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best new restaurants columbia sc

Restaurants to Try in Columbia, SC

By Places

If you are visiting or local to the Capital City, it is important to embrace the meaning of fine dining! Columbia has a wide variety of amazing restaurants to check out. Get in the loop and check out a few of the best restaurants here in Columbia, SC.

best restaurants to try columbia sc

Halls Chophouse

Your ultimate steakhouse destination with an exceptional menu, relaxing atmosphere, and live entertainment to give you the best dining experience. They offer a dinner, wine, brunch, and lunch menu to give you the option to dine at every given time of the day! If you are a meat lover, this is a must-try restaurant to try.

best restaurants in columbia sc

The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap is back! This neighborhood oasis closed down for a while but has now opened back up serving food and drinks all day long. If you like chef recommendations, they have a special chef selection menu that can help you decide on the perfect entree. Mousetrap is also well-known for its phenomenal appetizers and burgers.

best bbq restaurants columbia sc

Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ brings the freshest local ingredients that leave their customers satisfied after every meal. From salads to combo platters, this menu has got it all. This is a great spot to grab drinks and dinner with friends or family that creates the perfect atmosphere for every guest. If you are too busy to dine in, they offer catering!

The list doesn’t end there. Discover 4 other restaurants to check out that are the talk of the town in 2019. Speaking of catering, Apple Spice here in Columbia offers box lunches and corporate catering for meetings, events, or an everyday lunch at the office. Don’t waste any time and check out our catering menu options to book your first order. Our reliable and professional staff members are here to bring you the best catering experience!

breakfast event catering nj

Best Breakfast Catering in Bergen County, NJ

By Catering

In charge of the early morning business meeting and looking for some good caterers in the area? Aside from coffee, healthy and hearty food in the morning is crucial to get your team energized and ready to go. To get through an early work meeting, you should highly consider providing some quality breakfast catering options. Here are 3 top-rated breakfast caterers to choose from here in Bergen County.

breakfast catering services Bergen County nj

La Promenade

Let La Promenade take care of all your corporate catering needs. This is a great choice if you want to eat something small, such as a yogurt parfait or a pastry to go with your morning coffee. Their expert catering services will keep you satisfied through your early morning business meetings. The best way to order is by calling their business phone or by their website.

breakfast catering in Bergen County nj

Chestnut Deli and Catering

Chestnut Deli offers a full breakfast menu featuring omelets, breakfast platters, french toast, sandwiches, and more. Depending on how many people you plan to serve, this is a diverse menu with a lot of great options to choose from. Spice it up with their fresh hot coffee or tea and get that caffeine boost kicked in.

best breakfast catering Bergen County nj

Apple Spice

The ideal breakfast catering choice, Apple Spice offers a corporate catering menu featuring seasonal fruit, yogurt, bagels, pastries, muffins, freshly made hot coffee and more. No matter how big or small the meeting or event is, we have several options depending on how large the party is. The continental breakfast or executive continental is the perfect menu to start your busy workday off right.

What about lunch or dinner? Apple Spice has a box lunch delivery and dinner menu to give you all the options in the world to make the best out of your corporate catering experience. Browse our menus here to book your first order with us!

social work events ideas plano tx

Work Social Event Ideas in Plano, TX

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Planning this year’s corporate event and looking for fun ideas here in Plano? Creating the right environment for these types of business events is crucial. Below are 3 entertainment destinations to provide the best social team-building experience for your company!

social work corporate events ideas

Red Door Escape Room

The Red Door Escape Room is perfect for corporate events and brings an all-around work social experience! This would be a great option if you are looking for an immersive entertainment experience. It will include games, puzzles, treasure hunts and more. Plan on bringing the energy and creativity if you plan on choosing this destination.

Event 1013

A beautiful space for events with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a laid back corporate event. Here they offer tables, chairs, production supplies, food, and extra packages including lighting sound, or an entrancing logo for the guests.

