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franchise opportunities and benefits

The Benefits of a Franchise

By Catering

If you are debating transitioning from a small business to a franchise, you are headed in the right direction! There are so many advantages and benefits to upgrading your business to a franchise and here is why:

what is a franchise company

Better Profiting

Although bigger brands such as McDonald’s and other worldwide businesses have higher costs, it is more than likely that you will be able to generate high returns on all made investments. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the high amount loans you will be borrowing to get the business started and running. Once the company is on its feet, it becomes more and more easy to pay off the any returns because of the higher income you will be receiving.

Lower Failure Rate

Buying a franchise almost always guarantees a much better chance of success than other independent or small businesses who are starting from the bottom and building their way up on their own with poor growth. The goal is survival and franchising is a way to keep your business moving forward rather than falling backward.

Brand-Name Recognition

Buying a Franchise automatically increases your customer numbers by double because of the exposure you have given your brand. Finding a good radius of where you place your locations is critical because it helps target customers when they are in near by areas and cities from one another.

franchise opportunities and advantages to know about

Business changes can be hard and difficult, especially when you are making extremely important decisions that will forever affect the company. Take your time during the process and check out a few more advantages of franchising. Franchising a business is a step up in the world and has great benefits to it. Discover the story of Apple Spice to learn how we are now located in over 30 cities in the United States and continue to grow and succeed!

restaurants near austin tx area

Restaurants Near University of Texas

By Places

New to the University of Texas and looking to explore the restaurants and hot spots around campus? Austin has a wide selection of delicious restaurants around the campus with different tastes, vibes and ingredients that you will definitely want to experience! Read about 3 must-try restaurants around the area to get you off to a good start.

restaurants near austin tx area


A comfortable and casual space to enjoy homestyle French-style cooking featuring a wide selection of appetizers, brunch and lunch plates and a dinner menu which begins at 5pm to closing time. If you come in after a long day of school enjoy the wine, draft beer and cocktails to kick back with some friends with tastes of authentic and fresh meals.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

A perfect place to come for a nice lunch away from campus to take in the scrumptious American comfort food with starters, salads, sandwiches and large platters if you want the full moonshine experience. The variety of plates here bring a great set of options for all types including guests with food allergies, vegetarian needs, or love for dessert.

Red Ash

An Italia influenced restaurants with fresh made pastas, seafood and vegetables. Stop on by for happy hour from 4:30pm to 6:30pm with lower priced drinks, appetizers, salads and small pastas! Soak in the ambiance of Italy with their freshly made local ingredients.

healthy restaurants near austin tx

Overwhelmed by all the great options you have near campus? When the college life becomes busy, it can be difficult to find time to go out and eat during a long day of classes and studying. Discover a simpler way to dine by staying on campus and checking out Apple Spice Catering who offers box lunch delivery and catering services with sandwiches and wraps, salads, soups, and more.

Hotels to Stay at For Your Corporate Event in Raleigh, NC

By Places

Spending a couple nights in the city of Raleigh for an upcoming corporate event? You are in luck because Raleigh offers hotels strictly for business trips and purposes with wonderful amenities, great city views and five-star service. Discover a couple of the top business hotels to stay in during your time in Raleigh!

top hotels in raleigh nc

Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel

The newly renovated renaissance hotel enhances the customer experience with their chic and unique transformation with rooms featuring great amenities and restaurants inside the hotel for quick access to delicious meals! Outside of the hotel you can find shopping, dining and an overall perfect entertainment destination.

The Hyatt

The Hyatt Hotel features 6 stories of rooms located in Corporate Center Park and strive to make their guests happy by playing relaxing music throughout the hotel, fresh scents and contemporary decor. For business travelers, you may upgrade to the suite for a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

nice hotels in raleigh nc

Raleigh is a charming and delightful city with a great variety of places to stay for business traveling customers. The next time you stop through North Carolina, check out Apple Spice Catering to learn about our box lunch and catering menu options perfect for corporate events and business meetings with sandwiches, soups, salads and dessert selections

fort sumter tours south carolina

The Fort Sumter Tour in Charleston, SC

By Places

Charleston is full of historic beauty where there is so much to be seen and learned. One of the coolest adventures to experience in Charleston is the famous Fort Sumter Tour which takes you through the stories and history of one of the deadliest wars that has ever existed. Indulge in the rich history of the American Civil War and read about 3 additions you get to experience along the inspiring tour!

fort sumpter

Trip to The Harbor

Enjoy a scenic tour starting from Liberty Square in Downtown Charleston. Other views during the harbor tour include the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, Aquarium Wharf and sailboats and dolphin sighting once you reach the For Sumter National Monument.

War History and Events

Discover more about the American Civil War which happened in 1861 leading to one of the most tragic wars there ever was. Take in the emotion and details of these stories you hear because they are memories that will be treasured forever here in Charleston.

