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ogden ut coffee shops that cater

Catered Coffee Shops Ogden, UT

By Places

Can’t seem to make time for a coffee pick-up on your way to work? Conveniently there are companies who offer coffee delivery right to your doorstep. No need to worry any longer about stopping at your local coffee shop as your rushing to work. Check out three coffee shops in Ogden, UT who bring coffee straight to your destination.

top ogden ut coffee shops

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einsteins offer group beverages such as orange juice, coffee, iced or hot tea, and lemonade stating from $8.99-$15.99. Individually bottled beverages is an option as well with vitamin water flavors, diet coke, water, or apple juice. This is a great option for larger groups for corporate meetings or morning events.

Grounds for Coffee

This is a fresh and local coffee shop who delivers freshly roasted coffee to your door. Customers can order up to 5 lbs it’s of any single coffee with options of organic fair and trade coffee, decaf, flavored coffee, dark roasts, or coffees by region.

Kneaders Bakery

Kneaders has several different catering options. Their most popular catering items are the continental breakfast or the deluxe business platter. There are great choices for morning meetings or work events. The breakfast comes with pastries, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

ogden ut coffee shops who cater

Want to plan the next work conference an advance with some delicious breakfast and freshly brewed coffee? Apple Spice Catering right here in Ogden offers an executive continental breakfast package and much more to keep you going through your long work day. Check out our menu here.

best cheesecake salt lake city

Best Cheesecake in Salt Lake City, UT

By Places

It is that time of year again where dessert and anything sweet is on the mind, especially cheesecake. If you are visiting Utah for the holidays and need some cheesecake recommendations, here are three highly rated spots to get fresh and delicious in-house made cheesecake in Salt Lake City.

top cheesecake salt lake city

Tulie Bakery

Tullie opened in 2008 and are famous for making their items with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Their cheesecake is rich, creamy, and on a gram cracker crust covered in seasonal fresh fruit.

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has 36 different flavors and all are to die for. One of their most popular is the red velvet with moist layers of red velvet cake and their original cheesecake covered with a top layer of cream cheese frosting.

Lone Pine Bakery

Known for their premium hand-made pastries including two flavors of cheesecake. The first is a classic light creamy cheesecake on a honey graham cracker crust and the second is a double chocolate cheesecake topped with a decadent chocolate drizzle.

cheesecake salt lake city

Throwing an event and need some catering options? Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering services offer a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu with a wide variety of options and delicious desserts including their famous caramel apple cheesecake! Order now.

holiday party theme options

A Few Top Notch Holiday Party Themes

By Events

It is Christmas season and you have decided to put on a themed party this year for all of your friends. It is typical to struggle to find the right ideas for such a festive season. Discover three unique corporate holiday party themes for the upcoming extravaganza.

holiday theme party

The Nutcracker

A classic Christmas story with tons of ways to create different types of foods and turn the party into a magical evening. Decorate with ballerinas and nutcrackers welcoming you at the door. Come up with creative dishes by naming them specifically to characters and scenes in the nutcrackers such as, “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

holiday mask party themes

Masquerade Ball

Get out your blacks, silvers, and gold because this will be a night to remember. Excite the guests by greeting them with masks to wear throughout the evening to make an epic masquerade evening. Spice it up with d’oeuvres, light finger food, and sparkling champagne.

santa clause holiday party themes

Santas Workshop

A charming theme with decorations and treats coming straight from Santa’s workshop. Make is a sweet evening with a full dessert table with ice cream, waffles, cupcakes, and Christmas cookies. For drinks, make festive cocktails with candy canes or Christmas tree pieces for a little festive addition to the cocktail.

For more holiday-themed ideas, learn three more out of the box themes here. Looking into catering for the fun fulfilled evening and still in need of a caterer? Check out our holiday menu, perfect for holiday events and parties.

vegetarian sandwich best recipes

Delicious Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

By Recipes

Can’t find the best recipes for meat-free sandwiches for lunch? Time to think outside the box and come up with some delicious ingredients and become an expert sandwich-maker. Check out three mouthwatering vegetarian sandwich recipes that will keep you healthy and happy!

vegetarian sandwich options

Grilled Lemongrass Tofu Vietnamese Sandwich

For vegan lovers, this is a grilled tofu sandwich with garlic, coriander root, and lemongrass and spoon on more marinade once it comes off the grill. Served with vegan mayo, pickled carrots and daikon, and fresh cucumber, jalapeño, and cilantro. This is the perfect vegetarian Asian Fusion sandwich.