Group Dynaminx

Group Dynamix is a place to play, connect, and develop! If you are looking for corporate team building, this is the perfect event space to experience fun work outings to build better connections with your teammates.

social work events catering ideas

Looking for more options? Here are more ideas to choose from to help narrow down your favorites! Speaking of events, the most important asset to a good corporate event is the food. If you are on the hunt for the perfect caterer, Apple Spice is here to serve. We offer fresh box lunches and hot and cold catering featuring salads, soups, sandwiches, dinner, breakfast, desserts, coffee, and more. Why waste any more time? Browse our menus to book your first order!

restaurants to try in minneapolis mn

Things to Do in Minneapolis, MN

By Places

New to the city of Minneapolis and looking for some recommendations on things to do in the area? Whether you like the outdoors, museums, nightlife, or good restaurants, they’ve got it all. Take a look at this list of the best things to do while spending your time in Minneapolis.

restaurants in uptown minneapolis mn

Head to Uptown

This is a great trendy spot where young professionals like to hang out and enjoy themselves. Here you can find hip bars, restaurants, and boutique shops. Great for a daytime activity to post up at a coffee shop and indulge in the local hang out scene, or great for night bar hopping and having a fun night out with friends.

Minneapolis mn museums

Visit the Institute of Arts

If you are into the art scene, this is definitely not something to pass up. Works of antique and modern art brought to you all over the globe. The great thing about this art center is it is free of charge, although special events or exhibits may cost an additional fee.

best restaurants in minneapolis mn

Eat at Matt’s Bar and the Juicy Lucy

Did someone say burgers? Experience this comforting and juicy burger created in the 1950s with cheese found inside the cooked meat. This invention has become iconic and is a must-try spot in Minneapolis. Prepare to be amazed!

Speaking of delicious eats, if you are local to the area and always on the lookout for new places to eat lunch or cater from during your long work weeks, Apple Spice here in Minneapolis features fresh box lunch delivery and catering options perfect for business meetings, corporate events, special occasions, and more. Head over to our menu’s to pick what you like and book your first order with us! If you are looking for more things to discover in the great city of Minneapolis, check out more fun and entertainment here.

Corporate Catering Menu Ideas

Corporate Catering Menu Ideas

By Catering

Corporate Catering Menu Ideas

From large company-wide gatherings to smaller office meetings, the food is central to any corporate event. Offering various mouthwatering menu items can draw more employees to a non-mandatory event and make a lasting impact that will have the office talking for days. For these reasons, choosing the right menu for a company event is crucial.

If you’re trying to plan an event for your company, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about corporate catering menu ideas to get you ready for the big day. Keep reading to find out the best breakfast catering options, catering ideas for office lunch, corporate dinner catering options and more.

7 Office Catering Ideas

If you’re planning a corporate event, check out these seven catering menu ideas for large and small groups alike.

1. Breakfast Buffet

Brighten up your team’s morning by providing a catered breakfast buffet. You can stick with a bar of classic all-American breakfast staples like scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon, go for a healthier option with a bar of Greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit or spice things up with a breakfast burrito bar.

If you’re going for a more scaled-back breakfast event, you can choose a continental breakfast bar of pastries and bagels or a breakfast sandwich bar that allows guests to construct their favorite combination of bread, eggs, meat, cheese and toppings. Regardless of which option you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these office breakfast catering ideas.

2. Boxed Lunches

Boxed lunches are a classic office lunch catering idea because they are portable, convenient and delicious. When you order boxed lunches for your catering event, you can customize which sandwich each attendee gets to ensure everyone is happy with their meal. From meat lovers to vegetarians, everyone can find a sandwich they’ll enjoy.

The best part about boxed lunches is they are a full meal. Along with a sandwich, most boxed lunches include a pickle, cookie and side item. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you could opt for a more upscale boxed lunch that includes slightly higher-end items, such as cheesecake, fresh vegetables and premium sides.

3. Elegant Gatherings

If you plan on catering a corporate event that falls on the fancier side, you might want to have the meals plated. Executive lunches create an air of elegance by featuring higher-end foods, such as chicken cordon bleu, baked salmon, marinated tuna steak and more. These lunches will make your guests feel more like they are at a five-star restaurant than a corporate event.

