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Required Staff for The Catering Industry

By Catering

To succeed in the catering industry, you need trained staff members who are well-equipped to handle the job’s demands. While specific catering needs may vary depending on the event, understanding the basic staff members to hire for your catering business is always critical.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about catering personnel’s primary duties and responsibilities to run a successful business. We’ll go over the crucial positions your catering company will need to fill, how to hire catering staff and how to train and manage your new employees effectively.

catering personnel duties

What Positions Do You Need for a Successful Catering Business?

While numbers vary, specific roles are a must for every catering event you have. Below is a list of three top catering staff roles you will need for the business.

1. Supervisors

A supervisor’s chief responsibility is to ensure the cooking staff is completing all their tasks on time. This manager will handle any problems that arise. If food is running out, the supervisor ensures it gets quickly resupplied and is good to go. The person in this role also deals with any guests who have a complaint or issue.

2. Chefs

The chef prepares the food and handles all decisions regarding the menu. Sometimes it is wise to have sous chefs as backups who can assist the chef with preparing the meals if there’s a large party or things get backed up in the kitchen. For smaller events, such as a family dinner, one chef is usually enough to handle all the food preparation.

3. Servers

As the face of the company, servers must be skilled in guest interaction. Servers bring food to all guests, fill water glasses and pass trays around. Servers also resupply any food or drink that runs out. Make sure to use a higher number of servers for events with multiple courses, and remember — it is always better to have more staff on-site than you think you might need.

How to Hire the Right Candidates

Now that you know what positions you need to fill, you can start looking for the best people for the job. To ensure you hire catering staff members who are the right fit for your company, follow these top three hiring tips.

1. Make Your Expectations Clear

Before beginning the search for employees, establish your expectations for each role. Describe the regular shifts and hours, plus any critical dates you will need the future employees to work. Setting these expectations will save both you and unsuitable candidates from wasting time in pointless interviews.

Of course, you will need to be specific about any required skills and experience for each position to minimize the number of unqualified applicants you receive.

2. Use Your Network

Reach out to any contacts in the restaurant or event planning industries you may have to receive potential worker referrals. If you already work in the catering industry and need a few extra staff members, ask your existing staff whether they know of any potential candidates for the job. Your current workers may know qualified friends, former co-workers or acquaintances looking for opportunities in catering.

Another option is to reach out to local schools. Whether they have enrolled in a culinary program or not, students are typically seeking jobs with hours that fit their class schedules, such as an evening or weekend catering gig. Additionally, posting about open positions on social media and your company’s website could give you a pool of strong applicants.

3. Partner With an Established Catering Company

You can fast-track your catering company by franchising with an established catering brand. When you partner with a franchised catering company, you instantly become connected with expansive networks and resources for finding reliable employees. Starting a franchise can streamline the hiring process and help you get your catering business up and running as quickly as possible.

Training Your Catering Staff

No matter how experienced or well-qualified your newly hired team members are, thoroughly training catering staff is essential. For the best results possible, you need to provide your employees with adequate education on the essentials, such as food safety and any policies and procedures specific to your company.

Follow these three guidelines to equip your staff to perform their jobs to their utmost ability.

1. Cover the Basics

Begin training new staff members by registering them in an introductory food hygiene course. Because safety should be your top priority, enroll employees in a food hygiene course as soon as they join your company. Once they complete the class, they will receive certification and can start working directly with the food your catering company serves.

2. Establish a Training Program

Implementing a comprehensive staff training program will allow you to easily monitor individual staff members’ performance and progress. Designing a series of observational checklists is an effective way of determining how much a worker has improved over a specific period. These checklists should include crucial responsibilities such as wearing an apron, checking cooked items’ internal temperatures and mastering food prep.

3. Pair New Staff Members With a Mentor

Match each new employee with a more experienced team member. This seasoned veteran will mentor the new hire by explaining company practices and protocols to them, offering professional advice, providing personal support and answering any questions they may have. Mentors can also oversee their mentees’ checklists to keep track of their progress.

Top 5 Tips for Managing Catering Staff

After you’ve hired and trained your all-star catering staff, you can focus on managing your team well. Remember the following five tips to ensure your catering staff is always functioning at its best.

1. Communicate Effectively

The secret to successfully executing any operation is communication. To keep your catering business running smoothly, you will need to emphasize open communication on all levels, including between you and your staff and among the staff members themselves.

Strong communication means providing a clear sense of direction, whether via email, team meetings or another mode, so your staff members always know what tasks they need to complete.

