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Underrated Supermarkets in Raleigh, NC

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You made a goal this year to eat out less and to get in the kitchen more. The only problem is finding good supermarkets with fair prices, great produce, and all your favorite snacks. Here are three hidden gems with excellent grocery and market options that will keep you on a cooking high from here on out!

fresh market raleigh nc

Earth Fare

This is a phenomenal grocery store with departments including a deli, dairy products, seafood, meats, specialty foods, wellness, bulk, and a bakery. Life is fast-paced and busy and the days you do not have time to stock the fridge, Earth Fare makes it easy to eat healthy with fresh ingredients and homecooked meals at the grab & go department. This supermarket has everything you need and cares to serve their customers with the highest-quality foods.

Standard Foods

Standard Foods strive to bring their customers Artisanal production methods with southern products that are high-quality and come from the best group of farmers. This market offers reservations if you are wanting to have a nice sit-down lunch. If you ever plan to have guests over for a special occasion or event, orders can be placed over the phone or in person for catering services.

super markets to try raleigh

The Butchers Market

A father and son came together to open a meat and grocery market with premium meats and specialty grocer. They have a passion for food and bring in the highest of quality meats to serve in their market. When days get busy, the Butchers Market offers online ordering. No matter if you are stopping in the meats, grocery area, or ordering online for a group of guests this is a top-notch market to check out in Raleigh.

Who doesn’t enjoy eating fresh foods, receiving great service, and having catered delivery? Enjoy more by checking out Apple Spice Catering featuring boxed lunch delivery and catering services for corporate events, office delivery, meetings, and special occasions. Our menus include freshly made ingredients with staff members bringing you the best service. Read more about our lunch box menu perfect for an everyday lunch option for your busy weekdays.

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Must-Try Work Lunch Boxes in SLC, UT

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It isn’t easy to have the motivation to come up with new ideas every day for lunch. You already have enough on your plate in the office so it is difficult to find a lunch routine for your work days Downtown, Salt Lake has a variety of lunch box caterers to make lunch simple, convenient, and delicious. Discover 3 lunch box catering businesses who can satisfy all your lunch needs for work.

work lunch box utah

Blue Lemon

Freshly made salads and artisan sandwiches with sides including potato salad, chips, fresh fruit, soups, and more. This is a great spot to experience a good variety of sandwiches such as the Asian style sandwich or the Mediterranean wrap. If you are craving something sweet after the meal, they have lemon bars, brownies, or sugar cookies for dessert. At Blue Lemon, they strive to create nutritious meals for all of their customers.

Boston Deli

A catering company with different styles of lunch boxes including the basic lunch box, regular, or executive depending how hungry you are. The executive box includes a sandwich, celery sticks and ranch, a bag of chips, soda, pepperoncini, and a stick of gum. If you are a sandwich lover, this is the place for you. Make sure to put in your order 24 hours in advance for efficient delivery.

working man's lunch box catering companies

Apple Spice

A franchise catering business with over 30 locations here in the US with freshly made ingredients directly from the kitchen and high-quality staff members who deliver to your desired destination. Our lunch box set features sandwich options with fresh deli meat and baked warm wheat bread, seasonal wraps, homestyle soups, and creative mixed salads that are to die for. The sides include potato chips, carrot chips, fruit, quinoa salad, or a freshly baked cookie. Switch it up with healthy sides or sweet desserts when you feel like having a nice cheat day. Check out our delicious menu options for your upcoming meetings or events.

shrimp and grits homemade recipe

Shrimp and Grits Recipes for Charleston Southerners

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Charleston, South Carolina is known for their delicious comfort foods and bringing the best recipes to the game. In cooking, there are many ways to mix and match and ingredients that you would never imagine working together. Kick back with some awesome Southern food and discover a few shrimp and grits recipes to take your meal experience to the next level.

south shrimp and grits recipe

Cajun Shrimp and Grits with Garlic Kale

This is a lighter recipe for people who want to add some greens to their meal. Add a twist to the dish with the following ingredients. Grits, 6 cups cooking liquid (water, broth, milk, see notes), 1 tablespoon butter, 1, 1 cup shredded cheese, 6 cups baby kale, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1 pinch red pepper flakes, 1 ½ pounds large shrimp, peeled and deveined, 1 teaspoon paprika, ¼ teaspoon EACH: dried thyme, oregano, onion powder, and cayenne pepper, ½ teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon oil, 1 tablespoon butter. This is quite the recipe but adds the perfect amount of greens and spices to give this classic southern recipe a nice kick.