Roasted Beet Sandwich with Ginger Sandwich

This is a fresh sandwich with roasted beets, ginger vinaigrette with goat cheese and blanched beet greens, raw fennel bulb and fronds. Beets on bread is a risky endeavor, but this sandwich combo is to die for. If goat cheese it too heavy for your liking, substitute for mozzarella cheese.

Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is a scrumptious grilled cheese with shredded cheese, homemade spinach, and artichoke dip. Make sure to heat these up together so the bread toasts and the cheese melts. This is a great sandwich when you are in the mood for something hot and toasted.

vegetarian sandwich recipes to try

Not a vegetarian and looking for a protein filled sandwich recipes? Check out 17 other sandwich options that will make your lunch top all. Discover more about our boxed lunch catering menu. We deliver right to your destination and provide high-quality customer service for all our customers.

winter party ideas

Winter Themed Party Ideas

By Events

It is a joyful time of year during this winter season and parties are filling the calendar quick. You want to have an incredibly memorable party this year for your guests but are in some serious need of creative options. Here are a few winter party themed ideas for this chilly season.

winter themed party tips

Winter Wonderland

Enjoy a fun and fulfilling evening by planning the perfect winter wonderland themed party with white fish, white potatoes, white fruits and vegetables, white wine, and an endless selection of white made desserts. This is a great theme for cold states during snow season because it adds the final touch to this festive theme.

Romantic & Cozy

Enjoy a nice dinner under twinkly lights with your closest friends. This is a nice theme for intimate conversations and smaller groups of guests. The menu will include home-style warm soups with hot creative cocktails and mulled wine with a color scheme of red, pink, or black with lots of lit candles. This themed dinner is also perfect for one-on-one dates.

Winter in the Woods

Wood is a hot decor trend right now and makes a perfect themed party. The menu will include roasted turkey with steamed vegetables, risotto, red wine, and craft beer. Any type of pine cones or forest inspired decorations to create the perfect winter in the woods dinner experience.

winter themed holiday party ideas

For more party themes, check out some more hip ideas here. Plan your winter party now by checking out our Apple Spice menu perfect for this winter season.

healthy hot lunch ideas and options for work

Easy Lunches to Make For Work

By Recipes

Winter season is here, which means it is time to get out those warm coats and turn the heater up. Cold salads for lunch do not sound so pleasant during cold weathered seasons. Discover three easy hot lunches to keep you warm and your tummy happy.

hot lunches for work

Cup of Noodles

Create your own cup of noodles with an option of white, wheat, or rice noodles with tofu. shredded carrots, cabbage, corn, a hard boiled egg, cilantro, and chicken if you want to add protein. To give the cup of noodles some flavor, you add in a curry or miso paste with some Sriracha if you want to make it spicy.

Cauliflower Chickpea Wrap

For vegetarians, this is a perfect wrap for lunch. Four ingredients include cauliflower, smashed chickpeas, garlic yogurt sauce, and a wheat tortilla. For vegan options, you can exchange the yogurt sauce for cashew cream. Cut up some celery to put on the side to give make it a meal!

Peanut Lime Chicken Bowl

For Thai lovers, this includes steamed cut carrots, steamed broccoli, cut up chicken, brown rice, cilantro, and peanut sauce drizzled on top with a lime to add some citrus flavor. This is a quick ten-minute meal to make and is great for cold seasons because of the steamed veggies, warm chicken, and steamed brown rice.

easy work lunch ideas

Want 15 more options? Check out more lunches to make for the cold season. If you are not a kitchen person and it seems like too much work to work your domestic magic, check out our home-style soups at Apple Spice. They are perfect add-ons to our delicious sandwich and salad lunch box meals.

fruit platter creative ideas

Assorted Fruit Platter Ideas for Your Next Event

By Events, Recipes

When it comes to preparing fruit for a party, it is all about the presentation. There are many vibrant colors in fruit, and the only way to display it is to be creative and festive. Check out three fruit platter ideas to create for your next party or event.

fruit plate ideas for events

Parallel Fruited lines

If you plan to have a wide variety of fruit, it is important to have a large dish to fit the fruit arrangement. This is a classic way to display a fruit platter with parallel lines making it easy to pick up the certain fruit you want from the selections. To add a little more creativity, you can add a dotted line with cut strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries around the rim of the fruit dish.