Similar to a restaurant experience, executive lunches include bread, a tossed salad, a side vegetable and a side starch, such as wild rice or mashed potatoes. Sending out an invitation and RSVP card for your executive lunch will let you gather attendees’ meal preferences and generate excitement around the event. Consider using digital invitations to cut down on paper waste and add convenience.

4. Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love a fiesta? Taco Tuesday is one of the best catering ideas for an office party because it allows so much room for customization.

Taco Tuesday

The choices for a taco bar are endless — soft or hard shells, type of protein, black or pinto beans and toppings like sour cream, cheese, guacamole and salsa!

You can jazz up your Taco Tuesday by choosing a fajita bar instead. Switching out tacos for sizzling fajitas can be a great way to breathe some life into an office party. You can also consider including other Mexican-style dishes like enchiladas or burritos. Whatever you do, make sure you supply plenty of chips and salsa for grazing.

5. Pasta Party

When it comes to office lunch ideas for a group, it’s hard to beat a pasta bar. Along with being a beloved choice for almost everyone, pasta is incredibly versatile, which means everyone in your office will be able to find a pasta dish they love. Since pasta is a blank slate for flavor, guests can personalize their noodles with anything from grated Parmesan and meatballs to creamy pesto and chicken.

Setting up a pasta bar couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is supply a selection of noodle shapes, such as penne, rotini or tortellini, sauces, such as marinara or Alfredo, and toppings like fresh cheese or veggies. If you’d prefer a family-style pasta dinner, try ordering large dishes of Italian favorites like lasagna, baked ziti or Tuscan chicken.

6. Family Day Picnic

If you plan on hosting an outdoor picnic for your company’s staff and their families, take the stress out of food preparation by working with a trustworthy catering company. Letting a catering company handle prepping pork barbecue, ribs, chicken and kebabs to perfection will free you to focus on figuring out fun corporate activities for employee bonding.

Who says you can only enjoy a good barbecue during the summer? Bring your backyard barbecue indoors by hosting an indoor picnic. You can instantly transport your office party to warmer weather by serving up summertime favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, teriyaki kebabs, chicken and ribs.

7. Build-a-Bowl Event

These days, bowls are one of the hottest restaurant menu items. You can capitalize on this foodie trend by hosting a build-a-bowl event for your company. Doing so will allow your employees to fill a bowl with their favorite ingredients, relax and socialize with each other in a laid-back environment.

Get creative and change your office lunch catering ideas for a build-a-bowl event to fit the seasons — a hearty grain bowl bar for the fall, a cozy soup bar for the winter and a refreshing salad bar for the warmer months. You can put your spin on any of these bowl-building bars, depending on what you think your employees would appreciate most. For example, including bread bowls with the soup bar could be a fun and delicious touch.

Types of Catered Office Events

Now that you have all these fabulous office party catering ideas, you only need an event to host. Here’s a list of occasions that typically call for company catering:

  • Office birthdays
  • Milestone achievements
  • Holiday parties
  • Going-away parties
  • Family gatherings
  • Company-wide meetings
  • Award presentations
  • Corporate galas
  • Large fundraising events
  • Employee appreciation parties

Cater Your Event With Apple Spice

If you have an office event coming up, partner with Apple Spice Catering to supply delicious, fresh and innovative food for your employees. At Apple Spice Catering, we are catering experts who pride ourselves on providing everything from boxed lunches to breakfast extravaganzas. We specialize in delivering homemade meals that will delight your guests and ensure they leave feeling full.

Find the Apple Spice Catering location nearest you to check out your catering menu options today.