Gouda Grits with Brown Butter Shrimp

This recipe is a mouthwatering one for people with a sweet tooth and who like to add a little sweetness to their savory. Start with the shrimp to saute the brown butter just right. The full ingredient list in this recipe features gouda grits, 4 cups low-sodium chicken stock, 1 cup quick-cooking grits, 8 ounces gouda cheese, freshly grated, 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, 2 ears grilled sweet corn,, cut from the cob, 2 tablespoons freshly snipped chives, 1 pound raw peeled and deveined shrimp, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika, 1/4 teaspoon chipotle chili powder, 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin, 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, and lastly 2 garlic cloves. This is a must-try recipe that is perfect for a comfort food breakfast.

The Lazy Southern’s Shrimp and Grits

This is a simple and quick recipe if you are on the go or in a rush out the door. For Southerner’s, you will love the classic and delicious taste with just a few needed ingredients. The things you will need are 12 ounces fully cooked andouille sausage, 12 ounces large uncooked shrimp, peeled and deveined, 1 teaspoon seasoning salt, 1 teaspoon bacon salt, 1 box instant cheesy grits, and 3 cups boiling water. This can take up to 30 minutes tops leaving you satisfied with this easy and classic southern recipe.

shrimp and grits must try recipe

In the south, it is important to honor the comfort food traditions, but it is also exciting to try new things and alternative recipes with unique and fresh ingredients. Speaking of freshly made ingredients, check out Apple Spice’s catering menu which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with yummy desserts and beverages. You will not believe the quality of the food and staff members bringing you five-star services. For more ideas for shrimp and grits recipes, check out at least 10 more here.

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Why Nashville Is Known as the Music City

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Nashville is well known for the cowboy boots, country stars, and southern lifestyle. As years have passed, the music culture has evolved into a more diverse environment bringing in other genres and a unique approach to the music scene here in Nashville. This city has over 200 recording studios and because of this, it has allowed artists to develop into the music icons they have become today. Nashville is the hub to a wide variety of music genres and continues to give opportunities to past, present, and future rising stars.

the music city nashville tn

Country Headliners

One of the most famous music venues called the Ryman Auditorium has had an endless amount of country singers perform at this venue including Tim McGraw, Elvis Presley, Sheryl Crow, and Taylor Swift. Other venues such as the Grand Ole Opry House and Robert’s Western World are all focused on the roots of country music which has turned Nashville into an iconic country musical city.

symphony music city nashville tn

Symphony and Orchestras

The acoustical scene has been blooming for years, especially with the influence of The Schermerhorn Symphony Center which been told to become one of the most famous acoustical venues with 170 concerts annually and phenomenal composers including Jennifer Higdon, Aaron Jay Kernis, and John Harbison. The Symphony is meant to inspire, educate, and to bring cultural impact to people and this type of genre of music has become a sensational addition to the music city, Nashville.

music city in nashville tn

Gospel and Church Choirs

Gospel music is a big part of the music scene in Nashville with churches all over the city that bring empowerment and impacting others around them. Church communities have grown and continue to rise and shine to lift up one another and thrive on the uplifting messages and music.