Fruit Skewers

Skewers are a popular way to display fruit at a party. They are easy to grab and people like having them on a stick to make it easier to eat. They make it easy to not have to worry about the fruit mixing with any other food on your plate. This is a trendy way to style your fruit and a fun add-on to the food display at an event or party.

Berry Cones

A selection of blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries inside of a waffle cone creates a fun way to eat fruit. The waffle cone adds a sweet touch to the combination of these delicious berries. If you want to make this more of a dessert, the berry cone has the perfect amount of sweetness.

berry plates for parties

Planning for an upcoming party? Take a look at our Apple Spice Catering menu for events, business meetings, and parties. We offer fruit platters with fruit dip which makes a great add-on to the breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu.

bagel shops in charleston sc

Scrumptious Bagels to Try in Charleston, SC

By Places

If it is your first time visiting the city of Charleston and you must stop to try some of the best bagel joints before you start the exploring adventures. Discover three of the top bagels right here in Charleston. Specialty made bagels that you must try!

best bagels charleston sc

Blondies Bagels & Cafe

House-made bagels with fresh cream cheeses created by a wife and husband making it a long life goal to open a neighborhood cafe. These gourmet bagels are available right in South Carolina near Daniel Island. Their family business has become a huge success and these bagels couldn’t be more delicious.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Since 1983, traditional methods starting from New York famous bagels. Brugger’s Bagels makes real made cream cheese from onion blends, jalapeño, to bacon spreads. They are committed to service genuine New York-style bagels that are homemade from Vermont cream cheeses.

Bagel Nation

For locals, college students, visitors, and more. Famous for their fresh baked bagels with toppings such as specialty cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter, and honey butter. The Everything Bagel is the number one seller and they are also famous for their frazzle bagels with large crystals of cinnamon and sugar.

good bagels in charleston sc

If you plan to cater for breakfast for the neighborhood, the family, or for a work meeting Apple Spice Catering has a full breakfast menu featuring bagels, muffins, yogurt, and more. Get a look at our breakfast catering menu with so many scrumptious options.

top holiday pies to make

Top Holiday Mouthwatering Pies

By Cooking, Recipes

Making last-minute desserts for your holiday event? Get into the spirit with some of the top creative and delicious pies to make during the Christmas season. Here are three extremely popular holiday pie recipes you have to try. Get into the kitchen and start cooking!

holiday homemade pies

Maple Sugar Pumpkin Pie

The perfect combination of classic pumpkin pie with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to give it a little more festivity. This pie is great to make for the holidays because of the rich pumpkin flavor with a little kick of sweetness. For all pumpkin lovers, this is a must try.

key lime pie best recipes

Macadamia Key Lime Pie

This pie is refreshing and a great one to make for the dessert table to add some variety. This is a classic key lime pie with a cream cheese base. To include the nuts, you add one-fourth cup of coarsely chopped macadamia nuts. This is the perfect addition to this delicious tart pie.

easy holiday pies to make

Almond Cherry Pie

A classic favorite with a half teaspoon of almond extract. A wonderful pie for the holidays because of the rich red color bringing a more beauty to the holiday meal. For tart lovers, this is your kind of pie. The almond addition gives a more uniqueness taste to this delicious dessert.

For more pie recipes, check out 50 more recipes to choose from. Deciding to stay out of the kitchen this season for your event? Take a look at the Apple Spice holiday menu, the perfect catering menu for the holidays!

catering business tips

Starting a Successful Catering Business

By Catering

There is a lot that goes into starting your own business. It is important to logically think through pricing and costs, staff, equipment, and overall having what it takes to become a business owner. Take a look at three helpful tips to answer these questions for you.

catering business start ups

Network With Event and Wedding Planners

Caterers are mostly hired by event planners so it is important to make good connections with the event industry and offer special discounts or deals to build relationships with new clients. Building your network will improve your business and connect you with more potential clients.

catering business advice

Rent Catering Equipment

No need to buy everything you need for your business. Renting cuts costs and is a much easier route when first starting out a new business. As time goes on, you can slowly build inventory. Easing into this process will allow you to have a safe start and keep track of costs better.

business catering tips

Set Your Catering Prices

Setting price hours straight with your clients will help track the work you do per hour. Loss and profit statements are needed for everything you do. Cost is everything so it is smart to set price estimates right away so you can let people know your rate before getting talked down.

For more tips on how to start a successful catering business, read here. Creating the perfect menu is such an important step when starting a new business. Take a look at our delicious food items featuring great taste and quality!