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March 2018

dinner tours of charleston

Culinary Tours in Charleston, SC

By Cooking, Events

Craving a culinary weekend getaway to the South? Charleston is full of delicious cuisine and rich history. Come indulge in the culinary arts by attending one of these magnificent tours with the best local cuisine, chefs, and innovative owners.

good food tours in charleston

Farm-to-Table Experience

A 2 1/2 hour amazing showcase tour with some of the best chef’s in Charleston. The fresh ingredients come directly from the farmer’s market and you get to personalize the ingredients you choose to use for the tour. The chef prepares a multi-course meal with the selections you chose making it the perfect farm-to-table culinary tour!

Upper King Street Culinary Tour

Experience the upper-king-street tour showcasing four of Charleston’s innovators in the culinary industry who are passionate and highly-trained when it comes to preparing food. This is a walking tour that stopes at 10 neighborhoods with a unique and creative ambiance to give you the best experience!

tours of Charleston sc

Do you have your mind stuck on everything food related now? Check out more culinary tours you should consider attending this year! If you ever plan to stop through Charleston again for a nice getaway, a work trip, or other reasonings, check out our Apple Spice menu options in Charleston which are perfect for corporate events, special occasions, or business meetings. Life is busy and there is too much good food out there to be missed. That is why we combine fresh and delicious ingredients with convenient delivery to make it an easy and scrumptious experience for our customers!

things to do slc ut area

Things to Do in Salt Lake City, UT

By Places

The snow is melting and the air is warming up! Experience some local favorites to embrace the outdoors, see famous sights, and to get a taste of what it’s like to live in Utah Valley! Below are 3 things to experience while visiting Salt Lake City:

outdoor things to do slc ut

Antelope Island

The ultimate adventure where you can hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, and drive around to search for some wild buffalo who frolic throughout the entire island! There are some of the most beautiful trails you definitely want to see with campgrounds to have an overnight stay looking up at the stars surrounded by water, scenery, and desert animals.

Temple Square

Temple Square is one of the most visited sights in Downtown Salt Lake. It took about 40 years to build and was dedicated all the way back in 1893. The inside of the temple is not open for tours, but the grounds outside of the structure are quite breathtaking and is definitely a sacred and peaceful atmosphere to experience. Check out the delicious dining options around the area to get the full Temple Square experience.

Red Butte Gardens

The Garden of Red Butte is located on 100 acres near the U University of Utah and has been welcoming in guests since 1985. Learn about the plant collections, conservation research, and gardening techniques that led them to create such a magnificent space of fresh bloomed plants and flowers. See what they have in store for the spring season by checking out their spring events page here.

nature things to do slc ut

Salt Lake is full of life and has an endless amount of outdoor exploration during the Spring with perfect weather and scenic views. Looking for lunch recommendations now that you have your activity schedule planned out? Apple Spice offers boxed lunches with fresh ingredients featuring sandwiches, salads, wraps, and more. Check out our menu options to book your first order!

slc upcoming events

Upcoming Network Events in West Valley, UT

By Events

It is already March and it is time to mark those calendars to plan out the rest of the year. West Valley City is filled with successful people and businesses. Below are some events to connect you with the right people and help your chances to network and find more opportunities.

slc business events

Business Accountability Mastermind Workshop

A workshop to connect you with others who are working towards long-term goals, building ideas, and are passionate about following their dreams. On April 4th from 7-8pm, come brainstorm and collaborate with others to get you closer to what you want to achieve in your career and and all other business endeavors!

Coffee and Connections

A casual and simple format of connecting with other business people to get to know your environment and to receive opportunity to network and build relationships with the other attendees. This has no agenda or speakers and is simply a way to grab some good business connections and enjoy some delicious coffee from Mimi’s Cafe in Murray, UT.

Real Estate Investing – West Valley City UT

Come attend the real estate networking event here in West Valley City to learn more about investing strategies and how to build, buy, sell, or foreclose for better real estate outcomes. This is the event you want to attend to get more familiar with investors and how they fund real estate deals and more.

slc ut events to attend

These are just a few of the exciting upcoming events in April to consider. Check out more events here in the ongoing months to help improve your network game and step you closer to getting your foot in the door with some impressive and successful people! If you are already in the corporate industry and plan to put on an event this season, check out our catering menu here at Apple Spice which is perfect for business events and conferences with fresh ingredients and breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

nashville food and drink calendar of events

Food & Drink Events in Nashville, TN

By Events

The month of April is just around the corner which means Spring has arrived! Time to start planning some outdoor events to celebrate the end of a cold and dreary winter. If food events are definitely your jam, consider three food and drink events coming up next month. Get those taste buds ready and buy your tickets now!

nashville upcoming calendar of events

NCEC Seasonal Cooking Demo

Come learn how to make the most organic and fresh produce to strengthen better cooking habits and discover delicious recipes to take home to your kitchen. Learn from the best local farmers and indulge in the tasting and sampling perks!

Preds Wine Festival & Tasting

If you are a wine fanatic, this is definitely an event to attend. There will be more than 225 high-end wines, cocktails, and beers. The event includes a five-course meal dinner along with these divine wines to make the best out of the evening!

Nashville Vegfest 2018

Nashville Vegfest is a 501c.3 non-profit organization who encourage people to recycle, eat well, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Come support and join the plant-based experience with activities, clothing merchandise, body builders, and more.

nashville food events

Spring is an exciting season to be outdoors and to experience the fun events around Nashville. Take a look at the full list of events going on in the city the next few months to get a bigger variety of options. If you are planning an upcoming event or looking for a caterer around the area, check out Apple Spice’s catering menu for special occasions, corporate events, or work meetings. Freshly made ingredients with high-quality services who value every customer we have!

franchise options and types

2 Types of Franchising Structures

By Franchise

Are you in the business industry and looking to take your business to the next level? If you are considering switching over to a franchise, it is important to know the types of franchise options to consider. Below are 3 types of franchised structures that will help guide you to making the right decision!

franchise business options

Business Format Franchise Structure

This is the most common franchise and focuses on the strategic business operational models and have been the most effective for small companies who develop into a larger business. Producing and distributing plays a big factor in this type of structure. This will help take you further along and determine how well your goods and services are going to do in this type of industry.

Product Franchise Structure

If you are a business with more of a focus on inventory and specific types of products, this franchise structure and ownership will be the one you need to pursue. When it comes to distributing particular products, it is critical to analyze the costs and how much revenue stream you will need for the business before you make your way to a product franchise.

catering business franchise options

The expectations and requirements are things you want to be aware of before choosing a franchise. If you devote yourself and are aware of the time and effort you will be putting into this, it can be a rewarding choice once all considered factors are decided. Check out a couple more types of franchising structures to better prepare for this big decision. Discover our recipe for success and how we made it to the franchising industry and how it has tremendously strengthened our brand!

coffee spots richmond

Best Coffee Shops in Richmond, VA

By Places

The South is kicking it into gear with the hottest coffee breweries around Richmond. For all the coffee addicts out there, check out 3 of the best coffee shops to try while stopping through Richmond, VA to get a taste of the rich and house-made roasted coffee!

best coffee shops in richmond va

The Lab Alchemy Coffee

The best coffee brewing shop around where passion and quality take over. Their mission at Alchemy is to give their customers an enlightening experience with every cup of coffee they receive.

Rostov’s Coffee & Tea

A family-owned business where traditional coffee and tea are made with 1500 pounds per week resulting in delicious roasted coffee featuring dark roast, flavored, decaf, and blends of coffee. Their products come from places like South America, Central America, and Indonesia.

Brewer’s Café

A classic spot to enjoy a nice breakfast sandwich or bagel with coffee beverages including americanos, black eyes, cafe mochas, chai lattes, and more. Brewer’s offers online ordering making it an extremely convenient way to receive your coffee in the morning!

coffee shops to try in richmond va

What is better than an online order and delivery service every day to receive fresh coffee? If you are looking for alternative catering services in the area, Apple Spice in Richmond features box lunch and catering options for corporate events, special occasions, or an everyday work lunch! Check out our catering menu to see our delicious menu items including our hot fresh coffee to go perfect with our breakfast items.

catering delivery denver

Top Caterers in Denver, CO

By Catering

Whether you have a special occasion, corporate event, or a long work day ahead of you, discover 3 of the top highly-rated local catering businesses in Denver that will meet all your needs and strive to satisfy their customers with excellent flavors and high-end services. Recommendations are a must when you are on the search for the perfect caterer who will help create a memorable event for your guests!

corporate catering denver

Serendipity Catering

Serendipity offers customized menus with fresh and local produce, quality meats, and a variety of heavy duty appetizers. A great catering choice if you are planning to have gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, and nut free attendees. Check venue hunting off the list because Serendipity provides venue options to make the event planning process a bit easier!

Footers Catering

Where culinary professionals and chefs come together to create customized menus and create their food from scratch. The team at Footers are constantly making the latest and trendiest foods to inspire their guests and clients. A perfect choice for fancy events featuring d’oeuvres, first course, entree, and a phenomenal desserts.

Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering

Apple Spice features the perfect corporate catering menu right here in Denver. We offer boxed lunches with fresh and unique sandwich recipes, salads, homestyle soups, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. We strive to create the best nutritional and delicious ingredients and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options allowing our clients to cater from us any time of

catering services denverthe day!