Nashville continues to shape itself into the legendary music city it is and a top place to visit if you are passionate about the music industry. Discover more history of Nashville and how it became a world-famous music city legend. Throwing a music event and need some catering recommendations? Apple Spice is located in the heart of Nashville with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with a wide selection of catering menus for corporate events, business meetings, parties, and more. Check out our catering menu to order for your upcoming music event!

winter activities in salt lake

Winter Activities in Salt Lake Valley, UT

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Embracing snowfall is a time to explore outdoor adventures and to take the risk to try new things and enjoy every moment. As long as you have all the right layers and stay bundled, the mountains will become your best friend this winter season. Consider a couple of these winter activities to get the full snowy wilderness experience.

winter activities snow shoeing


If you are a regular hiker, this is a great option to get a taste of the beautiful canyons, national parks, and trails to walk through and the higher you go, the more breathtaking views you will see. The best places to snowshoe are in Cherry Peak Resort, Sundance Mountain Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, Alta Ski Area, Snowbasin Resort, or Park City Mountain. Be selective about what you want to see, how far you want to go and research the difficulty level for all the resorts that you consider adventuring in.

outdoor winter ski activities

Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy a wide selection of incredible places to go cross-country skiing including mountain tops, golf courses, state parks, or historic trails. This is a more difficult activity so thoroughly read through all your options before jumping the gun to any advanced trails and know what you are getting yourself into. Some of the top destinations to journey through the mountains are Soldier Hollow, The Homestead Cross-Country Ski Center,
The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, Solitude Nordic Center, or The Viking Yurt. Each trail features different levels of difficulty and tells you the round-trip mileage. Regardless of which center you decide on, you can’t go wrong. Be aware of the equipment and training you will need before taking off.

These are just a couple activities to start with but don’t worry because there is a more to be explored. If you are an outdoors fanatic, check out more options here to make the best of the winter weather. Need a hot chocolate break? Located in West Valley, Apple Spice Catering offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with beverages including delicious hot chocolate or coffee to give you the warmth you need after a long adventurous day. Check out our catering menu and order in to keep warm!

best food tour richmond va

Food Tours to Check out in Richmond, VA

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Get a taste of the divine food in Richmond where you are able to explore the diversity of recipes and culture throughout each tour. Whether you’re a picky foodie or someone who loves all types of food, do your research to learn more about the tours and decide which one would be most enjoyable for you. Consider these two tours below who offer the best tastes and unique dishes you have never experienced.

richmond food and wine tours

Real Richmond Food Tours

Since 2010, Real Richmond Food Tour brings a mixture of tours featuring bistro and southern favorites, coffee roasters, bakeries, farmers market vendors, savory small bites, vegetarian options, and more. Book a private or custom tour to make it a personal and memorable experience.

richmond virginia food tours

River City Food Tours

Offering two private tours, River City brings in local restaurants and bakeries with mouthwatering snacks to keep you satisfied all day long. Along with the delicious food, you get to meet the people behind these culinary kitchens. Private tours are recommended and run for about 3 hours each.

To discover more food tours, visit here to open your mind to more delicious Richmond food city tours. Richmond is full of must-try local restaurants where the list can go on and on. If you are looking for a night in, Apple Spice is a full-service catering company who make it easy for you to enjoy a fresh meal. Check out our delicious menu options and order with us online now!

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Top Catering Companies in Raleigh, NC

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Planning for an upcoming event for a wedding, special occasion, or corporate event? Consider a few of these highly-rated catering companies in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina who offer phenomenal ingredients with chefs and staff members passionate about food and every guest they have the pleasure to serve.

lunch catering raleigh nc

Catering Works

A place with innovative staff members bringing their accommodating and professional skills offering a wide selection of menus for weddings, full-service events, a lunch and dinner delivery menu, and holidays. The lunch menu includes full entrees or if you are feeling something light, they have salads and a deli. Catering Works is a great choice for weddings with festival options for your special day.

PoshNosh Catering

A catering team who share their passions by creating fixed menus with seasonal ingredients. They recycle and use green paper products to give back to their community and want to make a difference. This is a great catering company for birthdays, anniversary, and other special events.

restaurants that cater for events in raleigh nc

Apple Spice

Apple Spice Catering is perfect for boxed lunch delivery services for corporate meetings or events or a full catering menu for special occasions including weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, and more. We offer fresh ingredients delivered by high-quality staff members willing to serve you! Take a look at our full-service catering menu offering breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Perfect for a work meeting, conference, or corporate event.