2. Prepare a Rush Strategy

Whether it’s wedding attendees flocking to the bar for a refill in between songs or graduation party guests gathering around the dessert table, rushes can happen at any event and any moment. Your catering team will need to prepare for rushes by developing an effective strategy for managing them. Plan to have extra staff on hand during peak hours and know when to send them home as the event winds down.

catering staff duties and responsibilities

3. Have a Detailed Backup Plan

Catering can be an unpredictable industry. From inclement weather to shattered glasses, you will need to have a backup plan for various mishaps. Ensure you always have a set event menu, extra servings of food, an alternative plan serving plan for bad weather, spare cutlery and on-call staff members in case of accident or illness. ca

4. Reward Your Staff Members

When considering how to pay catering staff, your priority should be compensating each team member fairly for their work. Besides their regular hourly pay, offering incentives for staff members who go above and beyond will keep all members motivated to perform their best. For example, you could reward the employee who serves the most people or receives glowing guest feedback after each event.

5. Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment helps employees grow and inspires them to keep devoting their best efforts to their work. You can build a positive work environment by staging team-building events and getting to know your staff members individually, which will demonstrate you are an approachable manager. These efforts can offer great results in team bonding, company loyalty and confidence in their work.

Franchise With Apple Spice Catering

To get your catering company started on the right foot, franchise with Apple Spice Catering. With over 30 years of experience, Apple Spice Catering offers an established business model and brand recognition for entrepreneurs to build on.

We provide new franchise owners with the guidance and access to essential resources they need to launch a lucrative catering company. We also offer exclusive opportunities, such as shadowing another Apple Spice Catering site, to set you up for success.

If you’d like to learn more about franchise opportunities or take the next steps toward opening your business, contact Apple Spice Catering today.

event catering menu

Event Catering Menu Ideas

By Catering, Recipes

Starting a new business, but stuck on how you will create the perfect menu? It is time to take your business to the next level and think of original recipes that will be memorable and exceed your guest’s expectations. Here are a few ideas for an appetizer, salad, and entree to help get the creative thoughts flowing and create the perfect catering menu.

corporate catering menu ideas


Finding the perfect appetizer is important because it is the first food item your guests will be tasting. An appetizer option is a stuffed spinach, mushroom, and cheese pocket. This is made with a buttery dough and fresh spinach and mushrooms and parmesan cheese. This is a comfort food classic and is small enough to just eat a couple and still feel hungry.


For the salad, create a combination of mixed greens because having a variety of in the mix gives it more character. Add cut cucumbers, shredded carrots, beets, roasted pine nuts, and a cilantro vinaigrette dressing. The salad adds more nutritions to the before and after items so it is critical to have a delicious mixed salad.

catering menu tips


Salmon is the perfect go-to entree because there are so many ingredients that add great flavor to this type dish. Add some cooked asparagus and basil on top and smothered in a creamy pesto spread with a lemon to go on top just in case some want it a little more citrusy.

Here are a few basic menu recipes to get you started. For more guidance on the process, check out some inspirational favorites to get the ideas flowing. Make sure to also different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take a look at our catering options for guidance.

gourmet taco recipes

Taco Lover Recipe Options for Work

By Recipes

The real question is, does anyone not like tacos? Tacos make the perfect lunch or dinner because they are small, yet filling with tons of delicious ingredients and make a great meal to take for a work lunch. Discover a few different taco recipe ideas to whip up in no more than 10 minutes.


Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Tacos

A spicy to a mild taco with shrimp, black beans, scallions, salsa verde, limes, avocado, cilantro, flour tortillas, and red bell peppers. Shrimp is a great source of iron that gives you more energy throughout a long work day and keeps the immune system well and healthy.

Chicken Pomegranate Guac Tacos

This fruity taco features pomegranate seeds, which contain anti-inflammation and antioxidants. The other ingredients in this taco are boneless chicken breast, olive oil, Mexican seasoning, avocado, pomegranate seeds, lime, garlic, corn tortillas, red onion, red cabbage, and a low-fat queso fresco. A healthy and fruit taco with under 400 calories.

black bean taco recipes

Black Bean Tacos

For high fiber and protein, this is the perfect recipe. All you need is black beans, corn tortillas, shredded cheese (no cheese added for vegan option), romaine lettuce, carrots, and salsa. Make sure to pre-wash the lettuce and carrots to make sure they are fresh and ready to go. This is a filling meal that takes less than ten minutes.

If you are craving more ingredients, check out 16 more recipes to make your lunch meals a life-changing experience. If work gets busy, no need to worry because catering options are available with tacos to satisfy your Mexican cravings. Select a location to check out all of our catering selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering.

boxed lunch catering ogden ut

Boxed Lunch Catering Companies

By Catering

Carrying a lunch to work is old news. During work hours, we become tired and it makes it hard to make decisions when it comes to what to eat during lunchtime. Convenience is out there and work lunches can be made easy for all workaholics. Discover three catering companies who offer lunch box meals during work hours, meetings, events, or conferences.

lunch box catering for work

Apple Spice Catering

The perfect catering choice for box lunch delivery. Apple Spice Junction lunch boxes include a wide selection of sandwich options, fresh cheese, salads, wraps, crispy potato chips, freshly baked bread. And to end this ideal lunch at work, they throw in a hot warm chocolate chip cookie. Apple Spice makes sure to have fresh ingredients and makes and delivers everything straight from the kitchen.

Peddlers Catering

Peddlers Catering has choices of three sandwiches and wraps with fresh fruit, and a choice between salad, chips, with a delicious cookie or brownie to complete the meal right. Starting in 2001, Peddlers has delivered high-quality lunch boxes satisfying their customers to the fullest.

boxed lunch catering companies ogden ut

Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery is a quaint restaurant cafe featuring individual orders which includes salads, lunch boxes with chips, fresh fruit, and a freshly baked cookie. Corner Bakery caters for meetings and events making it your lunch box the perfect take away meal.

Lunch Box catering companies strive to meet the needs all customers in making fresh meals delivered right to your convenience. Try ordering your first lunch with Apple Spice right here in Ogden, Utah.

catering business events ideas

Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

By Catering

Planning for the one-year annual corporate event is around corner and catering is still waiting to be checked off the list. Here are two ways to get creative during the catering thought process.

catering ideas for corporate events and meetings

Themed Meal

It is worth spicing up the display and creating a theme to go along with the catered food at your event. Create a themed menu or decorate the table a certain way to add some character to the food area. Giving the food table more life will bring more fun and energy to the event making the guests more satisfied.

Healthy Gourmet

It is important to feed your guests, but also to keep them well nourished. Provide a selection of healthy options such as veggies and hummus, mini sandwiches, or fresh spring rolls. It is critical to keep the guests awake and aware during the event. Healthy foods can keep them energized and filled.

morning catering events ideas

Start the creative process for your corporate event and get those catering ideas flowing. Prep ahead for the next one and check our catering menu.

healthy salad recipes to make

3 Salad Recipes to Make from Scratch

By Recipes

Made a new years resolution to eat better this year? You are in luck because easy salad recipes are right at your fingertips with simple ingredients and 15-20 minute preparations. This will encourage you to continue making salads every day! Start here with these quick salad recipes, perfect for a work lunch.

easy salad recipes

Greek Salad

The classic Greek salad is never a bad idea. With this salad, you have grape tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, olives, red onions, crumbled feta and a variety of mixed greens. Iceberg lettuce goes best with this salad theme. Red wine vinegar dressing will be the last step after created this yummy greek salad.

simple salmon salad recipes

Salmon Salad

For Pescatarians, this salad is the perfect throw together entree. What you will need for this scrumptious creation is one 2.6 oz salmon, chopped romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons and one avocado, and greek yogurt dressing to finish up the dish. Honey is an option to add on if you want to add a bit of sweetness.

good broccoli salad recipes

Broccoli Salad

For all the green vegetable lovers, this salad is broccoli based on only a few other ingredients to along with it. Included are shredded carrots, red onions, cranberries, sliced almonds, and if you want to add some salt, cut up bacon is a great addition to it. Drizzle the apple cider vinegar dressing with adding some salt and freshly ground pepper will sum it all together.

catering work salads

What about Apple Spice?

If these recipes have encouraged you to continue the salad adventure, check out 100 different salad recipes that will last you the whole year. Salads make a perfect lunch for catering events, work meetings, and lunch boxes at the office. Check out our delicious box lunch and catering menu options to book your first order with us today!

holiday catering company

Holiday Catering That Will Boost Christmas Spirit

By Catering, Events

It’s already November and it’s time to plan the holiday festivities. You know it’s going to be a busy holiday and season and cooking isn’t an option for your compact schedule. Here is a list of three top catering companies great for the holidays in West Valley, Utah.

holiday catering utah

Elizabeth’s Custom Catering

Celebrating 20 years of corporate catering and events, this custom catering company has much to offer. Custom made menus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner options with dessert and beverage options as well. Offering a list of venues for those in need of a location. Located at 1645 West 2200 in South Salt Lake City, Utah. The perfect catering company for custom made menus and holiday events!

holiday party catering menu

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering West Valley, UT

A smart way to cater for lunch delivery at work, special events, holidays, and corporate meetings. They got it all! Experience high-quality service from the professional staff at Apple Spice. Located in several different cities, including West Valley, Utah. Browse our menu options to get excited about the season.