Cater Your Event With Apple Spice

best caterer restaurants in Houston TX

Best 2019 Restaurants in Houston, TX

By Places

Being one of the largest cities in America, Houston has a lot of great things to offer. From historic sights to world-class dining, this is a city worth exploring. Speaking of dining, the Houston food scene is hot on the charts right now. If you are a foodie, I encourage you to check out 3 of the best restaurants in 2019:

best catering restaurants in Houston tx


Bring on the Latin fever! This tropical restaurant offers the best Cuban food in town featuring tacos, ceviche, Cubano sandwiches, unique cocktails, and more. This is a great spot for a group of family or friends to enjoy a nice meal on the lush patio.

best bbq restaurants in Houston TX

Truth BBQ

The hottest BBQ spot in Houston who brings on the meat game strong! Known for their smoked meats, you can’t go wrong with the brisket, pork ribs, or the turkey. Add a delicious side to go with your meat to have the perfect BBQ experience.

best southern food restaurants in Houston TX


For all the soul-food lovers, this is a place for you. Every dish is built to perfection and made with high-quality ingredients. Indigo offers communal tables for a guided tasting that will take you through all of the game-changing dishes.

The fantastic food doesn’t end here! If you are wanting a bigger list of restaurants to try, browse here. Local to Houston and always on the lookout for new corporate catering options for you busy work weeks? Apple Spice here in Houston features box lunch delivery and catering perfect for business meetings, work events, or an everyday lunch at the office. Check out our menu options to book your first order with us!

office lunch catering companies utah

2 Benefits of Office Catering in Utah

By Catering

If you are in a corporate setting on a day to day basis, we can all agree that some days can be long, tiring, and busy. Putting hard work into your days sometimes deserves a reward. That’s when we turn to office lunch catering that provides delicious meals and a nice break from your frantic weekdays. Below are 2 great benefits of office catering in Utah:

office lunch catering salt lake city

Menu Diversity

People are picky these days when it comes to food restrictions such as being vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan. Caterers accompany every type of lifestyle diet which makes it a lot easier to meet the needs of every customer. For feeding large groups, this is the perfect route to take.

office lunch catering benefits utah

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Food brings people together! Office catering can give corporate companies a chance to meet others from different departments and engage in new conversations. Taking a break from the monitors and enjoying a nice meal with other people from the office can create a nice workplace union.

apple spice office lunch catering utah salt lake

Trust me, if you haven’t already invested in office catering for your company, now is the time! For a longer list of benefits to making this change, click here. Apple Spice here in West Vally, UT is the perfect choice for all of your office lunch catering needs. We offer the freshest ingredients, professional staff services, and delicious menu options to give you an amazing catering experience. Browse our menus to book your first order. We look forward to serving you soon!

tampa fl event checklist

A Checklist for your Tampa Corporate Event

By Catering, Events

In charge of this year’s annual corporate event in Tampa, FL and overwhelmed by all the tasks that are needed to be achieved? The planning stage is a big task, so it is crucial to plan efficiently and effectively. Start out simple by asking yourself 3 of the most important checklist questions below:

business event checklist Tampa FL

Determine Budget

For starters, set a budget for the venue, food, decor, entertainment, etc. Create a spreadsheet to know how much you want to spend on each item. This is a great way to ensure you stay within your amount for each purchase you make. Then you know how much you have left to work with.

event checklist tampa Florida

Plan the Entertainment

You want to make sure to have live music, a DJ, a photo booth, or something that will keep your guests entertained. Aside from the food and beverages, entertainment is a must so it encourages your guests to interact with others and have social interactions with one another!

corporate event checklist Tampa FL

Find a Caterer

The number one importance in all of this is providing good food. Finding a local caterer in the area is the best way to find a good option. Whether it’s a buffet, chef stations, or a 5-course meal, doing research on the best caterers will help guide you to finding the perfect caterer for the event.

Planning a corporate event takes up a lot of hours of your day, but once you got this checklist complete, you are on the road to achievement. If you want more direction on how to plan your event, check out this checklist that will help you prep months before the event. Want to find the perfect caterer? Apple Spice here in Tampa offers hot and cold catering options perfect for corporate events with fresh ingredients straight from the kitchen. We strive to bring 5-star serive to every customer we serve! Check out our delicious menu options to book your order today!