Learning of Iconic Heroes

The National Park Rangers features heroes from the Civil War’s first battle who have shaped our nation to this day. There are museums and exhibits where you can learn more about the veterans who served abroad during these wars.

fort sumter tours

Soaking in all of the great tourist attractions is definitely a way to fall in love with the city of Charleston. The history, beautiful beaches, fun towns and restaurants are all reasons to visit South Carolina. Speaking of restaurants, check out places around Charleston to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner by starting with Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering. It is the perfect place to receive catered or boxed lunches great for events, special occasions, business meetings and more. Learn more by reading about our box lunch menu featuring delicious sandwich, salad, and soup options to meet all your needs for a busy day of tourism!

restaurants downtown slc

Temple Square Dining in Salt Lake City

By Places

Walking the grounds of Temple Square and curious to know the best dining around the area? Discover a few of the top restaurants to try when visiting one of Salt Lake City’s best qualities, temple square.

temple square slc

The Roof Restaurant

Enjoy an upscale buffet restaurant overlooking the LDS Salt Lake Temple great for large parties with a special and delicious menu. If you are wanting a nice dinner for a corporate lunch, date night or a family dinner night this is a great option to get the full Temple Square experience. Get ready to tase an international cuisine with dessert options and traditional appetizer favorites.

restaurants downtown sac

Caffe Molise

An Italian restaurant with local ingredients bringing customers unique specialties including great wine, beer, and cocktail selections. Experience the Utah art indoor ambiance or a gardened patio for a nice day-time lunch. On weekends there is live jazz music adding the perfect touch to a fresh Italian meal.

places to eat and cater from downtown slc

What about restaurants that cater?

Temple Square is one of the most inspirational and scenic sights to see in Salt Lake City. To discover more dining options Downtown, check out a few other selections here. Looking to cater for lunch if you work Downtown? Apple Spice offers box lunch delivery and catering with fresh-made ingredients featuring sandwiches, savory salads, and more. Come on by to try our delicious lunches or check out our online catering menu perfect for business meetings, corporate events, or special occasions.

best corporate catering companies

The Beauty of Corporate Catering

By Catering

In the business world, it is difficult to find time to enjoy a nice lunch due to fast paced hours and busy schedules. Making enough time in the day to eat is difficult, so here is where corporate catering services can save the day. Below are 3 reasons corporate catering is such a simple and delicious way to receive lunch during a hectic day.

top corporate catering companies

Online Ordering

The convenience in online ordering is by going to a website and ordering right then and there with one click. You have access to the types of menus, drinks, prices and more. You can also call the phone number of the business you are ordering from and do it over the phone if you prefer speaking to a staff member to help you through the process.

corporate catering local companies

Executive Lunch Packages

Depending on how much you will need to be catering, there are options featuring individual lunch boxes, continental breakfast trays, build your own and the list goes on. These portions are perfect for business meetings or corporate events. The executive packages are a great deal that give you a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options with affordable prices.

Efficient Delivery Service

Unlike fast food delivery or other third party online options, it is the duty of catering businesses to bring their customers professional and consistent service. As long as you make sure to order 24 hours in advance to give the staff enough time for preparation, the delivery will still be on time even with bigger orders and further aways distances!

Planning for your next big corporate event? Check out our Apple Spice catering menus with full service options including breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasion items. Spice it up with adding in desserts or beverages to add the perfect touch to your meal. You will not regret this decision! Order now.

hiking trails in logan utah area

Logan Canyon Hiking Trails In Utah

By Places

Winter is coming to an end and you are itching to get outside and explore the gorgeous mountains and trails of Utah. Logan Canyon is known for their wide selection of canyons with over 10 trails in each area. If you have never been up north to explore, it is highly suggested you take a trip up to Logan to get a glimpse of these phenomenal mountains. Check out 3 of the top canyons to hike through to get the full canyon experience in Logan, Utah.

best hiking utah

Canyon Mouth Area

This area of the canyon has 11 trail options including Beirdneau Peak with a trail length of 3 miles and is an easy to moderate leveled trail. For a more difficult trailhead, Spring Hollow has an evaluation of 5030 feet/2170 feet with beautiful mountain views and trees.

Tony Grove Area

Tony Grove falls in the heart of the canyon with several trail options featuring moderate leveled hikes including Bunchgrass Trail, Jardine Juniper, and White Pine Lake. These trails are enjoyable for all the seasons of the year and have several toilet locations throughout the canyon for convenient bathroom stops.

