Santa’s workshop. Make is a sweet evening with a full dessert table with ice cream, waffles, cupcakes, and Christmas cookies. For drinks, make festive cocktails with candy canes or Christmas tree pieces for a little festive addition to the cocktail.

For more holiday-themed ideas, learn three more out of the box themes here. Looking into catering for the fun fulfilled evening and still in need of a caterer? Check out our holiday menu, perfect for holiday events and parties.

winter party ideas

Winter Themed Party Ideas

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It is a joyful time of year during this winter season and parties are filling the calendar quick. You want to have an incredibly memorable party this year for your guests but are in some serious need of creative options. Here are a few winter themed party decoration ideas for this chilly season.

winter themed party tips

Winter Wonderland – Snow Themed Party Ideas

Enjoy a fun and fulfilling evening by planning the perfect winter wonderland themed party with white fish, white potatoes, white fruits and vegetables, white wine, and an endless selection of white made desserts. This is a great theme for cold states during snow season because it adds the final touch to this festive theme.

Romantic & Cozy

Enjoy a nice dinner under twinkly lights with your closest friends. This is a nice theme for intimate conversations and smaller groups of guests. The menu will include home-style warm soups with hot creative cocktails and mulled wine with a color scheme of red, pink, or black with lots of lit candles. This themed dinner is also perfect for one-on-one dates.

Winter in the Woods

Wood is a hot décor trend right now and makes a perfect themed party. The menu will include roasted turkey with steamed vegetables, risotto, red wine, and craft beer. Any type of pine cones or forest inspired decorations to create the perfect winter in the woods dinner experience.

winter themed holiday party ideas

For more winter theme party ideas for corporate settings, check out some more hip ideas here. Now that you have these party themes for winter as your guide, plan your winter party now by checking out our Apple Spice menu perfect for this winter season.

fruit platter creative ideas

Assorted Fruit Platter Ideas for Your Next Event

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When it comes to preparing fruit for a party, it is all about the presentation. There are many vibrant colors in fruit, and the only way to display it is to be creative and festive. Check out three fruit platter ideas to create for your next party or event.

fruit plate ideas for events

Parallel Fruited lines

If you plan to have a wide variety of fruit, it is important to have a large dish to fit the fruit arrangement. This is a classic way to display a fruit platter with parallel lines making it easy to pick up the certain fruit you want from the selections. To add a little more creativity, you can add a dotted line with cut strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries around the rim of the fruit dish.

Fruit Skewers

Skewers are a popular way to display fruit at a party. They are easy to grab and people like having them on a stick to make it easier to eat. They make it easy to not have to worry about the fruit mixing with any other food on your plate. This is a trendy way to style your fruit and a fun add-on to the food display at an event or party.

Berry Cones

A selection of blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries inside of a waffle cone creates a fun way to eat fruit. The waffle cone adds a sweet touch to the combination of these delicious berries. If you want to make this more of a dessert, the berry cone has the perfect amount of sweetness.

berry plates for parties

Planning for an upcoming party? Take a look at our Apple Spice Catering menu for events, business meetings, and parties. We offer fruit platters with fruit dip which makes a great add-on to the breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu.