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2 Ideas For Your Next Catering Event

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Planning for the one-year annual corporate event is around corner and catering is still waiting to be checked off the list. Here are two ways to get creative during the catering thought process.

Themed Meal

It is worth spicing up the display and creating a theme to go along with the catered food at your event. Create a themed menu or decorate the table a certain way to add some character to the food area. Giving the food table more life will bring more fun and energy to the event making the guests more satisfied.

Healthy Gourmet

It is important to feed your guests, but also to keep them well nourished. Provide a selection of healthy options such as veggies and hummus, mini sandwiches, or fresh spring rolls. It is critical to keep the guests awake and aware during the event. Healthy foods can keep them energized and filled.

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Start the creative process for your corporate event and get those catering ideas flowing. Prep ahead for the next one and check out Apple Spice Catering here in Ogden.

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Get In The Loop With 3 Nashville Food Events

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New to Nashville and want to get in with the foodies of Tennessee? Check out three of the most talked about food festivals in the City of Nashville that you will not want to miss.

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Nashville Restaurant Week

This event is twice a year and has 40 different local restaurants who come and offer special menus and prices for those who attend. This is a great way to get your foot inside the food scene.

Tennessee Flavors

This festival is all about the latest and greatest creations from local food vendors and drink artisans. This event happens every March and is located right at the Nashville State Community College.

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Nuit Belge

This is a great food exposition of southern food and Belgian beer. This festival is held in Nashville and New Orleans offers some of the best beer and top southern food restaurants. They are now in their fourth year and are excited to show some of the best chefs and restaurants in the city of Nashville.

Speaking of Catering and Events

There is so much to learn when it comes to Southern food. These festivals are a great way for food beginners to interact with catering companies and to get more familiar with the food industry. Speaking of catering and events, Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering is located right in Nashville that offers fresh meals for work dinners, meetings, events, holiday parties and more. Read more about the services at Apple Spice and discover the efficiency of ordering online.