Beaver Mountain Area

This canyon features 10 trails including Double Top which is a nice and easy direct route that will lead you to the end of both south summits rewarding you with an incredible view. Once you reach the top you can head north and reach the top of the summit. 9 other amazing trails with levels ranging from easy to moderate.

hiking trails in logan

The adventures do not have to end here! For a full map of the Logan canyon, check it out here to continue the hiking journey. After a nice long day of hiking trails, you must have an appetite. Apple Spice offers catering services with lunch box and catering menus perfect for large groups or individuals in need of a nice meal for a busy day. Check out our lunch box menu to see our sandwich, salad and soup selections that you definitely will want to try!

nashville tn concerts this year

Spring Season Concerts to Attend in Nashville, TN

By Events

Are you a music fanatic and excited to see what concerts are coming to Nashville? March is just around the corner and here are some of the top concerts to consider attending. A variety of music genres will be on the list for next month, so check out the best options and buy your tickets as soon as possible!

tourist things to do in nashville tn

Simply Sinatra with the Nashville Symphony

A night of classic blues with songs like I’ve Got You Under My Skin, The Lady Is a TrampNew York, New York, Come Fly with Me and My Way. Steve Lippia will be the headliner of this concert bringing his incredible vocals and charm to the stage. This will be a night of Frank Sinatra sounds live at the incredible Nashville symphony venue.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™ In Concert

For all the Harry Potter fans, this is going to be a live phenomenal experience with all the music from Prisoner of Azkaban. This concert will be performed by the Nashville symphony giving you a full night of magical Harry Potter music.

Evening with the Eagles

Welcome the Eagles to Nashville! They have decided to put on a two shows happening on March 23rd and 24th. The Eagles over generations have become one of the most influential and talented rock bands who have sold more than 100 million albums and their singles have been on top the charts several times. Tickets are selling fast so it is important to buy tickets quickly.

cool things to do in nashville tn

Nashville is known for being the music city which means you are guaranteed to experience some great concerts. Book your tickets now to reserve your spot for these top concerts coming up next month. Check out more of Nashville’s upcoming concerts for the whole year to discover more bands coming near you. Nashville is not only known for great music, but also their restaurants and dining. To catch some lunch or dinner before your concert, Apple Spice features a full catering menu perfect for big groups such as meetings, parties or events. Delicious ingredients with sweet treats to end the meal right.

events in richmond va to attend

Upcoming Events in Richmond, VA

By Events

It is a new year which means it’s time to plan out the local events you will be attending this year. Richmond is the place to experience indoor and outdoor activities, family fun and the best places to eat. Consider these three food events happening this month with amazing perks you do not want to miss out on.

richmond food tours and events

Arts District Food Tour

Not only will there be delicious food, but join the fun to experience the diversity of cafes, shops, restaurants and baked goods to get the full food tour experience. The uniqueness of the Art District food tour is to take in the historical and inspiring art galleries while exploring the taste of the authentic southern cuisine.

Carytown Food & History Tour

A mix of five different restaurants and cafes featuring authentic French food, tacos, desserts and more. Get in touch with Carytown food tours to learn about how they got started and why they have fell in love with providing their guests with such unique restaurants, boutiques and other professional services.

Butterbean Jazz Quartet

Experience gourmet Richmond pizza at the dock streets in the city’s shock bottom with live jazz music and other special performances to entertain and please their guests all night. There is no better combination than freshly made pizza and live jazz music. This is a free event so make sure to get the full effect of the true meaning of Richmond history.

richmond cuisine events

If you want to mark your calendar for the year, check out the full list of events going on this year in Richmond. Planning your own event and not sure where to start? Richmond is full of phenomenal dining and catering options that can meet all your event needs. Check out our catering menu perfect for events, meetings, or special occasions with high-quality and nutritional ingredients.

starting a new catering business

The Steps to Starting a Business

By Catering

Starting your own business is a risky but rewarding experience if you know how to play your cards right. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process and how to get on your feet before making any drastic decisions, check out three ways to help start your business and get you moving in the right direction.

starting a food business

Build Market Research

Research as much as you can before acting on anything. This is the perfect opportunity to gather as many ideas and thoughts you have for starting your business and working your way to success. Find a good system by researching the markets for customers and businesses that are already launched and running in near by vicinities to check out the competition around you and make a game plan.

Fund Your Business

Know how much money you are putting into this business. Be smart about the costs and start with the essentials to move you to the next steps. When working with a low budget, you will have to borrow money or take a loan to get on your feet. Overall, this is normal for new businesses to take a loan to start building their business. It is important you pay back the money you borrowed overtime.

Apply For a License And a Permit

By Federal agency, you will need certain licenses and permits to regulate these business activities. It is critical to apple for a license once you have done research and know what type of permits and licenses you will be needed to move forward.

how to properly start a business

Take it easy and slow in the beginning stages of starting your own business. It is worth the time, effort and money you put into it once you learn to thoroughly walk through the proper steps. For a few more tips, check out 7 more steps to starting a new business. To learn more about franchise opportunities, Apple Spice has turned into a nation-wide business with over 30 locations in the United States. Check out our franchise story and how we got to where we are today!