You’re the Boss Catering

Located in the heart of West Valley, You’re the Boss catering takes care of weddings, holiday parties, corporate functions, baby showers, and many more special occasions. Their menu has a wide selection of options including deli menu, breakfast, potato bar, Italian specialties, and appetizers all for satisfying the needs of all their guests.

These are three spectacular catering companies you can’t go wrong with. Start the planning early and order your Grammarly Holiday catering books up fast, so find the perfect date for this wonderful season.

healthy salad lunch recipes

Healthy Lunches for Work

By Recipes

Eating out every day for work can become exhausting. Changing your habits and learning to prep your meals and take them with you to work saves more time, money, and builds more encouragement to stay motivated and live healthily. Read about some quick easy recipes for healthy lunch options to take with you to work.

healthy work day lunch

Chickpea and Avocado Salad Sandwich

With your choice of bread, this is a hearty sandwich including smashed chickpeas, cranberries, arugula, and avocado. Simple ingredients and keeping your tummy satisfied and full for the rest of the workday. Gluten free bread options can also be an option if you are allergic to gluten.

healthy lunch tips

Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

For quinoa lovers, this salad is great if you love sweet little add-ons. The ingredients to this salad include cut sweet potatoes, mint leaves, pomegranates, almonds, feta cheese, and your choice of red or quite quinoa (or try both). This is a great sweet and savory salad giving you the energy you need to finish a long work day.

healthy lunch meals

Lentil Carrots Salad

If you like to keep meals simple and filling, this is a three ingredient salad with an added fourth if you want to flavor it up with your favorite salad dressing or spice it up with some sriracha. The ingredients include shredded carrots, lentils, and cilantro. Clean and simple.

For more healthy meal creations, visit the ambitious kitchen, a great guide to a healthy lifestyle with endless recipes. If you are not a meal preparer, check out our corporate catering menu options featuring high-quality ingredients and high-quality staff memebers to meet your every need here in Bergen County, NJ.

best richmond restaurants

Restaurants to Try in Richmond, VA

By Catering


This high-end French restaurant has a lovely ambiance and is a place to try when celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion. A wide selection of scrumptious appetizers including soups, salads, caviar, and vegan options. The entrees are all to die for including the Filet Mignon with duck butter. Desserts include a creme brûlée, selection of fruits, and buttermilk creme frâiche. Not to mention their endless selections of beer, wine, and in-house made cocktails.

best restaurants richmond va

Tarrant’s Cafe

Opening in 1987, this upscale cafe and restaurant has been famous for years because of the long history of opening as a drug store and later turning into a restaurant. Tarrant’s is known for their delicious brunch menu. They also serve lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. Buy your lover or friend a gift card and head on over to experience this well-known cafe in Richmond.

Greek On Cary

Greek food at its very best! This restaurant produces quality authentic Greek food for southerners to experience the rich taste of greek food. The homemade falafel is a talk of the town favorite and they also have vegetarian options as well. A good selection for all lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.

What about Catering?

richmond virginia restaurants

Apple Spice

Tried them all and want more options? Apple Spice Catering right here in Richmond provides deli lunches fresh from the kitchen with a selection of chips, fruit, and a hot warm cookie for your sweet tooth craving. Apple Spice Catering services for meetings, parties, events, and more. Dive into more delicious food.

sights to see nashville tn

3 Must Visit Places in Nashville, TN

By Box Lunch Delivery

Nashville has a large list of things to do and see while in the city of country music! There is much to discover in terms of music, tours, and more. Here are three top places to visit while stopping through the city of Nashville.

Ryman Auditorium nashville tn

Ryman Auditorium

This auditorium is an amazing venue where live shows and concerts are performed every night. Founded in 1885, this place has been building memories and has made country music more historical.

Printers Alley

A place to spend the night in music bars, singing karaoke, and endless adult entertainment. This entertainment district is a local spot you must visit when coming to Nashville.

Country Music Hall of Fame

This is a modern museum since 1987 that has grabbed the audience and has become a legendary place to learn all the wonders of old country music. Education on music and instruments keeps the tourists coming and coming. This museum has become a special space for all to visit.

troy lunch box

If you are feeling ready for some lunch, check out Apple Spice Catering to receive fresh meals available for delivery.