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3 Corporate Lunch Catering Ideas for Your Next Event

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In charge of the annual corporate event this year and running out of catering ideas? Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and visualize what they would want as far as catering and food options to satisfy their needs to make the corporate event a more pleasant and memorable experience. Food is a priority at an event so step up your game and keep the attendees happy by reading up on three corporate catering services options for the next event.

Buffet Style

Keep it simple with the classic buffet style. Free for all is an easy way to serve people at your corporate event because it gives them the freedom to receive as much or as little food as they want. Having a wide variety of options on the table is a great solution to pleasing all of your guests who are attending.

corporate catering services for events

Boxed Lunches

A boxed lunch for each attendee can be a wonderful option featuring a full-service meal to satisfy your guest’s needs. This can include sandwich options, salads, potato chips, a side of fruit, and a sweet treat for dessert. This is a convenient way of serving at a corporate event because each person receives the same exact meal with the same portions keeping it equal, organized, and delicious!

Chef Stations

Chef stations are always a fun way for the guests to explore options at the event and interact with chefs who make and serve right in front of you. To make it even more creative, give each station a theme to bring more excitement to your corporate event.

Need a Caterer?

Still looking for a caterer for the big day? Apple Spice offers box lunch and catering services perfect for business meetings, corporate events, and parties. Learn more about our fresh ingredients, catering options, and order process here at Apple Spice Catering Co.

austin food winter festival

Food Festivals to Hit the Next 3 Months in Austin, TX

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It is a new year, which means your favorite yearly festivals are back and bringing new food, more entertainment, and the finest beverages to you right here in Austin. Explore a few festivals below occurring over the next three months to buy your tickets and call up your friends to join the fun.

austin texas food and wine festival


Austin Oyster Festival

Calling all seafood lovers! This festival is known for serving delicious raw oysters, other seafood, and wine and beer options. Besides the awesome seafood, there will be music and prize giveaways. Buy your VIP or general admission tickets now to get ready for the oyster party happening on February 24th from 12-6pm.


South by Southwest

A four-in-one festival including music, film, technology, and food. Aside from the festival hype, the food trucks attending this festival this year are Briggo Coffee Haus, DFG Noodles, Four Brothers, Happy Lobster, and more. Check out the full ¬food truck list to start planning what to have!

food festivals to attend austin tx


Austin Food and Wine Festival

Enjoy a full three-day food experience with artisanal food, tasting sessions, kitchen secrets, and live music performances. Over 20 types of food and 50 of the finest beverages are showcased for you to taste and explore the top culinary exhibitors from around the world.

Discover more food festivals going on for the rest of the year here in Austin, TX. If you aren’t the festival type, catering delicious meals can also be an option. Apple Spice catering offers breakfast, boxed lunches, and dinner services with high-quality staff members here to deliver to wherever you desire. Check out our catering menu to get a better idea of the services we offer!

best restaurants downtown slc

Best Restaurants in Downtown SLC, UT

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Gathering the work team for a nice business lunch? Get your taste buds ready for some delicious restaurant options located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Listed below are some top lunch spots to try when visiting Salt Lake for a business trip.

restaurants downtown slc ut


The perfect spot for brunch, lunch, or dinner with gluten-free dishes and a wine list that is to die for. This restaurant was inspired to create a dynamic American bistro with ingredients from ranchers and farmers and a great variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


Experience some amazing Italian Napolitano pizzas with first-rate ingredients imported from all over the world including Italy, Seattle, and California. This is a great spot for meetings and larger groups with a lovely environment that was inspired by The Vera Pizza Napolitano in Napoli, Italy.

Avenues Proper

This restaurant has a wide variety of menu options including snacks, pub favorites, a brunch menu, drink specials, and side plates. Stop in with your work crew for happy hour to enjoy some nice bar bites or come in for a nice brunch with your coworkers.

slc catering restaurants

Apple Spice

No time to step out of the office? Check out Apple Spice catering company offering a lunch box menu perfect for workdays that don’t seem to ever end! The menu features delicious sandwich options, salads, wraps, soups, and desserts to end the meal right. For more restaurant options, check out seven others here.