The food at an event is the icing on the cake, so it is important to pick and choose the best selections! For more catering options in Denver, check out a few more to pick from.

world of Coca Cola Atlanta exhibit ag

3 Reasons to Visit the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA

By Places

Visiting Atlanta and wanting to know more about the hype of coca-cola? The World of Coca-Cola is one of the most famous attractions to see in the city of Atlanta where visitors from all over the world come to learn more about this history of coke and have the opportunity to take a look inside and explore the grounds with VIP tours, annual passes, and a tasting lounge. Consider planning your visit by first learning about 3 of the top perks on why it will be an unforgettable experience.

the world of Coca Cola atlanta

Coca-Cola Theatre

Take a look inside the coke theatre where you get to watch a 6-minute film to witness the moments of happiness that have occurred in these peoples lives and how our milestones have been reached to creating wonderful memories and experiences for people all over the world.

Get a Taste!

Experience the best part of the entire attraction by trying all the different coke flavors from around the world. The flavors that will be available to taste are Coca‑Cola, Diet CokeCoke Zero, Coca‑Cola Life, Cherry Coke, Caffeine-free Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke Zero. The sampling bar will offer brand new seasonal flavors that you are able to try. The options are endless and will all taste so delicious.

Booking an Event Space

Throwing an event anytime soon and looking for the perfect space? The World of Coca-Cola offers several options of event spaces to throw a variety of events including special occasions, corporate meetings and more with planning tools to help you through the whole process. Take a look at the past events to get a feel for the venue options.

world of Coca Cola atlanta ga attraction

Speaking of events, if you are in need of catering services, Apple Spice right here in Atlanta offers box lunch delivery and catering options featuring high and fresh ingredients with breakfast, lunch, or dinner options depending on the time of day the event will be! Our friendly staff are here to serve and bring you the best catering experience for your annual upcoming event! Learn more by visiting our Atlanta location website to check out our menus, pricing, hours and more. To discover more about the World of Coca-Cola, visit here to plan your visit.

places to eat and cater in Logan utah

Top Places to Eat in Logan, UT

By Places

As difficult as it is to find the right foods for a well-balanced diet, it does make a difference when you do it! Life is busy and finding healthy meals on the go is always a plus. Consider a few of these delicious places to eat around Logan to keep you well nourished and happy.

logan ut restaurants to try

Morty’s Cafe

A vegetarian-friendly cafe with grilled and cold sandwich options, quinoa salads, and a breakfast menu to brighten your morning. Daily specials are offered for every season with festive entrees and beverages. Have Morty’s Cafe come to you by reserving their food truck to cook right in front of your office for you and your coworkers for a nice lunch break.

The Crepery

Well known for their incredibly sweet and savory crepes with unique ingredients that will have you craving more. If you want to keep it light, stick with a salad with your choice of dressing and an option to add protein on top. The Crepery offers freshly brewed coffee and other specialty drinks that make the perfect addition to a salad or crepe.

Logan restaurants and cafes

Apple Spice

Apple Spice is a box lunch delivery & catering restaurant with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Our boxed lunch comes with specialty made sandwiches, fresh fruit or potato chips, and a hot warm cookie for dessert. We also feature a full catering menu with salads, soups, paninis and wraps with drink options and side dishes If you are wanting more. Our services make the perfect candidate for corporate catering events, meetings, or office lunch deliveries.

If you are looking to cater for an upcoming event, Apple Spice is ready to serve you our freshly made ingredients and professionally trained staff members who strive to make this a simple and delicious experience for all of our customers! Check out our box lunch delivery menu to book your first order with us!

top activities in chattanooga

Reasons to Visit Chattanooga in the Spring

By Places

Chattanooga is an exciting and memorable city with lots of restaurants, outdoor activities, indoor museums, and more. The winter time can be quite a downer, so trying to visit during the on-seasons makes a huge difference. Discover some of the top activities to try in Chattanooga during the springtime!

things to do chattanooga tn

Rock City

One of the famous attractions in Chattanooga with beautiful nature scenic views, extravagant trails, and includes special events including the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village. Experience the historical and massive rock formations with natural beauty all around featuring 400 different plant species.

Ruby Falls

An unforgettable journey through the underground falls that touch down all the way to 1,120 feet. If you are all about adventure, ruby falls is the place for you explore with other attractions featuring zippiness and vacation packages to get the full and amazing experience! For 85 years, this tour has continued to be one of the best attractions around Tennessee!

tourist things to do chattanooga tn

These are just a couple reasons to pack your bags and head to beautiful weather with a wide selection of things to do in Chattanooga. Not only are the sights and activities excellent, but the food as well is a must-try! Check out more options while visiting the Chattanooga to get a bigger variety of things to do and see. Discover our Apple Spice box lunch delivery menu which is perfect for a long day of site seeing or activities. Order online or over the phone to receive your fresh and delicious boxed lunch.